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My Hero: Sacagawea (523 words)

My Hero

Words: 523 (3 pages)

Hero- a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. To begin with, some say you have to be strong as Superman, some say you have to have be powerful like Iron Man, and some people say you have to be smart as Wonder Woman. That is very much true…

My Hero: Hero in Need, or You in Need of a Hero

My Hero

Words: 788 (4 pages)

When they ask me ‘Eric, who is your hero?’ I can’t ever think of what to say, or what to respond for that matter. Well, for me to answer that I must first ask, ‘What is a Hero?’. The answer to that may not be as plain as some people think. Some may say a…

My Hero: What Defines a Hero? (1965 words)

My Hero

Words: 1965 (8 pages)

A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who just tries to give back as much as possible and help people. A hero to me is someone who saves people and who deeply cares. ‘said by Debi Mazar- is an American actress and television personality, known for playing sharp-tongued women. People…

My Hero: What Does a Hero Look Like?

My Hero

Words: 811 (4 pages)

What is a hero? Is it what we see in the movies, a man in a cape? A good hero may be hard to find. To me, a hero is someone who is always on your back when you need it, helps you physically and mentally, never lets you down and gives you a kick…

My Hero: What Makes a Hero a Hero?

My Hero

Words: 1021 (5 pages)

In society a hero can be a fictional character or a person that is living among us. Often times you hear the word tossed around here and there. What is the true definition of a hero? There are several factors and characteristics that would classify someone as a hero. It could be someone who always…

Terry Malloy as a Hero Essay (500 words)

My Hero

Words: 500 (2 pages)

When Terry Malloy was first introduced, he did not make any indications that he would strive for the respect that he gained throughout the story. His tough-guy behavior and compassionate attitude has made him what he is: a hero. He never revealed what he was truly made of or what he was capable of. He…

My Mother, My Hero Essay (581 words)

My Hero

Words: 581 (3 pages)

My mother, Luana, was a very compassionate and beautiful person. She was nurturing and attentive to me and my three younger sisters. When I was 12 years old, a friend of mine from school committed suicide and my mother was there with me to comfort me and make me feel better. Having been exposed to…

My Father, My Hero Essay (965 words)

My Hero

Words: 965 (4 pages)

In our life, we have met so many people and usually they have a certain place in our heart or life. But have you ever you wonder who was the most favorite person to you? If someone ask me, my answer absolutely is a hero. And I call him “Daddy. ” When I was a…

Finding My Hero Essay (810 words)

My Hero

Words: 810 (4 pages)

A man I have been waiting for my whole life and that has turned out to be everything I dreamed he would be and more. As a child I dreamed of my future husband, as a teen ager I longed to meet him, and my wish came true we met August 16 2012. This man…

Malcolm X as My Hero Essay (384 words)

My Hero

Words: 384 (2 pages)

Malcolm X is as democratical as the word democracy is. Malcolm X is my hero because of the fact that when the world was divided because of race he stood up and made a difference! He proved that the American democracy was a dictatorship. He said that how can a democracy trash a complete race…

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