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    My reactions on visiting the Art Gallery Essay

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    The artist’s main intention is to illustrate how art does not need to be very complicated. 1. The two pieces of contemporary art that I considered ‘good’ are Saturn by Milton Resmick and The Vessel by David Altmejd. For the two ‘bad’ pieces of contemporary art, I decided that 254 pieces of felt by Robert Morris and Condensation Cube by Hans Haacke were the two pieces that I preferred least out in the whole contemporary section. There is a basic criterion that I believe good contemporary art must fulfill.

    The name of the work of art must be reasonably clear that the viewer is able understand why the piece is given that particular name and in the process, gain a deeper understanding of the piece. Contemporary art should also include irregular features and originality so that viewers will be interested when they see the piece. Saturn does this very well as its name gives the viewer an immediate understanding of what the piece is about. The use of uncommon and strange materials to emphasize the texture of the planet interests the viewer and helps them understand more about Saturn. 1. I do not think that I would look at them in the same way.

    The fact that they are part of a national collection and within a purpose-built gallery encourages viewers to understand why certain pieces of art were part of the collection. Humans tend to follow authority; in this case, the recognized and respected art curators have chosen certain pieces to be displayed and not other ones, from which we can infer that there must be something special or remarkable that they see. I think that the decisions of what appears in the National Art Gallery exhibits are made by a panel of respected and well-known art curators who have many years of experience and knowledge.

    Their expertise and background matter very much as they are in positions of authority and I prefer to trust the judgment of those in higher authority in areas which I am not an expert myself. 1. Viewing the same piece of work online did not garner the same feeling as viewing it in person. My reaction to Brillo Soap Pads Boxes by Andy Warhol online seemed much less significant than seeing it in the gallery. In the gallery, even though I was unable to touch the piece, I was able to still observe the depth and placement of the piece to truly understand their importance in the success of the piece.

    Viewing in person will also allow you to focus on specific details such as brushstroke and medium which may give a deeper understanding of the piece. Viewing it online only provided a simple visual of what the piece looked like but did not help in its understanding. One cannot achieve a feeling of understanding of a piece of art unless they are fully engaged; something that viewing online is unable to do. 9. 1. Yes I believe I saw it. 1. If I did not see it, I would believe that I would make out the piece to be less great than it is.

    From a normal perspective the piece is only 2 columns of navy blue with a column of red painted on a large canvas. Its simplicity might blind viewers from its true meaning. 1. Yes, it does affect how I view it. 1. 8 million dollars seems like a very heft price to pay for such a simple piece of art. It is so simple that anyone would be able to recreate it. I feel that I would have the same feelings if it had only bought for 1000 dollars. The concept and meaning are very simple and do not inspire complex feelings like some of the other pieces in the gallery.

    10. 1. Claude Monet 1. After viewing Monet’s art and the works of lesser known artists, I found that there was little “superiority” in comparison. I would not conclude that there was just one better artist in the room as most of the art I found were at a high level. I used to think that the more famous the artist, the better the art, but I did not see that to be the case. If I had looked at the works of art without checking the artist, I would have not been able to tell the difference and decide which was at a higher level. 1.

    Some artists become more famous than others if they have created many or one extremely well received and recognized piece of art. This causes the public to recognize the artist from even just a very few famous works. If the artist creates even more successful pieces, the earlier fame that they garnered will help “propel” them to new heights in fame. Fame also comes from word spread about the artist which can come from almost anything such as held exhibitions. 1. An artist’s fame and reputation is typically important in how most people judge art.

    Museums tend to want works from more famous artists and those who have a strong reputation in art rather than from artists of lower reputation. People generally get satisfaction in viewing ‘good’ art can usually only be fulfilled by viewing those pieces of art created by ‘experts’ in art. However, one can argue that an artist’s fame and reputation is not important as long as their work inspires an emotion within the viewer. Their fame and reputation does not directly affect the artist’s work; what really matters is the uniqueness of the work. 1.

    Whether or not an artist becomes famous or recognized in their lifetime matters very little. Many famous artists went unrecognized in their careers until many years later. Many pieces of art in the Gallery are by artists who are usually not well known by the public but still get admired and commented on. I feel that recognition is a product that comes with successful art. It will not directly affect the work of the artist but will certainly boost his or her mentality on creating new works. The change in art would be more attributed to the artist’s imagination and thoughts which are affected by personal experiences.

    However, recognition arguably can cause the artist to create only works that appeal to viewers and not ones that the artist wants to create. Commercialisation of the pieces, in particular, can cause this effect in the artist in their effort to remain recognized. 10. I would prefer it to be displayed during peak hours of the Gallery where the highest number of people would see it. In the portrait, I would be laid-back, smiling while sitting comfortably on a sofa. It would be very large and have its own section to emphasize “my importance” and gain the awe and admiration of all the viewers.

    However on the other hand, I would also like it if it was put further into the Gallery where only dedicated art enthusiasts would be able to marvel and admire my portrait. There would be nothing fancy, just a medium sized portrait in the corner of the section so as to increase the interest and curiosity in the viewer when they found my portrait. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge section.

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