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  • Turning Point in My Life

    Growing up in the most populous city in Haiti, I was the youngest and only daughter of three children in a single mother home. It is not that my dad was not part of my life, but he was married to someone else. Raising two boys and a girl was not easy for my mom,… Read more

  • The Stranger in the Woods

    The Book, “THE STRANGER IN THE WOODS” by Michael Finkel is a biography about a man that disappeared into the woods alone at the age of twenty years old to get away from the modern world. The book has lots of really good points for the real life world and many people might be able… Read more

  • Pros and Cons of Youth Sports Assignment

    Benefits of Youth Sports Assignment Self-Regulation Organization Time management The ability to take criticism Work as a team Self-esteem and efficacy Acquisition of a work ethic Builds friendships Active Builds sportsmanship Improve health and fitness Develop new skills Teaches Leadership Skills Better Communicators Teaches Respect Character building Improvement in athletes’ skills and performance Improving coordination… Read more

  • My Philosophy of Life

    When thinking about my philosophy I had to think about what shaped me to be the way I am, when I was brainstorming my philosophy I started to think, “Why am I here? What is the reason I am on earth?” I realized when we were given this assignment I didn’t have a purpose or… Read more

  • Chinese Immigrant in USA

    The “Life of a Chinese Immigrant” was writing in 1903 by Lee Chew. This article is from Chew’s perspective on the harsh environment he has witnessed and experienced during his time living in the United State. Chew’s purpose was to inform his audiences the trails of hardship in a foreign country. Well the Chinese immigrated… Read more

  • Asian Americans Paper Proposal

    America has always been dubbed as the “dreamland” for people of all nations. With its countless job opportunities and political freedom, something that many Asian and Middle Eastern countries lack, America becomes the land that many aspire to become citizens of. This is seen in the increasing presence of immigrants in the country, making the… Read more

  • Critical Race Theory Essay

    All Asians are smart, good at math, and drive slow! All Mexicans are illegal immigrants! All Arabs and Muslims are terrorists! All people who live in England have bad teeth! Most people have heard at least one of these racial stereotypes. Racial groups are constantly discriminated against and new stereotypes are created all the time,… Read more

  • Assimilating into American Culture Essay

    Asians and Asian-American children assimilating into American culture was a theme shown throughout multiple readings this semester. It was addressed directly in the works of American Born Chinese, a story about a young Chinese boy growing up in America and dealing with being one of the only Asian students in his class, and No No… Read more

  • “American Born Chinese” Literature Review

    America is a nation filled with many immigrants that come from multiple regions acrossthe world. With many immigrants coming to America, they meet a vastly different cultural lifestyle than their home countries. With that, many American also view the outside cultures coming into America as strange as well. When Americans try to make sense of… Read more

  • “Nickel and Dimed” Literature Review

    Rarely is the position of the minimum wage worker in American society ever talked about. In Nickel and Dimed, author Barbara Ehrenreich explains the struggles of living in poverty in America through a first account story. These struggles are seen through the dehumanization of minimum wage workers, the different mindsets of corporations vs workers, and… Read more

  • Obstacles in Our Life

    What is an obstacle? An obstacle is a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress (insert your citation here). Obstacles are challenges in one’s life. We all face things that we can either breakthrough or suffer. Discouragement, anger, and sadness are all emotions that you might experience when faced with an obstacle…. Read more

  • Workout Motivation: Dedication, Focus and Consistency

    Setting workout objectives is easy for people – the challenge is doing the activities needed to achieve the set goals. When you decide to exercise, you are likely to experience multiple setbacks along the way. The manner with you which you deal with the distractions determines whether you succeed or fail. If you want to… Read more

  • Dedication in Work of Philosopher

    Throughout all of history, there has consistently been staunch tension between what is right and wrong. Many have attempted to distinguish what it means to be a good person, and how one can balance being a good person and a good citizen. While this may seem like a straightforward task, three authors have qualified both… Read more

  • If Mount Rainier Erupted Today

    Cd massive could create such destruction for year to come. Mount Rainier is what comes to mind when anyone mentions Washington because of its massive size and 25 glaciers that have been built up of the last half a million years. Researchers from all over the world have been studying the active volcano’s activity to… Read more

  • Natural Disaster on Nolight

    The Island of Nolight is 20 km long and 15 km wide. The agricultural area is near the middle of the island and the tourist area is in the south part of the island. On the east side of the island is the housing area. The housing is on a 4,300-foot plateau. In the water… Read more

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