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    Working with Animation and Imagination Essay

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    For my art project the main theme, idea and focus I want to explore is Animation and imaginary fantasy. Being heavily interested in it, I want to explore more concepts of animation, fantasy and any possibilities of what I can do within animation and fantasy. This area of art is something I’m mainly focused on because it matters to me not just because it’s for a school gallery but because it means something to me in life and I will always cherish it. I want to explore animation characters but also the scenery for example fantasy skies or anything fantasy in general.

    I’ve always had an interest in this type of art. The issue of animation and fantasy characters is that animation could be easy to draw or just thinking about it but if you want to add in a lot more detail it could be more than original animation characters where as fantasy is very detailed in every way which might be a lot more harder but one issue I will explore is the amount of detail that is appropriate for the work. Anime drawing can range from simple outline drawing of characters to the highly detailed and expressive work in some fantasy art.

    How detailed I go will depend on the type of art materials I trial, art forms I explore and final display requirements, I am happy to try new things and experiences, to see what goes with what and which type of art or materials I should be using. Inspiration for this focus came from when I was younger, I’ve just always been into animation and fantasy because I grew up watching anime shows and just their movement and how everything works and it has just become an important part of my life and who I am today. I also drew a few sketches for my Potential Solutions in year 11 Studio Arts and the process of that were draw, scan and Photoshop/edit.

    I didn’t print it out because my teacher just wanted me to get everything done and put up on a website called ‘Weebly. ’ It is hard to pick any particular artist because their were too many I have liked over the year and you just couldn’t remember them all but a couple of artists that do stand out are Masashi Kishimoto who is the creator of an anime called ‘Naruto’ and Akira Toriyama who is the creator of ‘Dragon Ball. ’ They were the main and most popular creators of anime. Last year in Studio Arts I explored different materials and the processes to complete Anime artwork.

    I actually tried painting and it wasn’t perfect but I’m also not so bad it’s in between and I would try it again to get the hang of it and for more experience in painting because I’ve always loved people and artists who could paint that’s why I always wished I could but I like trying new things so we’ll see how it goes. I intend to explore the possibilities of combining drawing, scanning, photo shopping, editing then printing it out and maybe draw over it and creating something different and more original. I will explore a wide range of materials and techniques to find what suits my chosen subject best.

    I might also trial printing photoshopped work onto a range of papers – photo paper; ordinary drawing paper and onto fabric paper and use digital transfer printing processes to get my work onto different papers and maybe even canvas. I want to develop my skills and understanding of these skills and techniques to proceed further. My chosen art forms are drawing, scanning, photo shop/edit and printing. I will combine all of those art forms to explore different ways to present my work. For instance I like the idea of making small books with just pictures of my own, a story without any authoring just pictures that says and means everything.

    If I have time I would like to make gifs of moving animation using my book drawings or create drawing or paintings to present on the gallery walls. I want to keep the option to think of something else while I’m at it. For instance line and shape are very important in anime style drawing, which usually have quite clearly defined outlines and stylized (simplified) shapes. Tone texture and color are elements that are important to create the expressive moods you see in fantasy art, which is sometimes more detailed and layered than straight character anime, shading and texture is used more that in the flatter style of some character drawings.

    The elements that will be most important to express my ideas will be line, tone, color, and texture because the elements will be explored by using an original and different kind of style, in order to create fantasy looking animations I will have to go through lots of experimenting to get it to the way I want it to be even if it takes long I’m willing to do it and complete it so I feel like I’ve actually accomplished something I’m proud of doing. The way I want people to look at my art project is that it’s a story even if there’s no authoring or writing of any type.

    It’s still a story even if it’s illustrated because a drawing or painting or any type of art could actually mean so much even if it were a piece of simple art. It could be mean the world to someone or an artists that worked so hard to accomplish something to get it into a gallery but when people see it they could they walk by like it doesn’t mean a thing or doesn’t look so good, but I’m just here to say and want people to feel appreciated about an artwork doesn’t always need a caption or a writing you can just tell from the way the artwork looks and it should give people a kind of feeling.

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