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  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder Essay

    Asian cultures tended to exhibit a collectivist culture, a culture that considers individual actions as reflecting the group rather than the individual, while American cultures tend to possess an individualist culture, which depicts individual actions as reflecting only the individual. This explains why Japan and Korea has specifically TFK while, on the other hand, American… Read more

  • Teen Substance Abuse

    Over the past half century drugs has become a prevalent issue among U.S teens. Drugs have gotten into the hands of teens and is a epidemic across the U.S, however there are multiple tactics authorities and parents can take to prevent teens from falling down the pit of drug addiction by bringing in effective ways… Read more

  • Substance Abuse and Incarcerated Women

    The use of illicit drugs has played a dangerous role in the lives of pregnant women suffering from addiction (Berk, Laura E. Child Development. Pearson Education, 2013). The number of pregnant women in prison has increased to about 4% in the U.S. because of substance-abuse (Shlafer, R., & Laurel Davis 2018, September 12). The use… Read more

  • Children and Substance Abuse: Spotting It Early

    Children are greatly influenced by the environment in which they are raised and the world around them. With the increasing drug epidemic sweeping the nation, children’s environments are becoming increasingly dangerous. Dr. Harolyn M. Belcher, neurodevelopmental pediatrician and research scientist at Kennedy Krieger Institute, and Dr. Harold E. Shinitzky, psychologist and motivational speaker, have extensively… Read more

  • Sociological Perspectives Dealing with Substance Abuse

    Substance abuse is a huge part of society. People hear about or see the abuse of drugs all the time, on the new, social media, and in public. A functionalist would view substance abuse as a basic function for multiple different levels in society to survive and live. With substance abuse, there will be a… Read more

  • Prenatal Substance Abuse

    Substance abuse has been an issue for society throughout the history. No one race, gender, or people of a socioeconomic status has been exempted from this epidemic. However, prenatal substance abuse has continued to be major issue in America because we believe no other population to be vulnerable than those of developing fetuses and children… Read more

  • Substance Abuse Therapy

    Certified substance abuse counselors are psychological well-being experts who help clients battling with substance dependence. Their primary duty is to work with people and their families to treat both emotional and mental issues, and also to support general psychological wellness. They treat emotional conditions, for example, addiction, depression, substance abuse, suicidal impulses, stress and general… Read more

  • Repot on Substance Abuse

    When assisting those who need help and support from others, one must be able to present the specific needs that the person desires in order to feel as if they were normal. In many cases, these people have to go through many levels in their lives that alter the way that they get assisted in… Read more

  • Substance abuse & Depression

    A study that was made among 30 African American women in Mississippi Delta in nature and all of them were in a substance abuse program in Delta. They were interviewed to talk about what they used to live when they were under substance abuse. Basically, they have shown how doing drugs was a life chose,… Read more

  • Technology in Learning Essay

    Throughout history technology has changed society. The past few decades various devices like, cell phones, iPads, wireless headphones, computers, and the most appreciated, internet have completely changed the way people communicate in society, and the way people learn, starting from the first grade to college/university. Use of technology in schools is highly important to not… Read more

  • Technology Enhanced Assessment Methods: Application of Technology in Student Learning

    Currently, there is a major emphasis to produce graduates who are “workplace-ready”. Within departments of science and health, this emphasis can truly be described as a sense of urgency, particularly within practical sessions. During these sessions, the development of technical (hard) and soft skills is of utmost importance to ensure student learning and employability. However,… Read more

  • The Effects of Modern Technology on Education

    Modern technology is paving the way for education, but people do not know if the route it is creating will be beneficial or disadvantageous towards students’ learning. Technology is making its way deeper into education every day. The effectiveness of this ever-growing influence can be questioned. In the past century classrooms have adapted by switching… Read more

  • Birth Control Analysis Essay

    Introduction The accessibility and availability of Birth control is a growing concern. It is an issue that affects every adult of marriage age significantly. Away from its moral and ethical issues, birth control presents a practical and fertility control methods, a practical and cost effective health intervention practice. This research paper aims at understanding what… Read more

  • Importance of Birth Contol

    Can you afford to have a large family or a family at all? Can you support yourself, your spouse, and your child or children? If you can, do you want to have or start a family already or just not yet? Birth control is a solution, but not everybody can afford it. Women are the… Read more

  • Ethics of Birth Control

    On 30 June 2014, the large family-owned corporation Hobby Lobby won a Supreme Court case allowing the company to no longer provide four forms of contraceptive to its nearly 28,000 employees. Citing that the company’s religion believed that the four of the prescribed contraceptives set forth by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)was abortion, not a… Read more

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