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“1984” by George Orwell Book Review 


Book Review

Words: 1251 (6 pages)

Below is a book review of 1984 by George Orwell. George Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning against the dangers of the complete control of a totalitarian society. He was very successful in carrying out his overall purpose by featuring themes that related to social justice topics and technology. He also portrayed this idea through…

Dystopia in Novels “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “1984”


Words: 694 (3 pages)

Introduction and Thesis Dystopian novels emphasize a sense of the powerlessness of the individual in the face of the oppressive and brutal government. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and George Orwell 1984 intensely dramatic scenes to heighten the idea of the powerlessness of the individual. Discussion of Work A Idea 1 and 2 George…

Napoleon in Animal Farm Analysis

Animal Farm

Words: 759 (4 pages)

‘Power lacks moral and principle, it only has interests’-Horacio. George Orwell effectively uses Napoleon’s despotic character to illustrate how Stalin employed cunning and unfair methods to gain and abuse power. This is acknowledged as a powerful allegory of fascism and communism. This is a harrowing fable of fictional dystopia that critiques the socialist philosophy and…

George Orwell: Shooting an Elephant Analysis

George Orwell

Words: 1104 (5 pages)

George Orwell was an English writer who is responsible for many moving and powerful novels in the 20th century, and he made significant contributions to literature in his lifetime. He wrote Animal Farm and 1984, which are both dystopian novels that explore the dangers of authority in society. Orwell’s original name was Eric Arthur Blair,…

Humanity in A Hanging by George Orwell Essay

George Orwell

Human Condition

Words: 709 (3 pages)

Humanity in “A Hanging” by George Orwell In the essay “A Hanging” by George Orwell, there are distinctreferences to a deeper humanity of the situation, as well as a genuineawareness of humanity’s ambivalence. There are two powerful examples inthe essay that illuminates this contradiction. First, Orwell employsreferences to animal captivity, and provides a startling contrast…

Animal Farm Essay Conclusion (712 words)

Animal Farm

Words: 712 (3 pages)

Animal FarmI. Animal Farm is a story of the struggle for freedom and power. It takes place on a farm in England called Manor Farm. There are many different kinds of animals on the farm; these animals include horses, geese, dogs, cats, sheep, and pigs, which are the most intelligent of all the animals. The…

Animal Farm – Animalism Vs Marxism Essay

Animal Farm

Words: 693 (3 pages)

Animal Farm – Animalism vs MarxismCharacters, items, and events found in George Orwells book, Animal Farm, can be compared to similar characters, items, and events found in Marxism and the 1917 Russian Revolution. This comparison will be shown by using the symbolism that is in the book with similarities found in the Russian Revolution. Old…

Animal Farm The Significance of Squealer Essay

Animal Farm


Words: 689 (3 pages)

The novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell, is an allegory portraying the dangers of a totalitarian government. It seeks to show how a society where all live completely equal has not been, and cannot be achieved. Orwell, through the use of the character Squealer, shows how propaganda can affect members of a communist society in…

Animal Farm4 Essay (701 words)

Animal Farm

Words: 701 (3 pages)

In the book, Animal Farm written by George Orwell, the animals raise up in rebellion against their human masters in hope for a better life. However, the quote by Lord Acton, a British historian, describes it best: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. ” This is basically what happens. The pigs realize…

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Eric Arthur Blair, 25 June 1903, Motihari, Bengal Presidency, British India


21 January 1950 (aged 46), London, England


Richard Blair


Happiness can exist only in acceptance.


Alma mater Eton College
Occupation Novelist, essayist, journalist, literary critic
Political party Independent Labour Party (from 1938)
Resting place All Saints’ Church, Sutton Courtenay, England
Spouse(s) Eileen O’Shaughnessy, (m. 1936; died 1945), Sonia Brownell, (m. 1949)

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