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  • The City of my Childhood

    Nowadays there are many options and opportunities for traveling around the world. Through the internet, you can make a route and book tickets, hotel, and transport for travelling around a new place. Whatever exotic and interesting places we visit, we are all the same drawn to where we grew up, where the carefree days of… Read more

  • What Influences Criminal Behavior?

    Many sociological, psychological, biological, and ecological factors are considered in determining causes for crime (Schramm, 2018). Some theorize criminals are biologically predisposed to crime (Schramm, 2018), others claim that crimes are a caused by environmental factors such as exposure to trauma in childhood, completion of school, and being employed, among others (Schramm, 2018). One theory… Read more

  • How Richard’s Deformity Reflects His Sinful Nature in Richard III

    William Shakespeare’s character Richard in his play Richard III is a complex character with a public and a private self. The other characters in the play see his public self while his private self is only shared with himself and the audience, which shows his sinister intentions. In Richard III, Richard blames his deformity for… Read more

  • Resilience and Mindfulness

    How do we handle stressful situations and deal with difficulties in our lives? Most of the people react to such circumstances with a flood of strong emotions and a sense of uncertainty. Many people adapt well over time to life-changing situations and stressful conditions. This takes resilience, “an ability to recover from or adjust easily… Read more

  • Children’s Propaganda in Nazi Germany

    Hitler was wrong to use German kids for his own pleasure, and protection for his army. These kids’ lives were changed for the worse. Many kids did not even get to finish their education. Kids did not even get to do anything fun, because Hitler banned it. Hitler used youth to ensure that his legacy… Read more

  • The Environmental Impacts of Plastic Water Bottles

    Propaganda is any organized, coordinated effort used to manipulate or influence the opinion of groups to support a particular idea, belief, attitude, viewpoint, cause or belief. Over the centuries, propaganda has taken the form of artwork, films, speeches, and music, though it’s not limited to these forms of communication. Though its use is not exclusively… Read more

  • Can Money Buy Unhappiness?

    Happiness is probably how most people struggle throughout their own daily life, asking how it makes people happy? A standard answer would be money because of its ability to buy a larger house, fancy clothes, and maybe even a designer bag. These selfish behaviors are carefully thought about luxury items or products that not extremely… Read more

  • More Money than God

    In his book titled “More Money than God”, Sebastian Mallaby gives a brief background of the creation of hedge funds, and then compares and contrasts some of the biggest and most famous funds. He introduces his book by telling the story of Alfred Winslow Jones, an Australian investor who is credited with creating the first… Read more

  • The Importance of Higher Education in the 21st Century

    In today’s paper I will be giving reasoning to why it’s important to further your education after high school. However, not only will I be explaining, I also will be telling you why I decided to go and my expectations from getting a degree. Growing up I never had a version of going to college…. Read more

  • Society in Anna Karenina: A Moral Weapon

    The novel Anna Karenina, is written by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy. Published in 1877, Leo Tolstoy established a realistic and respected work of art in Anna Karenina. Introducing Russia in the nineteenth century, Leo Tolstoy sets the scenery around the time when Russia was going through many political and societal changes. Mostly focused on… Read more

  • A New Moral Compact

    Barno’s main issue in “A New Moral Compact” covers the American Military and the moral compact or pact between our government, our people, and our soldiers. He compares today’s military to the military during the Vietnam War. Barno points out, “having a cadre of admirable willing volunteers, has made it too easy for us to… Read more

  • Fuel for the Ages

    In the past, people knew only limited types of fuel sources. These sources included the plants they consumed and the wood they charred. They were helped by their domesticated animals like horses or bulls, which were the only energy used by humans in any country nation. With time, other sources such as windmills and waterwheels… Read more

  • The Middle Passage Story Analysis

    The Middle Passage is a story about slaves who were put to work on to complete trades. The root of this story took place in the 18th century point of trade which was lead by Merchants in places such as Liverpool, Nates, and Lisbon getting prepared for the African trade. Within this, some saw the… Read more

  • History of the Middle East

    The Middle East, as we all know, is a land filled with tremendous amounts of natural resources and riches such as oil. In most recent times, it is mostly well-known and prominent for the wars that it has encountered and the ridiculously lavish lifestyles of the royal families. The Middle East is centered mostly on… Read more

  • Child Development: Middle Childhood

    Children go through middle childhood, this starts around age 6 and continues to age 11. This is often referred to as the ‘school years’. Middle childhood children are very curious and love to explore the world around them. They are active listeners and absorb knowledge like sponges. This is a time when children develop foundational… Read more

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