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World History Renaissance Key People and Vocabulary

I summarize the Renaissance.
William Shakespheare
I wrote many comedies,tragedies, and histories in which I examined human emotions.
I am a group of ideas about the value of people and their achievements.
World History Renaissance Key People and Vocabulary

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Marco Polo
I traveled the Silk Road to China, wrote about my journeys, which increases trade, and helped spark the Renaissance.
The Medici Family
I was a rich banker in Florence who paid for works of art, a patron of the arts.
Nicoli Machiavelli
I wrote the poltical book called the Prince.
Micheal Angelo
I painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the statue of David.
Martin Luther
I believe that salvation comes from faith, not good works. The Bible is the ultimate source of religious authority, not the clergy. I am against the sale of indulgences.
Miguel De Cervantes
I wrote Don Quixote, which made fun of life in the Middle Ages.
Leonardo De Vinci
I filled my notebooks with drawings of plants, animals, and machines. I am a Renaissance man.
Johann Guttenberg
I’m responsible for developing the printing press that helped spread the ideas of the Renaissance.
I am the period from Greece and Rome that influenced Renaissance art.
I wrote about a journey into purgatory, hell, and heaven in the the language of the common people, Italian
Nicholas Copernicus
I proposed the theory that Earth and other planets revolve around the sun and am responsible for defining modern astronomy.
Andreas Vesalius
I study dead human bodies and wrote the first modern medical textbook.
Albert Durer
I am known for painting many portraits, especially on wood, and I write books about perspective techique.
Queen Isabella 1
I am queen of Spain and responsible for the Reconquista/Spainsh Inquisition.
Queen Elizabeth 1
I support theatre, education, culture,trade, and exploration and have strengthened England’s power and government.
I am the main subject of paintings from medieval times.
I am the country that contains Florence, the birth and center of the Renaissance.
patrons of the arts would provide me to aspiring artists.
William Tyndale
I was burned at stake for translating the Bible. It later became the King James Bible.
John Wycliffe
I questioned the pope’s authority and the use of indulgences and translated the Bible. As a result, I was burned at stake along with my literature.
King Phillip (the fourth)
I kidnapped the pope for trying to excommunicate me.
Desiderius Erasmus
I wrote The Praise of Folly, a satire of society and abuses of clergy. If we could return to simple goodness, we could stop corruption.
Council of Trent
I was a group of meetings called to reform the church from within.
I am known for my use of color and livelu brushwork techiques.
I am a techique that creates a 3-D effect in painting. People in the front of the painting are portrayed larger than those in the background.
Med. Sea
I am the body of water that allowed the spread of trade and ideas.
Renaissance Art
I focused on everyday life, creating realistice images.
I summarize the impact of the Reformation.
I was a humanist, a poet, and a scholar who wrote about the importance of knowing history.
John Calvin
I taught the idea that God knew who would be saved before they were born.
King Henry VII
I broke away from the churhc because I wanted to divorce my wife.

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World History Renaissance Key People and Vocabulary
rebirth I summarize the Renaissance. William Shakespheare I wrote many comedies,tragedies, and histories in which I examined human emotions.
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World History Renaissance Key People and Vocabulary
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