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Essays About Mary Shelley

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Commentary on Frankenstein Essay

Throughout ‘Frankenstein’, a novel by Mary Shelley, numerous literary devices are employed to create intended effect. The quotation above encapsulates the whole passage when Victor’s creation finally is complete. However, his scientific obsession seems to be a dream that ends with the creature’s birth. As soon as his creature comes to life, Victor is filled…

Victor Frankenstein: How did Frankenstein’s Personality Change During Chapters 4 and 5?

I have been studying Frankenstein chapters four and five, in detail. The story is roughly about Victor Frankenstein and his creation; it’s about Victor becoming obsessed with making a human life using dead limbs and organs. He then becomes horrified and terrified at the abomination he has created. This is a gothic (horror) story, a…

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Essay

Crashing thunder and stormy skies are the scene set for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a story of pride, passion and power. When a zealous scientist tries to create a superhuman race that shall worship him as god all havoc breaks loose when his creation escapes. Unfortunately the creations experiences in the outside world are heartbreaking and…



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Describe Frankenstein Essay

Frankenstein realises that his experiment has failed and that the time and effort he had put in was all for nothing. An example of this is – “Now that I had finished the beauty of the dream vanished and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart. ” These words show us in a powerful way…

Victor Frankenstein Analysis Essay

Victor Frankenstein believes that his creature is evil from its ugly looks and ugly features. He is very disappointed as he has used beautiful body parts and the finished product is ugly. At this point we feel sympathy for the creature from Victor Frankenstein’s remarks and opinions. Later Victor Frankenstein runs away from his troubles…

Creates the monster Essay

In the story Frankenstein the main key outline of the story is, Victor Frankenstein’s mother dies giving birth to her child. Victor Frankenstein says that death shouldn’t happen and that one day he would stop it from happening. He goes away to a school and meets Henry Clervel who becomes a good friend. Victor Frankenstein…

Mary Shelly & monster Essay

The monster then runs away and Frankenstein feels pleased that he is gone yet a little uneasy to know that he is out there in the world. Chapter 11 is narrated by the monster, he tells the audience about his first experiences and reactions to life. This part of the novel has great importance because…

Victor Frankenstein & mixed emotions Essay

Victor Frankenstein seems to have mixed emotions at the time of the creature’s birth; he is nervous yet scared and disgusted at the outcome of his long toil. The author shows this with the quote, “with an anxiety that almost amounted to agony”, again this really brings out the gothic image using pain and suffering…

The idea of Monsters and Monstrosity in Frankenstein Essay

The most common definition of a ‘monster’ is that of an animal or human grotesquely deviating from the normal shape, behaviour, or character, yet the term could also relate to a person who excites horror by wickedness or cruelty; these terms are both applied within the novel, ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley. Possibly the most obvious…

The monster and Victor Essay

When Victor created the monster his dreams were destroyed when he saw the result. Victor had ignored the science of his ideas and concentrated on what he believed could happen: “the beauty of my dream vanished and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart” Shelley here subtly makes a social comment about the Romantic period;…

The monster in Frankenstein Essay

From Frankenstein’s perception throughout the story the audience sympathises with his views to think that the monster is evil, Shelley purposefully uses vivid descriptive language to convey the image across; she also purposefully used oxymorons to create a contrast that works in a negative way on the monsters appearance. “These luxuriances only formed a more…

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Essay Paper

For the entire creation scene the camera shows the point of view of Dr. Frankenstein using camera angles and shots from his perspective, however, when Frankenstein does pull the creature up on the chains hanging above the laboratory the camera shows a high angle shot looking down on Frankenstein from the creatures view, this enforces…

Frankenstein’s Creature: Monster or Victim

The monsters birth is set on a dreary November night, immediately you can see that a tragic event is to be held. Then the event occurs and the monster lying lifeless revitalises with the nature of a newborn baby and awakens for the first time. When the monster opens its eyes the cowardly horror stricken…

English Essay on Frankenstein

In this essay, I am going to explore the character of Victor Frankenstein in the opening chapters of the novel. Showing his ambitious, arrogant and insane side in the novel. This novel was written in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which was during the gothic period. During this time, gothic type of literature was very…

Critical Essay On Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Dr Siv Jansson argues that ‘the balance of sympathy at the novel’s conclusion lies firmly in favour of the Creature. ‘ How far do you agree? In your answer you must refer to the ways in which “Frankenstein” is part of the Gothic tradition and how this affects the ‘balance of sympathy’. This essay will…

Frankenstein or the Creature Essay

In Your Opinion, Who Is the Most Monstrous? Frankenstein or the Creature…. “Frankenstein” the novel written by Mary Shelly was first published in 1818. Shelly was the only daughter of the philosopher William Godwin and his wife Mary Wollstonecraft, the radical feminist writer. Unfortunately Shelly’s mother died almost immediately and Shelly was brought up by her…

