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Andy Warhol flashcard Essay

No society that we know of has lived without some sort of art.

The impulse to make and respond to art appears to be as deeply ingrained as the ability to:

Learn a language
Radiocarbon testing indicates that the earliest images made by humans date back to:
The Stone Ages, near the beginning of human experience. Around 32,000 years ago
The most famous of Maya Lin’s work is:
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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Why are Van Gogh’s paintings of high value?
How interesting he was as a man, he was focused, Major influence, limited number, feel a conection with artist himself.
What are the tasks of artists?
1. They create places for human experience

extraordinary versions of ordinary objects,
3. record and commemorate,
4. give tangible form to the unknown,
5. give tangible form to feelings and ideas

refresh our vision to help us see the world in new ways.

List the traits that creative people seem to possess are.
They are creative.
They have the ability to generate numerous original ideas then develop the most promising ones.

They connect things together and solve problems quickly.
They are playful but have the ability to concentrate
they take risks and remain open
not letting themselves become restricted by the norm.

Who created Wheel of Fortune. What style was used?
Audrey Flack using the vanitas tradition, which was a style of painting influenced by Ecclesiastes, which emphasized the little importance that our possessions will have, when we reach the point of our death.

According to the author, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa dazzled his contemporaries because:
It appeared miraculously lifelike.
During what age / era was the term “art” used roughly in the same sense as “craft.”
The Middle Ages
The field of philosophy called aesthetics asks what question?
What is the nature of art?
Is there a correct way to appreciate it?
Are there objective material for judging art?
Can we apply our concept of art to other cultures? Can we apply it backward to earlier eras in our own culture?
Who painted Fisherman’s Cottage on the Cliffs at Varengeville?
Claude Monet
What term(s) describe artwork done by nonprofessionals?
Brut (raw art),
outsider art,
folk art,
naive art
What term defines ideas relevant to specific cultures or religions through symbolic meanings of signs and subjects?
What gives a work of art an identity that belongs to a particular movement, culture or person?
What is the name for a standard subject in Christian art, that of Mary, holding Jesus after he was taken from the cross?
Define Naturalistic art.
Recording how forms are revealed by light and shadow, how bodies reflect an inner structure of bone and muscle, how fabric drapes over bodies and objects and how gravity makes weight felt.

During what era did painting, sculpture, and architecture come to be regarded as the more elevated of the arts?
The Renaissance
Explain the symbolism in the Arnolfini Double Portrait.
. There are four theories to the symbolism of Arnolfini. The first theory is that this is a marriage ceremony.

The wife is seemingly pregnant, eluding to fertility. The bed is a sign of the nuptial chamber. The dog is standing guard, the two men are the witnesses, the candle is lit as a sign of God and their shoes are removed as a sign of being on sacred ground.
Another theory is that this is the engagement of two wealthy people.

In this case, the work of art is less symbolic and more indicative of the way wealthy members of society lived during that time period.
There is also a theory that it is a simple depiction of a prosperous couple.
Lastly, there is a theory that the woman in the image died of childbirth and the man is wishing her farewell as she slips away.

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Describe Context as it relates to art.

It is a piece of art’s web of connections to the larger world of human culture. In a particular way social context concerns us. There is a difference between viewing art in a museum and seeing it used in its original context.
Ann Hamilton’s Mantle is an example of what type of art?
Installation: a space is presented as a work of art that can be entered, explored, experienced, and reflected upon.
Andy Warhol’s images created from celebrities are portrayed through mass produced:
Multiple silk screen images, screen printing, stencil like technique
Representational art with an approach to naturalism covers:
Philosophers determined that the pleasure of art was an intellectual pleasure and was perceived through:
disinterested contemplation
When discussing the size, shape, material, color, and composition of a work of art, we are discussing its
Lines are used in art to
record boarders of form and convey direction and motion
Raphael’s The Madonna of the Meadows is composed using the implied shape of a
In drawing, the outer boundaries of two-dimensional forms are defined by ——–, while the outer boundaries perceived among three-dimensional forms are defined by ————- .
contour lines
In the additive process of color mixing, red light, green light, and blue light combine to produce
white light
One common issue facing those who work to conserve works of art is:
light, atmosphere conditions, and microphone pollutants
Artists can portray —— textures that are created to look like something other than a flat painted surface.

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Andy Warhol flashcard Essay
No society that we know of has lived without some sort of art. The impulse to make and respond to art appears to be as deeply ingrained as the ability to: Learn a language Radiocarbon testing indicates that
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Andy Warhol flashcard Essay
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