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Sentinels of Humanity: The Resounding Reverberation of the 8th Amendment



Words: 691 (3 pages)

Introduction Within the corridors of constitutional jurisprudence, certain amendments stand as torchbearers of ethical principles, guardians against tyranny, and sentinels of human dignity. Among these, the 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution resonates with a unique resonance—a solemn vow against the infliction of cruel and unusual punishment. As a devoted student delving into the…

Brabantio in Shakespeare’s Othello: A Character Analysis



Words: 685 (3 pages)

Introduction William Shakespeare’s play “Othello” is renowned for its complex characters and themes that delve into the intricate workings of human nature. Among its vivid cast of characters, Brabantio stands out as a pivotal figure whose presence shapes the course of the play. Brabantio, a Venetian senator and the father of Desdemona, plays a significant…

The Delicate Dance: Exploring the Interplay Between Fate and Free Will in Human Existence

Free Will


Words: 646 (3 pages)

In the realm of existence and decision-making, there exists an age-old debate that has captivated the minds of philosophers, scholars, and individuals from various walks of life. This discussion delves into the intricate balance between external forces and personal agency. In his kernel, these debates revolve around length, to what individuals have the power, to…

The Positive and Negative Effects of Robots on Human Life in the Film Adaptation, I, Robot





Words: 1328 (6 pages)

Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot is a collection of short stories which speculate on the beneficial and harmful effects of robots and technology on human life. The film adaptation, I, Robot, originates from such a concept, but ultimately has a very different plot, and despite many small similarities, it does not closely match up to any…

The Controversial Expert Testimony or Scientific Evidence and the Relevance of Evidence in People v. Babbitt





Words: 283 (2 pages)

The relevance and the admissibility of evidence that are used as a part of defense in court cases are often controversial. Joan E. Benin and Mary S. Henifin present the “Daubert Standard” proposed by the Supreme. Court, which lets the trial court judges act as ”gatekeepers” for scientific evidence by examining if the evidence is…

A Discussion on Whether the Social Movements of the 1960’s Have Solved the Issues of Racism in America

Human Rights



racism in America

Words: 822 (4 pages)

In 1964, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act which forbade employers from discriminating against people with regard to sex or race when hiring, promoting, and firing. The actual final legislation made it unlawful for an employer to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or to otherwise discriminate against any individual with…

Two Types of Political Crimes: Espionage and Treason





Words: 354 (2 pages)

The different types of political crimes include; treason, espionage, and terrorism These crimes are referred to as political crimes because they present a direct challenge to the ruling government. Some actions are considered to be political crimes because they involve obtaining wrong, information that can be used by another country or individual or even a…

A Discussion on the Right of Young People to Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness



Pursuit Of Happiness

Words: 518 (3 pages)

Thomas Jefferson said, “The freedom and happiness of man are the sole objects of all legitimate governments. This is why the federal government should not restrict the minimum driving age of Americans. Such, actions is un-constitutional in that it violates the rights of the individual States (10th amendment), and those of young Americans (The Preamble)….

A History of Racial Prejudice in Various Cultures




Words: 1146 (5 pages)

Culture is not a simple term to define, especially without limiting it. However, it is necessary to narrow the word in order to better understand it. Culture refers to “shared patterns of behaviors and interactions, cognitive constructs and understanding that are learned by socialization.” With this definition, it can also be inferred that culture directly…

Facing Prejudices Head On to Achieve Your Dreams



Social Issues

Words: 1069 (5 pages)

The rain disintegrated into my skin a young dievious boy had just pulled the last straw what else could go wrong? Before I could catch my breath my life had just shattered before my eyes in one unpleasant phone call with my mom. My house had been found as unliviable and we had to leave…

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