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  • Prescription Drug Abuse

    The article I chose is titled “The Impact of Science Education Games on Prescription Drug Abuse Attitudes Among Teens”. In the United States, non-medical abuse of prescription medications is 2nd only to marijuana for teenagers – 2.6% of American teens have reported non-medical use of prescription drugs in the past month. The authors of this… Read more

  • How Does Substance Abuse in Utero Affect a Child

    ‘You know that we are lost when babies are addicted to drugs when they are born’- Louis Eric Barrier. Every 25 minutes, in the United States, a baby is born experiencing a dependence on some type of drug. Drinking, smoking, and recreational drug use during pregnancy has become a worldwide epidemic, harming or killing untold… Read more

  • Why Is The Constitution So Hard To Amend

    The procedures for amendment in states and most liberal democracies are much easier than they are for the U.S Constitution. He’s right that there are many problems with it. He’s wrong since it is nearly infeasible to enact untried amendments. This is normal one precedent of why Australia’s constitution necessarily a radical overhaul.The constitution includes… Read more

  • Second Amendment in US Constitution Analysis

    Method In terms of methodology, efforts to analyze the National Rifles Associations activities as well as influences through primary and secondary sources. Introduction In a society where polarized factions seek to gain influence on legislature, the NRA has has been widely successful. June 26, 2008 the Columbia v. Heller the supreme court ruled That the… Read more

  • Second Amendment: Gun Control from Both Sides

    Gun Control Gun Control can be a controversial topic. In this essay, there will be points from both sides and not to be just controversial. There are lots of facts and evidence to support both sides. There is one side that believes there is nothing wrong with guns, and the other side believes the guns… Read more

  • Second Amendment: Gun Control in America

    Gun control debate has elicited several opinions with some supporting gun control policies while others encouraging status quo to remain. Additionally, United States gun control is the most controversial compared to other developed countries’ policies such as the UK. The controversy arises in America because gun possession is constitutionally protected while mass shootings continue to… Read more

  • The Nullification of The Second Amendment

    The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. -Excerpt from the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution Ever since the founding of our country and the war fought to gain our independence, the founding fathers knew that without our weapons we would be vulnerable; vulnerable to both the… Read more

  • Immigration to America Essay

    Immigration is an immense issue in America and always has been since its development. America is known as a melting pot, not for the number of immigrants that we have, but as all the great cultures and traditions the immigrants brought with them to share. Immigrants do not need to forget their language, celebrations, or… Read more

  • My Journey to America Essay

    Moving from Nigeria to the United States permanently feels great, but at the same time, it is sad leaving some loved ones and family behind. Most people have several events or things that have changed their life or their way of thinking. One of the major changes that occurred in my life was when I… Read more

  • A Midsummer Night’S Dream By Shakespare Analysis

    Imagine your dad refuses you to do something that makes you happy, that you love for example swimming or any other hobby, well this also happens to one of the characters in this book who is not allowed to marry the love of her life while some of the other characters love but are not… Read more

  • “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Character Analysis

    Some people are just born rowdy. Puck is a character from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. His role is Oberon The fairy king’s servant. He helps Oberon get his way Throughout the story by doing his bidding and fulfilling his requests to help him steal the boy from Oberon’s wife, Titania, making her temporarily fall in… Read more

  • “A Midsummer Nights Dream” Essay

    A midsummer nights dream essay The quote “love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind”. This quote was said in the text and I really liked it because there were parts in the movie where they found out who they really loved once the potion was… Read more

  • Review of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare

    A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare is a complicated play with many twists and turns, with a theme centered around love. Love is a very important part of daily life, and Shakespeare shows dangerous love and how twisted it can truly become. Shakespeare presents wonderful stories of love and with great variety Through the… Read more

  • “Midsummer Night Dream” Literature Analysis

    Midsummer Night Dream is a widely circulated play written by Shakespeare, and its language is very beautiful, and it has a fantastic color. Its theme is related to love. In this absurd and funny plot, people will begin to think about what love is and what love should be like. Love and marriage have been… Read more

  • Controlling Free-Ranging Kangaroo Populations in Australia with Hormonal Birth Control Implants

    Marsupials are mammals that are defined by birthing their young prematurely and nurturing their offspring for the remainder of their developmental stage in a pouch covering the nipples (The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2018). The most notable marsupials that come to mind may be the kangaroo, wallaby, wombat, or koala, all of which are endemic… Read more

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