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    Essay About Different Communities

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    There are several different communities all around the world. These communities all have certain values and all focus together on one particular thing, such as religion or common interests. The community of craft and DIY enthusiast is indeed very interesting. These individuals share the commonness of hoarding various arts and craft supplies, don’t have to stress over employment opportunities, and often spend any available free time searching Pinterest and Youtube for craft and art inspiration.

    One thing the members of the arts and crafts community have in common is the opportunities the talent provides. The Arts Council states that forty-one percent of creative workers are self-employed. declares that members also self-promote by posting artwork on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In addition, artists in this society are usually social and take on internships to find the perfect job. Members of this society also don’t have to worry too much about finding a job, because according to the, jobs open all the time for artists.

    The ways artist express emotions can help in the body in several ways. According to, “The act of creating art stimulates brain activity and triggers those creative juices essential to help you think beyond boundaries and gain new perspectives.” This expression can be through painting, drawing, and several other ways. The expression is a commonality in the arts and crafts community.

    Affiliates in this society do not dress a particular fashion, and outfits vary from casual to fancy. These outfits can be jeans and a t-shirt or a cute summer dress. In addition, homemade clothes may be thrown into the mix. No one is judged by their appearance. It is a group where the expression of character is encouraged. Even though not required, there are some suggestions when it comes to clothing for craft making though. states that a member of this society may want to wear comfy clothes that can be ruined. Furthermore, it is encouraged to dress up for a fancy event such as a craft show or craft party, because his would give a good impression to the other vendors or potential buyers of the crafts.

    The citizens of this culture also engage in various crafting activities. These crafting events vary from season to season. In the spring, there are shows for spring art and Easter crafts. In the summer, there are picnics, and crafts are really fun for the children attending the picnic to make. Fall brings much fun, such as pumpkin patches, hayrides, and fairs. The crafting society definitely participates in this. It is fun to paint faces and make fall-themed crafts with the children of the society. Other activities in the crafting sector of society include, but are not limited to, creating edible arts, sewing fabric crafts, and creating crafts out of beads. The various crafting this society does provide enjoyment and relaxation for this community.

    The types of crafts each society member chooses to make can vary. According to, some of the crafts made are textile crafts, which are crafts that have to do with fabric or yarn, and paper crafts, which are made out of a variety of papers. further adds that another type of craft made is decorative crafts. These crafts consist of furniture, stained glass, etcetera, and can be used in the home. Functional crafts have several uses, like pottery bowls that one could eat soup out of. The various ways to craft is very valuable to the members of this society.

    As everyone should, arts and craft society members have a specific set of values they choose to follow. These values are important to this society because values are what brings people together in some cases. The values of this society are, to create arts and crafts that have meaning to something in society, to create arts and crafts that will be cherished and used by somebody, and to always have an open mind to all sorts of possibilities. Values are what brings a community together, and these values certainly do this for this social group.

    There are several different terms and abbreviations that the arts and crafts society use in the crafting. Some of these terms could be well known, or hardly even heard of. According to Morgen Bardati, some examples of the terms and abbreviations used in this sector of society are art wear, which is wearable art, and OOAK, which stands for One of a Kind. ACEO means miniature artwork and an independent artist is often referred to as an Indie. These terms and abbreviations matter to this society because they are commonly used during crafting events.

    As all social groups should, the arts and crafts society has a few fixed expectations for their members. This society encourages the members to actively support activities that involve the arts. There are also certain steps that they are expected to take when selling their crafts. According to, there are several things to consider when participating in a crafting event. The members are preferred to be a customer first, which means going and seeing a craft show before entering one. Other steps that are vital are creating and sticking to a budget and taking baby steps in the selling process. further adds that there is a certain way to set up a booth at a craft show. also suggests several supplies to have readily available at the table to make the craft selling experience easier. These supplies include, markers, pens, and paper, and bags for the customers’ purchases. In addition, a variety of payment methods to be available to customers is advised. These payment methods include cash, check, debit, and credit cards. Additional expectations of the members of this society include making crafts from individual ideas and not always copying ideas from the internet or social media apps. Assisting others by giving your talent away is also highly encouraged in this society. The expectations for the members help this society run the events they hold in an orderly fashion.

    The inspiration for the crafts in this society can spur from pretty much anywhere. It doesn’t matter where the inspiration comes from as long as the members have ideas to craft from. Crafters will spend hours searching Pinterest, Facebook, and several other sites searching for the perfect craft to make. In addition, craft blogs and Youtube are amazing sources for craft inspiration as well. The type of inspiration needed for crafts can vary depending on what time of the year it is. Each season brings new crafts and new inspiration. Butterfly crafts are common during the spring and summer, leave and pumpkin crafts common during the chilly fall months, and snowflake and snowman crafts are for the cold, long winter season. If searched for hard enough, inspiration can come from pretty much anywhere in this society.

    The society of a DIY crafter is certainly an interesting one. From the crafts made to the bonds built, it sure is a good way to be productive and share many common things. This community matters because eventually, one may want to learn about making DIY crafts. The members of this society could assist this individual in doing so. Everyone is welcome in this society and it doesn’t matter where inspiration comes from as long as the members have some. It is a highly diverse community that is a great thing to be a part of.

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