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    MUS 101 – Test 1 Answers

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    You should notice your reactions to the musical sounds you hear.
    Music is necessary for physical existence
    The composer of ‘Hoe-Down’ from Rodeo is
    Aaron Copeland
    Most concert music is louder than popular music
    Why are some guidance and instruction often needed to understand and appreciate many works of concert music?
    All of these choices
    Hearing and listening to music are the same thing
    The best procedure to studying/listening to a musical work in this course is
    listen while following computer graphics, then listen with Listening Guide, and then listen without any visual aid
    Most works of concert music are longer than popular pieces of music
    Fantasizing scenes in your mind helps you listen to music better.
    Suppose you really like a type of popular music. Your attitude toward the classical music in this course should be
    finding out why many people find classical works interesting to listen to
    Polyrhythms are a feature of the music from which part of the world?
    The best known work of Georges Bizet, the composer of Farandole, is
    The Opera, Carmen
    Refer to Figure 2.2. Which of these measures contains syncopation?
    The second one
    Refer to Figure 2.1. Number 2 in the above example is pointing to the
    tempo marking
    Meter is the
    Pattern of the Beats
    The terms that indicate tempo in music are usually in
    Even if all the beats in a steady series are equally loud, the tendency of listeners is to think of them in small groups of twos or threes
    Syncopation occurs when
    the emphasis of the rhythm is placed where it is not expected
    The basic ratio on which the notation of rhythm is based is
    A theme is
    a melodic idea that plays a central role in a musical work
    Higher pitches in music notation appear higher on the lines and spaces than low pitches.
    Groups of notes that do not seem to blend together well and give a feeling of tension are described as
    A sharp (#) lowers a pitch by one half step
    Almost all melodies in the music of Western civilization
    have a tonal center
    Pitches in music can be part of
    All of these choices
    Notes aligned vertically in music notation are sounded at the same time
    Your impression of a melody is affected by
    All of these choices
    Many of the more familiar songs sung in America and Europe end on notes other than the tonic
    The term for the degrees of loudness in music is volume
    The letter f indicates that the music should be soft
    The word that indicates the music should get louder is decrescendo
    In order to be considered music, the sounds must have been rendered in music notation
    The principle of Gestalt psychology, “The whole is greater than sum of its parts,” is true of music
    The timbre of any sound played on an instrument (other than an electronic one) or sung almost always changes slightly from its beginning to its ending
    The overtone or harmonic series is the
    pattern of pitches that results when dividing a string or air column at fractional points
    Which is the most accurate definition of music?
    Organized sounds occurring within a specified span of time
    Form in music refers to
    the overall plan for the organization of the music
    Ternary form is represented by the letters
    A short melodic or rhythmic figure that is repeated often and contributes to the unity of a musical work is called a
    The composer of Concieto de Aranjuez is
    Joaquin Rodrigo
    A movement in an instrumental work is
    a large independent section of a large instrumental work
    When the soloist in a concerto plays alone a paraphrase of the themes, he or she is playing a
    Forms in music are constructed around
    repetition, variation, and contrast
    The term for the different levels of loudness and softness in music is
    The timbre of an instrument or voice is determined by
    the number and strength of the partials its sounds produce
    Letters such as ff and mp on page of music tell the performer
    how loud or soft the music should be
    The basic idea of a concerto is contrasting
    a soloist or small group with an orchestra or band
    A concerto is a
    Percussion instruments produce sound by being struck or shaken
    The way a string player draws the bow across the strings can significantly affect the quality of sound
    The hair on the bow of a string instrument is treated camel hair
    Timpani sound different pitches, but bass drums cannot
    The string instruments in a symphony orchestra consist of violins, cellos, double basses, harp, and
    The term for sounds that are made on string instruments by plucking the string is
    The use of vibrato when playing a string instrument makes the sound
    The piccolo is the smaller “cousin” of the
    Which woodwind instruments produce sounds with a double reed?
    oboe and bassoon
    Sound is produced on all brass instruments when
    when the player’s lip membranes vibrate as air passes between them
    The valves or slide on a brass instrument
    change the length of the tubing and thereby introduce a different overtone series
    Which percussion instrument can produce different pitches?
    Which instrument is not a percussion instrument?
    Approximately what proportion of a symphony orchestra consists of string instrument players?
    The woodwind instruments in a symphony orchestra are
    flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon
    A vibrato is
    slight, rapid fluctuations in the pitch of a sound
    Woodwind and brass instrument players start and stop sounds by
    controlling the flow of air with the tongue
    How many strings do violins, violas, and cellos have?
    A mute is a device that can be attached to a string or brass instrument to
    change their timbre
    The pipe organ has a pedalboard that is played with the feet.
