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    “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr Essay

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    Is there any bad influence of artificial intelligence and technology in the interaction of children?

    The human factor is still very important. We see artificial intelligence as a powerful tool, but without humans, those tools wouldn’t exist. Children love having friends in their social environment and parents, in the interaction of children when they have doubts. But, undoubtedly, using artificial intelligence to help children in everything, even to reach their maximum potential, is an unintelligible mistake. For example, with technology, children will not be able to develop their skills.

    In the essay is google making us stupid? In pg. 325, Carr says that “They supply the stuff of thought, but they also shape the process of thought. And what the internet seems to be doing is chipping away the capacity for concentration and contemplation”. Things go too fast, so technology can be dangerous; because, of technology we have become lazier and more dependent on it.

    If we think about the moment we go to a party or family reunions, most people are only playing with their drones or their phones, thus leaving aside the interactive habit with others. With this I believe that an existential risk is assumed for humanity comparable to the impact of a large asteroid all this, of course, if we continue building artificial intelligence machines. Children are going to be raised with electronic figures. Which will cause them to develop a social isolation, delaying the development of social skills.

    Since these robots have several types of games installed, thanks to artificial intelligence children will stop doing activities with social groups of belonging and with this, social skills may be affected, essential for many areas. While technology keeps artificial capability of taking care of a child moving forward at our disposal, it also affects our natural ability to think and act for ourselves.

    Leaving our children in the hands of an artificial nanny always generates some anxiety in a mother. For example, how will the robot treat the child? Will it take good care of it with responsibly? Is it a suitable machine to take care of my children? The doubts always appear, but we have to go back to work every day and take care of our children solved. Many things can happen if we leave them with an artificial babysitter.

    As for example, if our child gets sick, how he is going to be cured? Or even worse how we are going to realize that he is sick? And since the robot is made of metal it cannot feel the temperature of the child, and if it is necessary to take the kid to a hospital, a robot cannot take him and if the child needs to take some medicine, how a robot will know which is which?

    Therefore, the most advisable thing is that we leave our children in the care of a human being and we must always keep in mind that a good nanny must be human, empathetic, loving, who knows how to treat a child, with a good sense of humor and very important: that is willing to give love and correct with positive discipline. Qualities that an artificial nanny will not have. When it comes to our own family, the situation is more manageable: we know how that person is and we know the affection we have for our children. But a nanny, in general, is someone we learn to know over time.

    In summary, an artificial babysitter can never substitute for parents. A child needs to feel comfortable in the company of a person. In a future, our son and his/her caregiver will be able to strengthen a relationship, if the nanny provides the kind of loving and welcoming care.

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