Is Frankensteins creation is a creature or a monster? Essay

The main focus in this story is the decision as to whether Frankenstein’s creation is a creature or a monster. Mary Shelley’s use of language gives the reader contrasting feelings of hatred and sympathy throughout the novel. When the creature is first created the setting is presented as ‘a dreary night of November.’ The weather is…

Mary Shelley More Sympathetic Towards Frankenstein Essay

Is Mary Shelley More Sympathetic towards Frankenstein or his creation? What message does this novel have for society? Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is an epistolary novel; an epistolary novel is one that is written in the form of a series of letters. This type of writing allows the reader to be easily manipulated into thinking certain things, as the…

Creator Frankenstein Essay

The creature becomes corrupted after various bad experiences such as the treatment from the peasants, Frankenstein, the DeLacey family and the father of the drowning girl he saves. His change in character is shown when he says ‘For the first time, feelings of revenge and hatred filled my bosom.’ He is angry because his creator…

Is Victor Frankenstein a modern Prometheus? Essay

The full title of Mary Shelley’s gothic novel is: “Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus.” Which allows us to make the analogy between Victor Frankenstein and the myth of Prometheus whom within Ovid actually moulds the first human out of clay. He is subsequently punished by the Gods and tied to Mount Caucasus where an eagle feeds…

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Essay Thesis

Victors desperation is now communicated. He is so obsessed with his work that he doesn’t even keep in contact with his family or his fianc�e, Elizabeth back in Geneva. As the experiment undergoes, the music kicks off once more. It adds to the spookiness in the scene. The eels are then released in to the…

Mary Shelly & Frankenstein Essay

In my assignment, I am going to discuss the beliefs and attitudes of the time in which Frankenstein had been written and discuss the ways in which Mary Shelly made us sympathise with the creature. In 1818, novels had been written for entertainment, as the public of that time would read as they had no…

Is the Monster good or evil? Essay

Mary Shelley started to write “Frankenstein” in 1816 when the idea to write it came to mind when her husband Lord Byron, Polidori and herself were reading ghost stories on a rainy day, Lord Byron, was the one who said ‘We will each write a story’. They all thought of one except Mary. She wanted…

Frankenstein: Mary Shelley Analysis

“Mary Shelley wanted Frankenstein to curdle the blood and quicken the beatings of the heart in chapter 5. How did she achieve this?” In this essay I will explore Chapter 5 of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”. The novel was first published in 1818 but Mary Shelley published it under her husband’s name (who was a romantic poet) because…

Frankenstein typical of the gothic genre Essay

Generically, Frankenstein can be considered gothic in numerous ways, to understand and interpret theses effectively and in depth we must first outline the usual features and aspects of the gothic genre. The gothic genre is somewhat expected to contain vivid features of life and death, religion; or the lack/ defiance of it and the struggle of…

Frankenstein’s Monster Essay

Since Shelly’s time, science has become more dangerous and developed significantly. If she looked at science in modern terms, would she still be against interfering with nature? Science can be a risk but depending upon the level of sophistication. In the 1800s people living to be 45-50 but now life expectancy has increased. A part…

Monster in Frankenstein Essay

Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, or ‘The Modern Prometheus’ lived in a strange and ever changing world. She grew up and lived surrounded by many radical people, which gave her, I suspect, some of the inspiration for her most famous novel. Polidori for example wrote ‘The Vampyre’ in 1819. She tasted independence early, but…

Frankenstein and Sleepy Hollow Essay

In this essay I will discuss the generic features of the Gothic Tradition. I will describe all of the aspects of the tradition and I will support the aspects with examples from well-known Gothic related films such as ‘Dracula’, ‘Vincent’, ‘Nosferatu’, ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Sleepy Hollow’. There are many common features in the Gothic Tradition; one…

Should Frankenstein Be Required Reading In Language Arts Curriculum? Essay

At my school, it is required that outside reading novels are read in accompaniment with the texts of the perspective language arts classes themselves. These books are chosen by the student. When it comes to finding the right books, students are given a list and introduced to a wide range of stories and novels. The…

Ambition In Frankenstein Essay

The novel “Frankenstein or Modern Prometheus,” whose author is Mary Shelley, left a significant mark in world literature. Written in the late XVIII – early XIX century, the book remains relevant to the present day. This work bears the imprints of the philosophical atmosphere of the era when a new romantic philosophy replaced the educational…

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Description: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was an English novelist who wrote the Gothic novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, which is considered an early example of science fiction. She also edited and promoted the works of her husband, the Romantic poet and philosopher Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Born: August 30, 1797, Somers Town, London, United Kingdom

Died: February 1, 1851, Chester Square, London, United Kingdom

Spouse: Percy Bysshe Shelley (m. 1816–1822)

Children: Percy Florence Shelley, Clara Everina Shelley, William Shelley

Parents: Mary Wollstonecraft, William Godwin


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