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  • List of Annotated Bibliography

    Alberte, J., Pitzer, T. Calero, K. Enzymes. In: General Biology I Lab Manual. (2012). 2nd edition. p. 49, New York, NY: Mc Graw Hill Education. The lab manual describes how enzymes significantly improve our standard of living. Just like our own body creates enzymes such as Proteases as well as Amylases to break down starches… Read more

  • The Impact of United States Immigration Informant Policy

    Research studies focused on the impact of United States Immigration Informant Policy, which involved the involuntary separation of immigrant children from their parents, and the implication of this has had on the child’s healthy well-being. Using a longitude study interview process to collect data of two studies. The conducted between the years of 2003-2006, and… Read more

  • Ethical Dilemma Businesses Have In a Profit Driven Economy

    This article goes in depth to argue the ethical dilemma that many businesses have in a profit driven economy. Despite the need for growth, today’s climate makes business owners and CEOs have an altruistic perspective and be mindful of things like work conditions, wages, internal and external conflict all while staying profitable. It touches on… Read more

  • Annotated Bibliography: Age-Appropriate Milestones and Anomalies

    This article talks about the motor skills of orphans and children who live with their families. The main focus of the study is to compare the motor skills of orphans and children raised in a family from the ages 4 to 8 months, onto their walking stage. The conclusion of this study was that children… Read more

  • Immigration Treatment

    German Americans immigrated from Germany to the United States. They became Americans just like other Americans. However, during World War I, they were not treated like other Americans. They were judged based on where they came from and not based on who they were as a person. Posters showed German soldiers as monsters and beasts…. Read more

  • To What Extent Did German Jews Have a Sufficient Warning of the Holocaust?

    Prior to the events of the Holocaust, there is an issue of if whether or not German Jews at the time were given a chance or opportunity to escape the mass genocide Adolf Hitler had instigated. This opens a debate of ‘To what extent did German Jews have a sufficient warning of the Holocaust?’ the… Read more

  • The Effect of a Merger & Acquisition Announcement on the German Target Company

    This thesis investigates the effect of a merger & acquisition announcement on the stock price of the German target company. In the remaining part of the paper ‘M&A’ will be used instead of ‘merger & acquisition’. Germany has the largest national economy in Europe and it has the fourth-largest economy in the world by nominal… Read more

  • German Women’s Role in The Holocaust 

    Many people believed German were only there to cook clean and have babies but that is false. Some German woman were in the Third Reich. Hitler even stated once ¨Equal rights for women’ ‘means that they receive the esteem they deserve in the sphere nature has assigned to them.¨ Hitler decided that women could be… Read more

  • German Political Culture 

    What I found most interesting when reading about the Nazis in Germany was the shift in the German government system, from constitutional monarchy to democracy and to dictatorship when Hitler was elected as chancellor. Before reading this book, I had no clue that Germany had a democratic government for around 20 years before they switched… Read more

  • German Beer

    A lot of us know how big beer is in Germany. Germany as you may know hosts the notorious Oktoberfest every year. I chose to do my German final paper on the history of the German beer. I feel like this is a cool topic to dive into and most importantly learn. There is a… Read more

  • Horse Diseases and Metabolic Disorders

    Founder is the inflammation of the feet (laminae) of a horse. Causes- Founder is caused by the overconsumption of carbohydrates, blood poisoning after infection, injury to the bottom of the hooves, and too much weight/pressure placed on a single limb. Symptoms- It is typically detected in the front limbs; however, it can occur in any… Read more

  • The Human Mcrobiome: Why Microbes Could Be Thr Key to Our Health

    The thought that bacteria lives inside us in extremely distasteful particularly since we grow up being told that germs are bad, other people even have phobias about germs around them. The presence bacteria in our body maybe bad or useful, this could have made sense if where were aware of gut health and its connection… Read more

  • The Kinkajou Digestive Tract

    The kinkajou (Potos Flavus) is a mysterious mammal with a golden brown coat, big eyes, and a prehensile tail. This fuzzy mammal is known by many different names including the Golden Drinker, the Honey Bear, and the night walker. Commonly mistaken to be a lemur, or a monkey the kinkajou is actually in the Family… Read more

  • History of Slavery

    Slavery was common in the United States as early as the 1700’s. Slavery in America brought a successful south but also turned up to be one of the worst things done by humans to humans. Slavery became the way of life for most of the people. Eight out of the primary twelve presidents owned slaves…. Read more

  • Slavery Ruining Childhood

    Having your childhood is the most heart-breaking part of life because that makes you who you are as you grow up and is something you cannot repeat or forget about it. This is what happened to Linda in this book. The title of the book is Incidents in the Life of a Salve Girl whose… Read more

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