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The Renaissance Notes Part 1

the ___ occurred in Europe after the Medieval Era
the Renaissance began in the ___
the Renaissance began in the city states of __, where new wealth from sea trade with Asia helped fun the arts.
The Renaissance Notes Part 1

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Renaissance translates to “__”
a belief in celebrating individual accomplishment and worth, not just one’s value to society or as a servant of God.
Renaissance man
from humanism was born the concept of “__”, someone who tried to learn many different things or skills
classical culture
the “classical” societies of Ancient Greece and Rome were celebrated and Art often has ancient themes
Renaissance art endeavored, through paintings and sculptures, to try to make accurate recreations of real things
much Renaissance art was centered around the biblical stories of Jesus and his mother, Mary
Northern Renaissance
the ____ _____ was a second wave of the Renaissance centered in Germany, Belgium, Holland, England, and Spain.
those who supported artists and inventors of the renaissance with their wealth were called ___
patrons usually hired artists to paint their ____ to maintain their legacy
inventions & weapons
patrons also hired engineers to create ___ & ___ for them.
One of the most famous patrons were the ___ family
the Medici family rules ____, Italy
Medici family used their fortune gained by ___ industry to finance works of art and inventions
Leonardo Da Vinci
the medici family supported ____ _ ___, a famous inventor and artist
Da Vinci invented the ___ machines
Mona Lisa & Last Supper
Da Vinci’s most famous works were ____ ____ & ___ ____
The Medici also hired _______, a political philosopher, as an adviser
the Prince
Machiavelli’s most famous work was _ ____, which includes the famous expression “the ends justify the means”
Machiavelli advocated the ruthless tactics for rulers to advance their _____.
Statue of David
Michelangelo, another famous Italian artist and sculptor, created his master piece, _____ _ ____.
Sistine Chapel
Michelangelo is also renowned for his painting of the ___ ____ Ceiling in Rome.
Roman Catholic Church
the _____ ______ ____ was Michelangelo’s main patron.
Raphael, Donatello, & Botticelli
Other notable Italian artists were ______, _______, & _____.
Kings & Queens
the main patrons of the Northern Renaissance were ____ & ____ rather than the church or wealthy individuals.
One of the most prominent writers of this movement was William _____, and English playwright who redefined literature.
the Globe
Shakespeare wrote and performed plays at his theater, _ _____, in London
_______ was one of the most prominent Northern Renaissance artists
Rembrandt was from _____, and his emphasis on anatomy and dark vs. light in his paintings is legendary.
Johann Gutenberg
______ ______, a german inventor, invented the printing press with moveable type revolutionized the expansion of ideas in europe
Johann Gutenberg’s publishing of the first widely available ____ impacted views on religion

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The Renaissance Notes Part 1
Renaissance the ___ occurred in Europe after the Medieval Era 1400's the Renaissance began in the ___
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The Renaissance Notes Part 1
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