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Essays About Children

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Seamus Heaney has Vivid Memories of his Childhood Essay

Seamus Heaney has Vivid Memories of his Childhood. Analyse Two Poems That Reflect Heaney’s Childhood Memories. Refer to the Poems In Detail and Use Quotes to Illustrate Your Points. Seamus Heaney is an established Irish poet who was born on April 13th 1939. He was the oldest of nine children and was brought up on…

Play based on Adult Child/Dead child by Claire Dowie Essay

At the beginning of this unit we were given 2 poems and a monologue to read and discuss. Our group particularly liked “Adult Child/Dead child” by Claire Dowie, a monologue following the life of a disturbed and abused child. It seemed to be very emotional and one sympathised with the speaker. We then had to…

Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man’ Ignatius Loyola Essay

Evaluation ‘Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man’ Ignatius Loyola Upon hearing this statement I began to think if and how it was possible. I decided to comprehend it as saying a person possesses the same character traits throughout his or her life. This then triggered my…



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Thirteenth-Century Statue of the Virgin and Child Essay

The thirteenth century is the golden age of French Gothic sculpture. It is the century of the greatest sculptures of Chartres and Amiens and Paris, and of ill-fated Rheims. It is the century of the unknown sculptor to whose master chisel we owe the statue of the Virgin and Child which has recently come into…

Madonna and Child Bramantino: The Falls of the Rhine Essay

A single picture acquired in 191 3 is anterior to the nineteenth century. It is a Madonna attributed to Bartolommeo Suardi, whose intimacy with Bramante and whose care to follow Bramante’s second manner gave him the surname of “ Bramantino,” the ‘‘little Bramante.” The Milanese School developed late, playing but a small part in the early…

Salvador Dali’s Childhood Essay

“The two greatest strokes of luck that can happen to a painter are (1), to be Spanish, (2) to be called Salvador Dali. “Even today, Salvador Dali is considered one of the most influential and successful surrealist artist in history, yet not much is known about his childhood; and what we do know is incredibly…

Poets’ memories of their childhood Essay

The four poems that I have looked at are all based on the poets’ memories of their childhood. Two of the poems are of loving memories, while the other two are based on not so happy memories. ‘Autobiographical Note’ by Scannell is the first poem. It is based on the loving memories of going to…

The poets have described the ending of childhood innocence Essay

“Poems can capture important moments in our lives” Discuss how the poets have described the ending of childhood innocence in at least two poems you have studied. I am going to analyse two poems which share the theme of the end of the era of childhood and children growing up. The poems are Mid-term Break…

Compare and contrast the accounts of childhood Essay

Compare and contrast the accounts of childhood in ‘Half-past Two’ and ‘Leaving School’. How successful is each poet in depicting a child’s experience of the world? ‘Half-past Two’ and ‘Leaving School’ both explore the thoughts and feelings of young boys. There is a theme of fear evident in both poems. This engages an experience endured…

Laughing like children Essay

But it was scary too. If it was true and he was right it would mean that I hadn’t really got anyone. Tania was someone on whom I could always rely. She never let me down. I was ashamed that my side of our friendship was bit darker. I had let her down really badly…

Mother and child Essay

The relationship between the mother and child in the play is also very interesting. There is a great comparison between the relationship of Mrs. Johnstone and Mickey, and Mrs. Lyons and Edward. Mrs. Johnstone and Mickeys relationship is very close and understanding even though Mrs. Johnstone hasn’t actually spent a lot of time with Mickey…

How Seamus Heaney presents childhood in “Death of a naturalist” and “Mid term break” Essay

The poet Seamus Heaney is describing to incidents from childhood. “Mid term break” depicts the sombre affair of a child’s death. “Death of a naturalist” on the other hand tells us of a happy event. Although the two poems are written by Seamus Heaney they are not alike, death of a naturalist for example is…

‘The Children of Dynmouth’ by William Trevor Essay

‘The Children of Dynmouth’ by William Trevor, written in 1970 about a small seaside town, is based upon his own childhood home. The opening introduces a story of murder and intrigue. The novel, which I am comparing it with, is ‘Hard Times’ be Charles Dickens written in 1854. This introduces us to Coketown, a newly…

 The Carbone’s childless marriage Essay

The play feels like a formulaic tale that’s been constructed around ideas, rather than a story of flesh-and-blood people. For instance, the storyline blanks out any other things outside this main story like:  The Carbone’s childless marriage  Katie’s birth father  Eddie’s side of the family. Miller covers some taboo issues and irony that make it more interesting and intriguing,…

From Sendak’s kitchen: the author and illustrator has cooked up a hearty menu for children Essay

