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    Us History Foundation of the American republic

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    The Clergy
    Primarily responsible for taking care of the peoples spirituality on the Manor.
    Religious wars fought between the Christians and the Muslims.
    Learning and Trade
    The progression of these two things caused the medieval structure began to break down.
    An economic system that favored exporting over importing and measured a countries wealth in terms of how much gold it possessed.
    Were not able to own the land that they farmed.
    Clergy, Nobles, and Serfs
    The three classes that medieval society consisted of that existed prior to the crusades.
    Marco Polo
    European explorer who traveled the far east and returned with tales of great riches and trade.
    Invented the printing press, around 1440.
    New social class that emerged as a result of the crusades.
    3 things that are true of the Crusades
    1. Created demand for Eastern goods.
    2. Failed to rescue the Holy Land permanently from the Muslims.
    3. Brought about the breakdown of the medieval ways of life.
    Catholic Church
    Helped unite the people of Europe under a common cause during the medieval times.
    1. Began because of the rediscovery of learning.
    2. Was hurried along by the invention of the printing press.
    3. Saw the invention of scientific instruments that brought about the age of exploration.
    Lasted nearly 200 years
    Warfare between Christians and Muslims during the period of Crusades.
    One thing the Crusades did?
    They opened travel to the east and brought back new goods. Trade to western Europe grew because of this.
    Before the renaissance, learning was reserved for this group of people.
    Exploration and Voyages
    Were financed by Kings, Merchants, and Bankers who hoped to become wealthy.
    A member of the lower house of the colonial legislature in Virginia.
    A strong fence or defensive work consisting of pointed wooden stakes set firmly and closely together in the ground. Used for defense of frontier forts.
    A fixed rent paid in money, instead of services rendered.
    Royal Charter
    Founded by or belonging to the king or queen. The king retained the rights to choose the governor and determine the laws governing a royal colony.
    Jamestown, the first English settlement, was established in what year?
    Roger Williams
    Was from Massachusetts, and Founded Rhode Island to find religious freedom.
    Thomas Hooker
    Founded Connecticut.
    “Dominion of New England”
    A royal order that the king wanted to unite all collonies in New England by.
    John Cabot
    Sailed to the new world in 1497.
    England under the tutor Rulers
    Experienced a time of unity and prosperity.
    Elizabeth I
    The last of the Tudors and was a popular queen. Who was she?
    Church of England
    Began in 1534 and was a Protestant church.
    learning was reserved for this group of people before the Renaissance.

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