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    How poets keep language alive Essay

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    Poets are known for their witty use of language, often stringing together long seeming unconnected thoughts, and manipulating words to rhyme. Poets have the ability to make the reader feel any type of emotion they would like. Some poets write light hearted poems, or others stick with the dark somber type. There are countless varieties when it comes to poetry. Basically, anything can be considered poetry if the writer would like It to be. However, poetry as a type of art is very difficult for the most experienced poets.

    It takes superior command over the language, and a creative mind to manipulate the words to fit Just right. Poetry can be written in any language. Poets do keep language alive, but not to a literal effect. They can be considered the carriers of civilization. They are responsible for making the language creative. A language is a language regardless of how creative it is, but if it is seen as creative it can be used by a wider group of people. In reality poets add the stylistic fluctuations in a language that people actually like. Art has no practical use, not meant to offend any, but its only purpose is to give pleasure to the viewer.

    With this in mind art is a favorable topic to many. Art can actually serve as an area of knowledge, because It can transfer ideas between people. These ideas are often jus interpretations, but that is what art is all about. Using the conclusions from above, poets can be compared to artist. Poets really do not do anything necessary. They Just manipulate the language for fun or pleasure. Poets keep the youth in a language. By this I mean that they keep a language modern and constantly changing, Just like a little kid. How boring would a language be, if everything was meant strictly by definition, and phrases were all rough mounding.

    Poets probably make up the majority of users of connation and funny little puns. These add humor to a language. If a language TLD have any poets using It, there wouldn’t be and livelihood in the language, and more people would discontinue using it, to the extent where it would be obsolete. It’s like my dumbbell weights, I had a twenty-five pound one to curl, and It worked great, but as I got older and stronger I stopped using it as much and moved up to bigger weights. I didn’t mean to quit using it; it just was not right for me anymore. That’s exactly what would happen if poets did not exist.

    Poets can transfer ideas within a language much more effectively because poetry is usually much more interesting. Personally I would always choose to read poetry over prose, because Its unique, and It Is shorter. Everyone knows a story has an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. With poetry it can flow any way the poet wants because there aren’t really any rules. I would rather read one of Frost’s poems about the snow, than reading a novel about a boy lost. I Just wonder at the thought that has to go into the planning of each line, carefully picking certain words that rhyme and have certain double meanings.

    I like how poetry is free flowing. When I sit down to write an essay such as this one, I feel burdened down with guidelines and limits, when I had to write free poem last year, I felt free. I used a variety of language in it and found that for me, poetry expresses my thoughts I think history itself tells of the importance of poets. In English class we study classic poems. One particular instance that comes to mind is poem we studied about the ancient ships. It was changed slightly in many different versions but all the versions of the original were kept in Latin therefore almost literally preserving the language.

    Poems have been written since the beginning of times to pass time and add light hearted humor, and continue to do the same today. Something has to be said for poetry lasting that long. It must have some kind of importance. If poets are not the main carriers behind a language who else would be. Poets are most familiar with the language and use it most frequently. Not everyone has such an admiration for poets as I do. Some argue that poets don’t do anything productive for a language and only confuse people. They say poets only hurt a language by distorting it. I hate to say it but I can’t help but see ignorance n these counter claims.

    Poets explore the possibilities and are not afraid to experiment with new things. They don’t let the normal hold them back. Some poems can be a bit different and often seem confusing, but that’s the beauty in how they preserve a language. The reader has to take a deep look into the meanings of the words to understand the poem. When they take a deep look they are learning more of the language, which was sparked by the poet, therefore making the poets the keepers of the language. All language isn’t based off of poetry, but poetry helps keep language alive and usable.

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