    The pipe organ, like the piano, has one keyboard
    The sounds on a pipe organ are produced by air being blown through pipes
    A traditional acoustic guitar and an electric guitar sound very much alike
    The main difference between a harpsichord and a piano is the number of keys
    When playing the harpsichord, it is possible for the player to make gradual changes of dynamic level, which is not true on the piano
    Singers regulate pitch by
    adjusting the tension in the vocal cords
    The higher female voice is the
    Which of these instruments is usually included in wind bands but not in symphony orchestras
    baritone horn
    The harpsichord produces sound when
    A quill or a plectrum plucks a string
    The pedals on the piano can
    all of these choices
    The metal strips on the fingerboard of a guitar are called
    Digital recordings create sounds by
    rapidly processing discrete bits of information, usually numbers
    In what ways can the human voice be considered a musical instrument?
    all of these choices
    Singers change the timbre of a sound by changing the
    formation of the tongue and mouth
    In electronic music “sampling” means using
    recorded samples of the actual sounds of an instrument
    The original notation of Gregorian chant consisted of square notes and no indication of meter
    Gregorian chants were essentially hymns sung by the congregation at worship services
    Every civilization throughout history and around the world has had music of some kind
    The music the early Greeks sounded like
    No one knows what it really sounded like
    Gregorian chant has no
    All of these choices
    Many of the practices of the Christian church were adapted from
    The early Greek who discovered the basic acoustical ratios of musical sounds was
    An important ancient Greek philosopher who strongly advocated music as essential for an educated person was
    Which of these is true about Gregorian chant
    All of these choices
    The Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei constitute what part of the Mass?
    The Ordinary
    Hildegard’s Ordo virtutum is
    a morality play
    The outlook of many people during the Middle Ages was
    “Western civilization” refers to the culture
    that developed in ancient Greece and then spread throughout Europe
    The “Dies irae” is a Gregorian chant sung at
    Composers in the Medieval times were fascinated by complex rhythmic and melodic relationships in music
    Guillaume Machaut is largely responsible for introducing polyphony
    A Medieval motet could have one of its parts in Latin and another in French
    Much secular music existed during Medieval times, but only a little of it was written down
    Medieval motets have no rhythm
    Many of the persons who created art works and music during Medieval times are anonymous
    The approximate dates of the Medieval period are
    An important intellectual movement during the Gothic period was
    Secular music is
    nonreligious music
    Polyphony developed in
    The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris
    A Medieval motet was built on a phrase of Gregorian chant. That phrase was called the
    Cantus Firmus
    The rhythm in Medieval motets
    was often based on rhythmic modes similar to those found in poetry
    Chivalry was an outlook or attitude that
    glorified women
    Which statement is true of Medieval motets
    They were based on a phrase of Gregorian chant
    Organum is not polyphonic because the
    two lines of music move in strict parallel motion
    The secular music of Medieval times is less known that the music for worship because
    only a small amount of it was written down
    An early composer of polyphonic music was
    The Medieval motet developed mostly in
    Which was a Medieval dance?
    Madrigals are in vernacular languages
    Madrigals usually have slower tempos than motets
    The texts of madrigals are on religious topics, especially old testament stories
    An important event during the Renaissance was the development of printing from movable type
    The musical setting of Renaissance Masses were often based on a phrase of Gregorian chant
    The Renaissance was the age of the great explorers such as Columbus and Magellan
    Renaissance motets and madrigals are most authentically performed when sung by large choral groups
    Which statement is true about Renaissance motets?
    They contain points of imitation when new phrases of text enter.
    An important philosophical outlook of the Renaissance was
    In order to permit portions of the text to be heard more clearly, des Prez and Palestrina used
    points of imitation
    Two important Renaissance composers were
    Josquin and Palestrina
    The term a cappella indicates that the music is to be sung
    without accompaniment
    The most popular instrument during the Renaissance was the
    Instrumental music during the Renaissance consisted largely of
    dance music
    The approximate dates of the Renaissance period are
    The Renaissance represented a rebirth of interest in and admiration of the civilizations of
    ancient Greece and Rome
    An important development was the introduction of
    the bass voice part
    The patronage system allowed composers to sell their works to the highest bidder.
    Except for recitatives, the rhythm in Baroque music was clearly metrical.
    Changes of key (tonal center) in Baroque music are rare
    A feature of Baroque music was the use of terraced dynamics
    Because there was no body of established music, many Baroque composers wrote a tremendous amount of music
    Baroque orchestras performed with only the keyboard player indicating when to begin
    One of the reasons why recitative singing was developed, especially for dramatic purposes, was that the words could be heard more easily
    During the Baroque period the modes were largely abandoned in favor of major and minor keys.
    Style periods in the arts can be designated only well after they have passed
    Styles in music are confined to designated dates
    Until the nineteenth century, music was more developed than the visual arts
    Recognizing and understanding musical styles helps you listen to music with more understanding
    Terraced dynamics are
    abrupt changes from one dynamic level to another
    The continuo part in Baroque music is
    the nearly continuous bass line
    The approximate dates of the Baroque period in music are
    An important composer of music in the Baroque was
    The three main characteristics of Baroque art and music are
    large dimensions, drama, and religious intensity
    A feature of recitatives is
    All of these choices
    An important instrument in the Baroque period was the
    The “doctrine of affections” or “doctrine of affects” was the belief that
    music could project rather specific feelings
    An acoustical quirk of nature in tuning called the “Pythagorean comma” was compensated for by the use of
    equal temperament
    Handel often uses text painting in his oratorio Messiah
    In contrast to recitatives, choruses and arias are sung with a steady, regular rhythm
    A cantata similar to an oratorio, except that it is much shorter.