As longtime ambassador to the land of children’s imagination, Maurice Sendak has conjured visions of places where wild things dwell. He has painted a chimeric culinary skyline where a nude little boy made an airplane from pastry dough and nose-dived into a high-rise pitcher of milk. Considered the leading visionary of children’s literature, Sendak has…

How effectively does Harper Lee present the children and growing up in To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

In this essay I will be exploring Jem and Scout’s journey to maturity throughout the novel; To Kill a Mockingbird. I will look at the techniques Harper Lee use and how well they work in portraying their growth to maturity. I will also explore influences on the children and the tree main themes in this…

Children Being Exploited in Dickensian Times Essay

All through the ages children have been exploited. Children are easy prey – they are innocent, feeble and trustworthy. Charles Dickens portrays children in a vivid and descriptive manner of hardship and death in Dickensian times. Dickens felt strongly that industrial life in the cities was creating unfair class divisions which would lead in the end…

Victorian children Essay

Dickens wanted the reader to see the difference between highly organised crime and crime that has evolved from bare desperation. Dickens points out that these thieves are not living comfortably. He describes the ceiling and the walls to be ‘perfectly black with age and dirt’, they need to steal to get food for them to…

Children of the Poor Essay

‘Oliver Twist’ is set in Victorian England at a time when the industrial revolution was happening. Businesses were getting bigger and factories were being built by machines. Poor people from the countryside moved into the cities to get jobs for money. However, the people who owned the factories didn’t care about the welfare of their…

Heathcliff’s account of childhood after Mr Earnshaw’s death Essay

Heathcliff’s account of childhood after Mr Earnshaw’s death, during the period of time when Catherine has recently returned from Thurshcross Grange. You should aim to create an authentic voice for Heathcliff which builds upon Emily Bronte’s presentation of this character and captures aspects of the writers chosen form, structure and language Hindley the desolate offspring…

Child developement Essay

What is child development? The topic of child development concerned everyone since children are our future. Let’s see in the introduction, what it is. The development of the child is a complex process of maturation and complication of mental functions and personality. A lot of factors affecting it: hereditary-biological and social (upbringing, training, environmental influences)….

Heathcliff is best seen as a child of the storm Essay

A storm is often described as wild and unforgiving, a destructive force of nature that cannot be predicted and leaves chaos and disarray in its wake. Often times a storm is associated with tragedy and pain because of its destructiveness. All of these features are characteristic of Heathcliff’s own personality. He is a very complex…

Children should be taught to speak English properly Essay

    It is then pointless to enforce a standard dialect if no standard accent (RP) is to be enforced.. As I have pointed out earlier, enforcing SSE in schools devalues non-standard dialects and their speakers. The assumption that they should master it leads to several problems. Assuming that it can be taught, then this…

Childbirth cleansing Essay

This public recognition of woman’s novel status was part and parcel of the renewed obedience to all hierarchies, from state to father to mother and children then servants. It also opened the floodgates for improvement in coming decades and centuries. By the mid seventeenth century therefore a new class of women emerges who: “believed in…

A two-year-old child and an adult friend Essay

  Crystal (1995) identifies several stages of grammar development running from infancy through to the teenage years. He points out that at the age of about two, children first begin to use grammatical elements. In English, this includes finite auxiliaries (“is”, “was”), verbal tense and agreement affixes (“-ed” and ‘-s’), nominative pronouns (“I”, “she”), and…

Investigating the grammatical features of a child Essay

    At this stage I had only just turned three years old, and therefore one would expect that my linguistic and vocabulary knowledge is not yet as exhaustive and extensive as it would be in another two or three years. It seems that in this situation, I am not aware of the correct verb…

ADHD In Children And Art Therapy Essay

The essential features of this disorder are developmentally inappropriate degrees of inattention, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity. People with the disorder generally display some disturbance in each of these areas, but to varying degrees. Manifestations of the disorder usually appear in most situations, including at home, in school, at work, and in social situations, but to varying…

Children And Art Therapy Essay

There are many fields of study that focus on children and their needs whether it may be mental, social or physical, one of these fields of study is child psychology. Child psychology is a form of study that allows understanding the developmental stages of children and what should be expected of them during their different…

Artventure Children’S Creative Art And Party Centre Essay

Eileen and Tina have completed one year of operation and are wondering if they are on the right track for years to come. They are worried about increased operating expenditures, and increased competition. They are offering programs for young kids ages 8 months to 12 years old. For those parents who can afford to take…

Children of a Lesser God Essay

The movie Children of a Lesser God can be best described as a love story that deals with barriers in basic communication. It is a story based on a play about a talented teacher for the deaf named James, who forms an interest in a deaf employee named Sarah, who works for the same school….

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