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    Collecting images from clip art Essay

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    When collecting images from clip art I think is much more difficult than collecting them from the internet because with clip art if you are not specific with your search then they will bring up something completely different to your search criteria. It’s the same with the internet but you can search for anything and everything.

    With Clip Art you have a more restricted search this is because you only have certain categories to pick from and also looking at my clip art images it really is not of any relevance to me but it was the closet to the sort of business I am creating, but now with the images I collected from the internet it clearly shows me the type/kind of logo I will be looking to produce for my company. Selecting Information for my purpose (ICT Sources & Non-ICT Sources) From my Non- ICT Sources the ones that I think are most relevant to me would be number s 2,3 & 5 I think they are relevant to my company because:

    Number 2: This is very relevant to my document that I am going to produce my letterhead with because it is a letterhead. I like the way that this letterhead is laid out with the logo and slogan together and all the text and information to one side but still visible to see. The other side just contains additional information about whom the letter is written by. This is the exact way I am going to set out my letterhead because I think it is an excellent way to present such little information.

    Number 3: This is also a relevance to me because it is a different type of document (a business card) it helps me decide what kind of information will go on to my business card when I come to create it. This sort of research also made me look at the size of business cards even though I only presented one of them I analysed many different types such as landscape ones, ones of slightly bigger area and so on. I like it also because of its layout it appeals to me and that is what I want my company and my document top do appeal to its audience.

    Number 5: This particular piece of research was a cut out from and advertisement about music and I assumed seen as my business is about music I might need it. I observed this piece the most because it shows real meaning a dog with its head in a record player, which signifies that the company had been around for a long time. This is what I want my logo to do mean something and also the slogan “Top dog for music, DVD’s and games” you will remember that because it is short and simple and that is the kind of thing I want for my logo and slogan. ICT Sources With the clipart it would have to be number 3,4 & 6.

    This is because they have some representation of music and I would use them to develop into better ideas to come out with my logo. The research I collected from the internet were really not of relevance to me because I just looked at them to see what kind of logo I should design and which would be appealing. As I saw like number 3 it is very detailed and is effective because straight away you know it was a Chinese designer and even the colour represents an oriental feel. With Nike it is just plain and simple but it makes a lot of money so the logo is effective in its own special way.

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