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An Examination of the Individual, Group, and Family Based Interventions in Reduced Risky Behavior Cases


Risk Taking

Social Issues

Words: 851 (4 pages)

Interventions can help people who are engaging in self-destructive behaviour mitigate or discontinue their actions. Interventions fall into three main categories: individual-, group-, and family-based interventions. The following paper will examine cases from each of the three categories to see in which situations they successfully reduce risky behaviour, and in what way. One intervention that…

A Study on the Interactions Between Toddlers and Robots





Words: 720 (3 pages)

In the National Geographic article, “Toddlers Bond With Robot, Study Shows,” by Stefan Lovgren describes a study done to observe the interactions between toddlers and robots. This study showed how during the early stages of childhood, toddlers treated a robot the same way as a regular human of their age. This study was done with…

The Effect of Social Media Addiction on the Academic Performance of Students


Social Media

Social Media Addiction


Words: 1492 (6 pages)

When was the last time you studied for an hour without distractions? When was the last time you had a good night’s rest because you did not want to open Instagram or Twitter? What about the time when you paid attention in class because you turned your phone off during lectures? if you realize that…

Isolation as an Effect of Social Media Addiction



Social Media

Social Media Addiction

Words: 1327 (6 pages)

Social media can be taken as the answer to many of the world’s problems and solutions. With its well-developed, it has truly become a medium that contains various information; also, that wide range of influence. Some particular groups of people may see social media as the greatest invention that helps them become more connected with…

The Growing Problem of Bullying in Schools Worldwide and Solutions to the Problem


Bullying in schools


Cyber Bullying

Words: 1898 (8 pages)

“Bullying“ has the potential to completely ruin victims‘ livesi Feeling alone in profound darkness and not being able to feel any happiness, when a boy is bullied, everything around him loses colors. For him, the world is monochrome. He needs to tell his parents that he is bullied in his school, but he is worried…

Transfer of Juveniles to Adult Court: Effects of a Broad Policy in One Court by Edward P. Mulvey and Carol A. Schubert





Words: 784 (4 pages)

ln Transfer of juveniles to Adult Court: Effects of a Broad Policy in One Court by Edward R Mulvey and Carol A. Schubert, the authors bring to light how when adolescents are put in the adult system versus juvenile, it teaches these adolescents that the “demand for proportional punishment has trumped the goal of individualized…

An Annotated Bibliography on the Use of Behavioral Therapy in Treating Social Anxiety





Words: 927 (4 pages)

In Julia Dr Buckner’s Motivation Enhancement Therapy can Increase Utilization of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: The Case ofSocial Anxiety Disorder, the main aspect of the article was to conclude information for whether or not social anxiety disorder patients seek treatment, and the outcome of using motivation enhancement therapy (MET), and if it led to desiring or taking…

A Discussion on the Right of Young People to Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness



Pursuit Of Happiness

Words: 518 (3 pages)

Thomas Jefferson said, “The freedom and happiness of man are the sole objects of all legitimate governments. This is why the federal government should not restrict the minimum driving age of Americans. Such, actions is un-constitutional in that it violates the rights of the individual States (10th amendment), and those of young Americans (The Preamble)….

The Different Perspectives on the Concept of Nationalism




Words: 1424 (6 pages)

In Diefenbaker’s quote he expresses the different values that make him proud to be a Canadian citizen, he is especially attached to the various freedoms that come from being part of a free country. He has the freedom of speech to say whatever he wishes without consequence and the freedom of religion to worship whoever…

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