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    The Contributions of Andy Warhol Essay

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    His experimental art helped pave the path for more art styles, change the viewpoints Of many Americans, and create inspiration for future artists everywhere. Andy Warhol, born as Andrew Warhol, died as one of the most influential people in the art scene – however, he had very humble beginnings. Warhol was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to working-class Slovakia immigrants in 1328. Already, at a very young age, Warhol already began to exhibit artistic talent. He later pursued his interests during his college years at the Carnegie Institute of Technology.

    After completing his college education in 1949, Warhol went on to become a commercial illustrator in New York, There, according to the article “Andy Warhol Biography”, his great talent and unique works earned him many commissions from famous companies, such as Columbia Records, Glamour magazine, Harpers Bazaar, NBC, Tiffany & Co. , Vogue, and others. Warhol had quickly established himself as a prominent presence in New Work’s commercial art scene as a skilled graphic artist.

    He avgas an early user of the innovative silkscreen method of producing paintings, and he influenced New Work’s immemorial art scene with his use of Interestingly enough, this was the very same method that he would use later to create more of his iconic prints. Andy Warhol was already considered very successful at this point in his life; however, his real creativity and contributions would show themselves later on in his career as he matured, developed his ideas, and learned more skills as an artist.

    The beginnings Of Whorl’s big artistic career began in the ass, when he started to branch out and make more of his own works rather than taking commercial omissions. Seeing that his identity as a high-profile commercial illustrator was undermining his ambitions for other artistry, he turned his focus away from solely business work and decided to create more drawings and paintings. Soon, he had his first solo art show was in 1952 at the Hugo Gallery. Gradually, during this time period, his signature “pop art” style was taking shape.

    Whorl’s career was slowly making its presence in America, but it hit in full force in the ass. During this era, Warhol created famous prints such as Coca Cola Bottles, Marilyn Diptych, and Campbell Soup Suite. All of these paintings featured the titular subjects in repetitive hand-painted prints, some with alternating colors and lines. As the titles suggest, the subjects of these works were all very literal – there was no abstract thought in them at all.

    Some might say that they did not have much, if any, thought on the artist’s part at all “Andy Warhol Biography” offers a quote from Warhol himself supporting his point. When asked about the series of paintings that he made on the Campbell soup cans, he states that “I wanted to paint nothing. As looking for something that was the essence of nothing, and that was IL” This kind Of art and thinking was completely new in the time of his era, especially when compared to the abstract expressionism movement Of the previous decade.

    While the works Of abstract artists such as Pollock and Newman were known for being “rebellious” and “anarchistic’, Warhol managed to achieve the exact opposite connotations With his art. At the time, his famous art was the face of conformity, putting ordinary American life in the art gallery with well-known store brands such as Coca-Cola and Campbell. Italian Strolled comments on the motives of Warhol: “Warhol not only wanted to turn the trivial and commonplace into art, but also to make art itself trivial and commonplace.

    He not only transforms mass-produced objects and information from the mass media into art, but turns his own art into mass produced objects. Whatever is lowest comes out on top in Whorl’s work. And vice versa: He knocks elitist high” art off its pedestal and drags it down into the slough of everyday elite… ” (167). Already, with his art in the era of the Us, Andy Warhol has managed to give Americans a new perspective on what constitutes art.

    He proves, with his stylized work, that art portraying the ordinary and realistic can be just as striking as art depicting abstract thoughts While Warhol has had some criticism from colleagues, some even considering his artwork not fit for a museum because of its commercial value, he has established his niche in the art world and his place as one of the figureheads of the pop art movement. Still holding his unconventional ideas about art, Warhol decided to try his hand at another medium of art – film.

    Producing his films at his studio called ‘The Factory”, Warhol took up the roles Of director, producer, and sometimes, actor. Although he was not especially known today for being a director, Warhol was actually very successful in his time. According to “Andy Warhol Film Project”, Warhol has “produced nearly 650 films” from 1963 to 1968. His experimental films have been praised for being unconventional when compared to typical cinema pictures. Warhol definitely uses the medium of film in an unusual manner, creating interesting and sometimes controversial avian-garden movies.

    The very first picture that he shot was a film called Sleep, which simply consisted of a 6- hour recording of one of his friends sleeping. Another film, Eat, shoots a man eating a mushroom for 45 minutes, Both of these movies, made in his early career, focus on one single continuous activity. The movie that remains his most famous is The Chelsea Girls, This innovative film had two shots projected next to each other playing simultaneously – each shot had its own story, but the two were being played at the same time. This idea was inspired by Whorl’s repetitive silkscreen artwork.

    It is an understatement to say that Whorl’s films were influential; a quote from David Bourbon further illustrates this point: “It is a tribute to his originality that his films have had an overwhelming effect upon an entire generation of younger experimental filmmakers, and that they hue also had an influence upon such strongly individualistic filmmakers as Jean-Luck Godard, Agnes Bard, Norman Mailer and Shirley Clarke. ” During his time as a director and producer, Warhol created many influential films that have inspired filmmakers geared toward more avian-garden creations.

    His alms, now known as legends today, have left a lasting impression on aspiring directors everywhere. Warhol is most famous for his film and paintings; however, he worked in many other mediums of art. Music was one such form of art that he also was involved With. Another project that he took up in the sass’s was his adoption Of the band The Velvet underground, an up and coming experimental rock band. He became their manager and helped produce their first studio album, The Velvet Underground & Nice. This album was a great success, and it is still praised today as one of their best albums.

    Warhol did not just influence the music scene with his work with The Velvet underground, however; his influence reached In 1968, Andy Warhol was shot by Valerie Salinas, a radical feminist author. Salinas shot Warhol three times in the chest, mortally wounding him. Warhol almost died; however, doctors were able to save him by massaging his heart to make it beat again. Warhol came out of the situation alive, but the shooting completely changed him and his art. In a way, this shooting marked the transition from the roaring 60/5 of Whorl’s life to the calmer, quieter ass’s, where he acted more as an entrepreneur.

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