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Intro to the Arts Essay

Leonardo da Vinci was typical of the Renaissane because of…

his versatility
Renaissance painters used
a more sophisticated perspective
Composers of the Renaissance developed a
polyphonic style of music
Intro to the Arts

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The Renaissance was closely associated with
the humanistic philosophy
The Dead Christ by Mantegna illustrates
Michelangelo’s Last Judgment is located in
The Sistine Chapel
The paintings in the Sistine Chapel are (what type of medium)
The paintings in the Sistine Chapel were done by
Renaissance artists were more concerned with
How they portrayed their subjects than what they portrayed
Michelangelo primarily thought of himself as a
A primary principle of Renaissance painting was that the subject should be
true to nature
There was a little difference in style between (music) during Renaissance
vocal and instrumental music
The word Baroque is derived from
Portuguese Barroco
Distinguished elements of Baroque music
Figured bass, basso continuo, and ornamentation
A chief characteristic of Baroque music is
the emancipation of instrumental music from vocal forms
Why did baroque painters seek middle-class patronage?
Because of the concentration of wealth in the middle class
Rembrandt was one of the first artists to develop
the function of light and shade as a medium of extending space
The protestant spirit in music is best illustrated by
the works of J.S. Bach
Velasquez was influenced by
the Jesuits and their spiritual exercises
El Greco was a
strong artistic voice for the Jesuits
The music of Giovanni Gabrieli was influenced by
the space in which it was to be performed. St.

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Mark’s Cathedral, Venice. Surround sound.

Baroque philosophy tended toward
a systematizing of every aspect of human experience
Rembrandt’s group portrait: Dr. Tulp’s Anatomy Lesson
Most famous work of Rembrandt.

A painting of a well-known doctor demonstrating the technique of surgery. Chiaroscurro (light juxtaposed to darkness. Bright light on their faces, surrounding details dark.)

Neoclassicism was a revolt against
romanticism and impressionism
At the close of the 18th century the ______ demanded more music
Most French, German, and Austro-Hungarian courts maintained a
staff of resident musicians
During the classic era, the musicians were considered
merely servants
In the Oath of Horatii by David, the subject is taken from
French Revolution History
During the Classical era, general musical characteristics included
Elegant, restrained, stable, balanced: predictable with dear musical ideas.
It is said that Mozart was perhaps the most
nearly perfect musical creator in the history of Western music
The term Romantic is used to designate the style of art and music during
the 19th century
Romantic painting attempts to express
the personal feelings of the artist
Romantic composer who wrote some of the greatest music of all time and was deaf
Romantic music was an effective medium for
personal artistic expression
All Romantic music is based on the premise that
musical tension is necessary to achieve corresponding intensification of emotional response
T/F: In contrast to classical art, Romantic art is seldom experimental
What kind of composer is Beethoven?
A Bridge composer: one foot in the classical and one foot in the romantic style period
Impressionist painters had a special fondness for
subject landscapes
It can be said that Impressionist painters strove to
depict transitory images and feelings
The most important element in Impressionist painting was
Van Gogh was an expressionistic painter who
was tormented by the miser of humanity and tried to express his feelings about the universe
The painting Starry Night is a work that
seeks to express the cosmic forces of nature
Picasso was an aritst who
experimented with many styles
The painting Guenica by Picasso is a modern painting that shows
its creator’s protest against the horrors of modern warfare
The painting girl before a mirror by Picasso is
his most successful treatment of the Cubist style

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Intro to the Arts Essay
Leonardo da Vinci was typical of the Renaissane because of... his versatility Renaissance painters used a more sophisticated perspective
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Intro to the Arts Essay
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