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My Personal Experience of Being Close to My Dad




Words: 1108 (5 pages)

That is my dad. Yes, he is smart and he can be loving even, but first and foremost he lives and breathes tennis. As the sun hits my face and sweat runs down my forehead, I just stand there watching him play. I want to be like him someday. I want to be just like…

Ice Hockey Vs. Roller Hockey Essay


Ice Hockey

Words: 700 (3 pages)

Despite the fact that ice hockey and roller hockey both have the word hockey in common, there are extreme differences between the two sports. There are the obvious differences like one being played on ice and the other on a plastic surface, but many of the differences are only noticed by people that have played…

Blue Boxing Essay



Words: 1276 (6 pages)

To quote Karl Marx, blue boxing has always been the most noble form of phreaking. As opposed to such things as using an MCI code to make a free fone call, which is merely mindless pseudo-phreaking, blue boxing is actual interaction with the Bell System toll network. It is likewise advisable to be more cautious…

Boxing – should this unjustifi Essay


Words: 689 (3 pages)

Boxing has always been a sport surrounded with controversy. It is known for its brutal nature, pitching two athletes against each other and allowing them to battle each other until one gain advantage over his opponent by rendering him unconscious. Yet this brutal sport still manages to attract countless fans despite its inherent danger which…

Tennis Made Easy Essay (402 words)


Words: 402 (2 pages)

When surfing the Internet, eventually winding up at, I found something called the “Lesson Lounge” which has instructional articles on the game of tennis. My particular article discusses a very crucial part of the game, and also a difficult one, the first serve. The reason this drew my attention is because this is a…

Concerning Facemasks In Hockey Essay


Words: 396 (2 pages)

###Concerning Facemasks in Hockey “I can see a little bit, but I don’t see really. It’s not a big help for me, I just have to wait until it comes back,” said Mattias Ohlund defensemen for the Vancouver Canucks. Right now, Ohlund, has limited vision, it comes and goes. He held his hand six inches…

Sports salaries Essay (968 words)


Words: 968 (4 pages)

Money in Pro SportsMost people in America feel that pro athlete’s salaries are too high. Current sports salaries are reaching astronomical figures. Players are signing 50 million-dollar contracts and up just because they happen to be pretty good at hitting a baseball. Just the other day Kevin Brown signed a contract worth over 100 million!…

Ice Hockey and Lacrosse Essay (715 words)


Ice Hockey


Words: 715 (3 pages)

Ice Hockey and LacrosseBoth Lacrosse and Ice hockey are two sports that share similar aspects. One example would be that they both require plenty of athletic prowess, as well as countless hours of training and practice to master. The high amount of contact in both sports enables a player to become both physically and mentally…

Sports Injury Essay (525 words)


Words: 525 (3 pages)

Alcohol use and behaviors in women long-distance race participants reporting a history of bulimia and/ or anorexia nervosawomen long-distance racers were more likely to report a past history of an eating disorder than the control population and that reported in the general population. We cannot say that running was responsible for the development of the…

Sports And Aggressiveness Essay


Words: 2328 (10 pages)

Sport and aggressive behavior, Do sports create aggressive behavior, or simplyattract people who are already aggressive? Aggression and sport have gonetogether as long as sports have been around, be it the players themselves, tothe parents, coaches, or spectators, they just seem to be an inseparable part ofeach other. The term violence is defined as physical…

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