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Nowadays, we can compare students with wizards as they can use different tools in order to write the effective academic papers. As a rule, essay writing is a complicated procedure as it requires a lot of time and effort. Students should research in order to collect different data and make the text diverse.


Fortunately, in modern life education became easier because students have free access to different online sources that is why there is no need to go to the library and spend time for reading. All that we need is to pick the effective and debatable topic and click the button.


The modern technologies are at the highest rate of development that is why there is nothing impossible. Unfortunately, not all students know how to use such gift appropriately. Perhaps, you have guessed that we are talking about the appropriation of somebody’s ideas and thoughts.


Speaking about the writing process, we should say that it is the complicated page of the student’s life as it requires a lot of time and effort. How does the student act in such case? In order to save the time, he/she takes the book and copies some investigation. As a result, he submits the plagiarized paper. How do you evaluate such case?


What will you feel if somebody stole your written masterpiece? We bet that you would be frustrated and disappointed. So, the main aim is to make the plagiarism free essays. Nowadays, different organizations and meetings aim to reduce the plagiarism. We assume that stealing somebody’s thought is equal to the crime. Do not be a thief and use our tool.


We can divide students into two groups: first-are passive users of their brain and consume only the “cooked food.”  Others, are rebels and try to develop their erudition and accept the challenge to write the paper by themselves.


Obviously, there is a great temptation to copy the completed paper rather than to break your mind and write from scratch. Several years ago it was a type of impossible thing to scan writing for plagiarism.


Fortunately, nowadays we have a chance to make the education better and academic writing more qualitative with the plagiarism checker for students and teachers. We are referring to the service that will make your paper original and thoughts unique. Below you can learn more about its work specificity. Hope it will be informative for you to learn more about plagiarism checker free service.

Do plagiarism checkers search instant messengers?

No, plagiarism checkers are able to detect plagiarism only in publicly accessible web pages and private data bases of paperwork. They can not access password protected or hidden places like your skype conversations, facebook messages and so on. Just be sure that no one posts that interview on some site, because then plagiarism checker will find that page easily.

Does using a plagiarism checker upload my text to google?

It actually depends on that plagiarism checker that you’ve used. We are are not posting your work anywhere neither storing it for future plans, so you are safe. Our plagiarism checker is one of those very few fair tools who is not using your text afterwards.

Can powerpoint go through plagiarism checker in online colleges?

At the very least, you could save the text inside the slides into another format and check it for plagiarism.

Or you could do a google search for the text online.

Finding out whether images or layout are taken from somewhere else is more difficult, but “google images” might be a first place to start searching. Put in keywords and page through images to see whether any match.

It depends on how much effort you want to put into searching and how thorough you are.

How to check your article for plagiarism?

You can use our online plagiarism checker for students!

But don’t worry. if you haven’t copy-pasted any material, there is a very small chance that plagiarism software detects anything.

It also depends on the level of your article. If you are submitting your article to a well respected national seminar or something similar, they are going to check your article’s structure and writing style. But if you are in college or high school just remember not to copy-paste. and if you do, don’t forget to cite !

What is our aim?

We aimed to develop the easy to use plagiarism checker free service. We assume that we accomplished it on practice. Even not the professional user of PC can cope with such mission. Below we have presented for you some steps that can reveal the plagiarism checker work peculiarities.

  1. In connection with the fact that our checker is well-developed, you have the opportunity to paste the text, attach the completed paper, or upload it. You should do this “operation” at the special field.
  2. Now it is time to observe the magic. Perhaps, it sounds funny, but this button will scan your text and make global searching of the borrowed information.
  3. You have to wait a couple of minutes till the engine scans the text and submit the result.
  4. You are the lucky one, as you can have the report with the percentage uniqueness. Be ready to get the detailed characteristics of your masterpiece. The plagiarism checker will scan each sentence and word in order to detect the borrowed information. Moreover, it will submit the sources that contain the same data. These URLs are active that is why you can go to the page and see the source of the plagiarized thoughts.



According to customer testimonials, this tool hides numerous benefits.

  1. In comparison with other services, our interface is easy to use and understandable. It comprises only the major settings that is why it will not annoy you with a dozen of additional peculiarities. Surfing the Internet, you can come across the services that are like trash boxes. Perhaps, it sounds funny, but it is true. Despite the fact that such tools comprise various settings, visitors cannot easily find its practical implementation. That is why we avoid such convoluted cases and set up the service that will not confuse you with unimportant functions.
  2. Be sure that you are on a roll as our plagiarism free tool will scan your text without additional paying. Moreover, everybody has free access to it that is why there is no annoying and long registration. Imagine the situation that you should check the text immediately, you came across the necessary window, and at last moment you observe the disaster – it asks you to log in or pay 2$. How will you act in such case?
  3. It is an online platform that is why you don’t need to download it.
  4. We work around the clock. It means that there is no limitation for using it. You can scan the text and have the report around the clock. Other services cannot be proud of such peculiarity.
  5. We can state that this is not only plagiarism checker for students but also the plagiarism checker for teachers. What does it mean? Be sure that your professor also uses it as each of us tries to make the paper unique.
  6. This well-developed platform will please you with its fast and productive work. You will wait for a couple of minutes till the engine will scan the paper. We advise you to make coffee or chat with a friend while the machine does the work instead of you.
  7. According to the customer’s testimonials, this plagiarism checker deserves to be the first among other platforms as it makes the study easier and more qualitative. It guarantees you total and detailed scanning of each word and sentence that is why no one borrowed phrase will survive.

Everybody will agree that language is the primary tool for communication. Despite the profession and occupation, we have to be the masters of the word. In order to follow this rule, we have to be confident in what we say. That is why despite the situation we must have the original speech, not the borrowed thoughts. The main reason for it is that the target audience will not be interested and you will distract many listeners.

If you are a student, this tool should be the type of thing you must have. Can you guess why? As you know when you write the academic or non-academic paper the first aspect that the professor consider is the originality and uniqueness of the content. That is why if you want to have a high score-use this tool and delete or rephrase the sentences that are borrowed from the other sources.
Another key thing to know is that our plagiarism free service keeps the privacy policy and confidentiality. We keep in secret our client’s details. Moreover, checker doesn’t require to submit the personal data, for instance, citizenship or social status. We will not inform your parents or teacher that you are the user of this service.

Now you know everything about this plagiarism checker. Do you still hesitate whether to use it?

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