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My Personal Experience of Being Close to My Dad




Words: 1108 (5 pages)

That is my dad. Yes, he is smart and he can be loving even, but first and foremost he lives and breathes tennis. As the sun hits my face and sweat runs down my forehead, I just stand there watching him play. I want to be like him someday. I want to be just like…

Tennis Made Easy Essay (402 words)


Words: 402 (2 pages)

When surfing the Internet, eventually winding up at, I found something called the “Lesson Lounge” which has instructional articles on the game of tennis. My particular article discusses a very crucial part of the game, and also a difficult one, the first serve. The reason this drew my attention is because this is a…

The Tennis Serve Essay (3998 words)


Words: 3998 (16 pages)

The tennis serve is the stroke that puts the ball in play and is often referred to as the most important stroke in the game of tennis. It has become a principle weapon of attack and is used to place the opponent on the defensive by forcing a return from the weak side or by…

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