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    Northern Renaissance Art, catholic reformation, baroque

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    Northern Renaissance Art (4 styles)
    Secular, portraits, apocalypse, and landscape
    why so different than italian renaissance?
    the world is bigger than just the teachings of the church
    difference between the focuses of southern and northern Renaissance art
    southern focus is on future and purpose in life
    northern focus is on real life
    World in which Catholic church operates becomes much bigger after 1520 because…
    discovery of New World!
    What does the baroque tradition come out of?
    It comes out of Catholics wanting to show illiterate people stories of the Bible
    Did protestants have art at this time?
    no, just the Bible
    Counter Reformation
    was a reaction to the Protestant Reformation
    sign. reforms after 1517
    started with council of trent
    Catholic Reformation
    reforms made before 1517
    reform not new
    roman inquisition
    1542, persecution of lots of people by the roman catholic church
    a list of forbidden books in 1542
    council of trent
    1545-1563. redefined everything the catholic church stood for, set it in stone because of doubts of people encouraged by the protestant reformation
    tridentine decrees
    1564. professes many important parts of the catholic faith. it is heresy to deny catholic view (anathema clauses)
    What 2 countires were least affected by protestantism?
    italy and spain
    another religious order of the roman catholic church
    founder is ignatius loyola
    piety and spiritual discipline
    founded a lot schools, colleges, and universities
    Francis of Assisi
    founded franciscan orders of roman catholic church
    followers seek to live like this person
    order of friars in the roman catholic church
    italy 1525
    simplicity and austerity of early franciscans
    work with poor and are missionaries
    importance of new religious orders
    education, spiritual writing, and missionary work
    Francis xavier
    1506-1552. missionary that spread catholicism to asia. especially india and japan
    Matteo Ricci
    1552-1610. Jesuit who spread catholicism to China
    French wars of religion
    1562-98. fights between protestants (huguenots) and catholics within france
    Edict of nantes
    concluded the French wars of religion
    30 years war
    1618-48. devastated germany and also religious war
    early 1700s to late 1800s
    opera was invented in the Baroque times
    movement and tension
    light and shade
    intense spirituality
    space, realism
    inner passions of soul
    large scale
    short career
    always in trouble with the law
    break with mannerism
    small and intimate
    fleshy effeminate young men
    startling sense of physical presence
    plain background, little depth
    italian art period between high renaissance and baroque (c1520-c1600)
    elongated proportions
    highly stylized poses
    lack of clear perspective

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