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Amityville Horror Essay (287 words)


Words: 287 (2 pages)

I did my book report on the Book ,”The Amityville Horror”. Let me justsay that this is one of the scariest books I have ever read. Its about a housein Amityville, New York that has some thing very terribly evil and wrong in it. They moved there to get away from city life, and brought…

Capital Punishment Essay – The Horror of the Death

Capital Punishment


Words: 977 (4 pages)

The death penalty has existed for well over 4000 years. In 1728 BC the code of Hamurabe was passed to allow legal execution. For centuries capital punishment was a public spectacle: states used executions to demonstrate the ultimate consequence of attacking the state. During the 18th century in England executions attracted tens of thousands of…

Women and Horror in Friday the 13th Essay



Words: 2701 (11 pages)

Friday the 13th is a 1980 American slasher film directed by Sean S. Cunningham and written by Victor Miller. The film revolves around a group of teenagers who are murdered one by one while attempting to reopen an abandoned campground which has a terrible past of murders and deaths including an incident of a drowning…

Genre Studies – The Omen as a Horror Movie Essay



Words: 1589 (7 pages)

In the 2006 movie, “The Omen,” Robert and Katherine Thorn have just lost their child. Robert makes a deal to replace their son with an orphan child who they later named Damien. As the child grows, Katherine notices something weird with Damien, in which he never gets sick. As the film unfolds, horrible things happen…

What Constitutes Horror in Victorian Gothic Essay


Words: 2174 (9 pages)

The original use of the term `Gothic” was applied to a group of novels, including Mary Shelley”s `Frankenstein”, written between the 1760s and 1820s. These novels usually employed some or all of the following characteristics, which seem demonstrative of the original use of the term `Gothic”: An emphasis on portraying the terrifying, a common insistence…

Role in a horror movie Essay (1524 words)



Words: 1524 (7 pages)

I am going to look at two films from the horror genre “The Blair witch” and “Panic room” to what extent do these challenge any of the following women’s roles, conventions of the horror, ideologies before September the 11th? The Blair witch project follows many of the horror conventions despite its originality and I am going…

Gothic horror novel Essay (1029 words)



Words: 1029 (5 pages)

‘Frankenstein’ is a gothic horror novel written by Mary Shelley. The novel is about death, love, ambition and prejudice. When Mary Shelley wrote ‘Frankenstein’ in the 19th century she was only 18 years old. The novel came to be written because of a challenge set by Mary’s liturgy friends, Lord Byron and Percy Shelley. The…

Gothic Horror Essay (2065 words)



Words: 2065 (9 pages)

Clearly a creature of intelligence, the monster realises that his only chance of friendship is with this poor disabled chap in his lonely house. One day he finds him alone. He enters the hut. He asks for friendship… well, sort of. Everything seems at first to be going bumps-a-daisy. Unfortunately it then shoots downhill like…

Simple horror stories Essay (1468 words)


Words: 1468 (6 pages)

Gothic novels are not merely ‘simple horror stories’; often the themes used reach a psychological level, tackling human nature, and the imagination. The horror aspect is used as a tool to induce fear in the reader on not only a ‘physical’ level but also a psychological level, themes such as loneliness, revenge, jealousy, victimisation and…

Atmosphere of horror Essay (819 words)



Words: 819 (4 pages)

When Harker sees ‘the first dim streak of the coming dawn’ light imagery is used to give a sense of approaching safety. However, Harker then hears ‘the howling of many wolves’. The use of onomatopoeia and the aural imagery adds to the atmosphere of horror. The violence of the wolves is juxtaposed with safety created…

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