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A Study on the Interactions Between Toddlers and Robots





Words: 720 (3 pages)

In the National Geographic article, “Toddlers Bond With Robot, Study Shows,” by Stefan Lovgren describes a study done to observe the interactions between toddlers and robots. This study showed how during the early stages of childhood, toddlers treated a robot the same way as a regular human of their age. This study was done with…

The Growing Problem of Bullying in Schools Worldwide and Solutions to the Problem


Bullying in schools


Cyber Bullying

Words: 1898 (8 pages)

“Bullying“ has the potential to completely ruin victims‘ livesi Feeling alone in profound darkness and not being able to feel any happiness, when a boy is bullied, everything around him loses colors. For him, the world is monochrome. He needs to tell his parents that he is bullied in his school, but he is worried…

The Issue of Child Marriage in Bangladesh and Potential Solutions




Words: 4621 (19 pages)

Imagine, just for a second, being a child in Bangladesh. Now imagine having to withdraw you’re your school, being raped by your husband, and potentially dying in childbirth. This is the reality for hundreds of thousands of girls living in Bangladesh today who are forced into arranged marriages. If we want to understand why child…

The Negative Impact of Increased Time Spent at Video Gaming



Video Game

Words: 742 (3 pages)

Recently, video games have been more popular and attractive to children. There are many games which attract children such as World of Warcraft, Half Life, and so on. They often have eye-catching graphics, endless level and follow a story with interesting content; consequently, many individuals play and get fascinated. Spending a large amount of time…

The Pros and Cons of Video Games



Video Game

Words: 884 (4 pages)

“Do something productive.” “Stop wasting time.” “You’re destroying your brain.” Gamers find these phrases all too familiar, and I am no stranger to hearing them from you, Mom and Dad. Truthfully, it is not your fault; to any casual observer virtual video games appear to have no value-time-consuming and eye-damaging-but those pixels include so much…

The Truth in Child Labor in William Blake’s Two Versions of the Chimney Sweeper


Child labor



Words: 661 (3 pages)

In William Blake’s poems “The Chimney Sweeper (1789),” and “The Chimney Sweeper (1794),” Blake explores the immorality of forcing children to work as chimney sweeps and how it affects their lives. Through contrasting his two poems by using paradox, diction, and metaphor, he illuminates the atrocity of child labor that is taking place in eighteenth…

Child Labor in The Chimney Sweeper by William Blake


Child labor



William Blake

Words: 698 (3 pages)

William Blake, known for his renowned work during the Romantic era, earned a spot as one of the best known poets in the English language. Having had many spiritual visions, William Blake was inspired to incorporate his visions into his work. Among his works lie Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience which exemplify different…

The Influence of the Industrial Revolution to the Rise of Child Labor


Child labor



Words: 597 (3 pages)

Coal mining came along in 1700; coal mining was an easy process in the early days as it was inexpensive and easy as coal was close to the surface. 2 types of coal mines existed before the industrial revolution had begun. The drift and bell mines, both were small and produced large quantity of solid…

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