    Chorale melodies were often incorporated by composers as themes in instrumental works
    Neither Gregorian chant nor chorales were created for performance in concert settings but are often the basis for other musical works
    Messiah was the only oratorio Handel composed; most of his other music consisted of operas and instrumental works
    Handel’s oratorio Messiah calls for
    All of these choices
    In what ways does an aria differ from a recitative? An aria
    All of these choices
    About how many parts (solos, choruses, etc.) does Messiah contain
    The word “virtuoso” refers to
    A person who can do a highly skilled activity
    An oratorio is similar to an opera except that it does not have
    All of these choices
    Although he was born in Germany, Handel lived most of his adult life in
    A chorale is a(n)
    Lutheran hymn
    A cantata differs from an oratorio in that it
    All of these choices
    Usually all the words in an opera are sung
    The plot in operas moves along faster when music included
    The style of singing needed for opera singers also is suitable for singing folk songs
    In some operatic scenes a character who is supposed to be very ill engages in some quite healthy singing.
    The setting of an opera or play is somewhat like a room with one wall removed so that the audience can observe what is taking place.
    The orchestra in an opera is placed on the left hand side of the stage
    The combination of music and words can have a much greater emotional impact on listeners than just the words without music
    Operas are sung without accompanying orchestra or keyboard instrument
    Many operas during the Baroque were based on characters from Greek and Roman mythology.
    Baroque operas are frequently performed by opera companies today
    Opera began when a group of noblemen
    Wished to recreate musical dramas similar to Ancient Greek Dramas
    The role of king or authority figure in an opera is usually sung by
    A bass
    The text of an opera is called the
    A persistently repeated, rather short phrase in music is called
    An ostinato
    The role of a heroic young man in an opera will probably be sung by
    An important composer of early operas was
    The singing style used in operas is powerful and dramatic because
    All of these choices
    The reason for “Dido’s Lament” in Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas was because
    Aeneas had to leave Carthage to found Rome
    A feature of the aria “Dido’s Lament” is
    the ostinato in the lower instruments in the orchestra
    Which of these is included in opera?
    All of these choices
    What do soap operas and traditional operas have in common?
    Both are dramatic
    In the recitative from Monteverdi’s Coronation of Poppea, Poppea is trying to get Nero to
    come back to her soon
    In what language is Monteverdi’s Coronation of Poppea?
    Prior to the Baroque period, composers did not indicate which instrument should play a particular part
    A trio sonata is for just three instruments
    Pachelbel’s Canon in D combines a lengthy canon with a basso ostinato
    Baroque flutes were often the type played straight in front of the player, not in transverse position as they are today
    The first markings indicating dynamic levels appeared in Baroque music
    The pipe organ reached its height of development during the Renaissance, but it was still important during the Baroque
    Which instrument was not particularly important in Baroque music?
    A Baroque suite is a group of
    stylized dance works
    Which type of work is not found in a Baroque suite?
    A piece of stylized dance music is music that
    has been created to be listened to
    During the Baroque a sonata was a
    work for one or more instruments
    The traditional means of designating instrumental music works that don’t have a title is with the letters
    The instruments used in a trio sonata are
    two violins, one cello, and a continuo part
    The “Hornpipe” by Handel is
    a piece of stylized dance music
    Handel’s Water Music Suite is so named because
    it was composed to be played on barges as the king cruised the river
    Arcangelo Corelli is known today for his
    trio sonatas
    The composer of Water Music Suite was
    Performers often improvised during the Baroque
    J.S. Bach’s family and family tree contained many renowned musicians.
    The first section of a fugue is called the overture
    A toccata is a set of variations on a chorale melody.
    The third movement of J.S. Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 has an important part for the pipe organ.
    A pedal tone is a very long note that is held while the chords and melodic material change
    The subject in a fugue appears only in its exposition
    The parts for the small group in a concerto grosso are noticeably more difficult than the parts for the orchestra.
    A concerto grosso contrasts
    a small group of players with the rest of the orchestra
    The recurring theme played by the orchestra in a concerto grosso is called the
    The group of four concertos called The Four Seasons was composed by
    The main theme of a fugue is called
    In which texture are fugues
    The lines of a fugue are called
    Sequence occurs when pattern of notes is repeated
    several times in succession, each time at a different pitch level
    J.S. Bach composed six concertos, performed often today, for the margrave of
    All of these choices
    The Four Seasons by Vivaldi
    All of these choices
    How many movements does a typical concerto have
    A toccata is
    a free sounding virtuoso work, usually for keyboard

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