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    A Simple Definition of Art Essay

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    “What is art? ” is exceedingly difficult to come up with a thorough answer. Tons of people have their own opinion, or think they know what art truly is. Most people’s answers are too general to distinguish what art is.

    Art is a creative form of work, designed to have a purpose, and show emotion. I had to go through a series of events, to lead myself to a definite answer to the tricky question above. First, to effectively complete the process, I needed a better understanding of art entirely. A large amount of research helped me achieve this.

    I gathered most of my information from credible online sources, after I visited, “Art Prize,” which was a new eye opening experience. At, “Art Prize,” I was able to touch base with real artists, on what they think of art. My main focus was to figure out what properties of art could be clarified, in any work of art. From there point of view, I elaborated on the information I learned to form my own research. There is a purpose to every piece of artwork.

    Therefore an artist had to start off with a unique idea, or reason for what they’re creating. Historically, art has many different purposes for being made. Artists have made art for logical purposes like entertainment, communication, and sometimes just to express themselves. The first time I made art, was in kindergarten.

    I remember a mini macaroni house being glued on paper, for my family. Art has to have a connection between the artist, and the actual art project itself. As in the case with the Statue of Liberty, and freedom. Art’s ultimate goal is to stir up some type of emotion. Plenty of artists express their feelings in a piece of art. Then the artist’s feelings are absorbed by the audience, causing them to have emotional reactions to the visual.

    As I walked around the awesome gallery, I saw some art pieces that I did and did not like. In particular, a detailed drawing I saw of Jesus’s right arm, nailed to the cross, gave me a depressed feeling. It reminded me of the awful sacrifice Jesus Christ made in the Holy Bible. A famous art piece, the Mona Lisa, by Leonardo Da Vinci, usually provokes a confused feeling to viewers, as she has no eyebrows. Typically, the type of emotion the artist is feeling, has an influence on the type of emotion the work of art will have.

    Emotion should translate from the artist, to the audience through the work. Art can be anything. For example the chair we sit in everyday, is art. Someone had to think of why they wanted to design a chair, and how they wanted it. After the chair is made, they form opinions on it for various reasons.

    The process of making the chair includes both elements purpose, and emotion; both of which are aspects of my definition of art. The main thing I took from my research, was to appreciate the little things more in life. Art plays a huge part in everyday life. Everything we have and use would be hard to go without. Without art, life would be boring and dull.

    Art allows us to be different because our brains are stimulated by art differently. The nature of art, makes the world a more complex environment.


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