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    The Definition of Art Essay (638 words)

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    There is art in every aspect of life. People have the ability to create art by using their imaginations and creativity. It is intertwined with passion, culture and meaning. “Art” is a term used to label things that society has decided can be beautiful for people art will always be a never ending evolution that will continue to get more and more innovative. When art is accepted by the community it becomes more powerful. “The Heights” is a broadway musical that tells the stories of a variety of characters living in Washington Heights.

    The writer, Lin Manuel Miranda focused on his life and community to shows how each person has a different background, tradition and story. He began brainstorming “At first It was I want to write a kind musical that I would want to be in a lightbulb really went off and I was like, ‘Oh’ you can write a musical about you, about your life” (Miranda). Miranda was very passionate about creating a piece that connected to a community.

    He created a musical based on his life including the people around him and what they did. Miranda used this piece of art to inform others of how the everyday lives of people can be considered art. The play writer used his daily life and created it into an art piece. Even though it was just a play about a typical neighborhood in New York City, people considered this art because of the sense of community. In the Dominican culture, “Palos” is sacred music that worship saints and death.

    Palos have two forms of art Palo music and Palo dancing. Each Saint like “San Miguel Archangel” (Saint Michael) and “Santa Marta la Dominadora” (Saint Martha the Dominator) has it’s own palo song that represents them. “These drums are played for saints’ festivals or cofradias It is said during the death ritual dances that the spirit of the dead person will enter an heir and dance” (Keys). As creepy as this may sound some Dominicans dance palos to receive the spirit of a dead ancestor or a saint.

    In their culture this is considered a form of art because throughout the years, they have passed on the music, dances and beliefs through generations. The culture behind this art is very powerful and even though people find it different they still see the beauty of this art. This shows how even religion plays a role in art. The American flag is the symbol for the nations strength and unity. Betsy Ross and a few others were the first people to make the flag, they designed it so that each symbol has a meaning. Is the flag a painting or a flag, or both? Flag does not conclusively answer that question; instead, like so many of Johns’s creations it establishes a line of inquiry and asserts its significance for the practice and history of art” (Johns). Even though the flag is just a flag, it is also art because of the details portrayed on it. Most Americans citizens accepted the flag because each color, stripe and star has its own meaning or history. Many see this piece of art as something that has great importance because they feel defined as a citizen.

    Certainly, art is not only an object, but it could have an impact to the viewers. Overall, earth revolves around art. Art is more powerful when there is passion, meaning and culture to it. The different pieces of art such as dances, music and other art to represent a significant meaning has really broaden itself. Art has become the foundation of the earth because it can be very controversial, some may be pleased while others are disappointed. Certainly art is going to continue to have an influence within the world around us if people accept it.

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