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    Music study midterm Essay (664 words)

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    Syncopation involves placing emphasis on normally UN-emphasized beats or using a rest on a normally emphasized beat. In other words, syncopation involves disrupting or interrupting the expected or normal rhythm of music. Many different types of music, including aka, reggae, rap, Jazz, and some forms of metal, use syncopation regularly in the music. Tempo is the speed of a given piece of music. If you think about it, tempo plays an important role in determining the mood of a piece of music, along with elements like pitch.

    A metronome, or a device that produces regular ticks or beats according to the beats per minute, is one way that musicians and composers can help maintain a consistent pace in the music. General tempo for a piece of music: Largo: very slow Adagio: slow Moderator: moderate tempo Allegro: fast Presto: very fast The notes that are used to indicate tempo include: Dynamics in music refers to the loudness or softness of a note, as well as the quality of the note as played. Some of the dynamics in music happen naturally.

    Imagine trying to play those notes for exactly the same length, in exactly the same quality, at exactly the same loudness or softness. Some of these notations include: Fortissimo (of: played very loudly Forte (f): played loudly Mezzo forte (MFC): played moderately loud Mezzo piano (pm): played moderately soft Piano (p): played softly Pianissimo (up): played very softly USIA study midterm By Gilbert 51 Fernando (usually written as soprano) is a sudden change in the level of sound.

    Timbre (which is pronounced tam-beer) is the tone quality of a sound, and it is what helps to distinguish one musical instrument from another. It is also sometimes referred to as color or tone quality. We can separate some of the timber differences of humans into four different categories: Soprano: a high female voice Alto: a low female voice Tenor: a high male voice Bass: a low male voice At the most basic level, melody is a series of musical notes that have been strung gather. It is composed of both pitch and rhythm and it represents the notes in a piece of music that catch our ears.

    Melodic phrases are groups or sets of notes that make sense together, express a musical idea, and, when combined, create the melody. Harmony is having more than one pitch within the music at the same time. We often think of harmony as a complement to melody. Generally, form is referred to as the framework that a composer uses to create a piece of music. It is the combination of the other musical elements, including pitch, tempo, and dynamics. This may include both the music itself as well as the lyrics that are to be sung with the piece of music in this spot.

    For example, the 12-bar blues is a chord progression that is common in many popular forms of music. Essentially, this form of music indicates when a chord change will happen in the music. It may look something like this: C C C FCC GAFF One common form is the common meter, which consists of four lines of a particular number of beats that end in the rhyming pattern of a-b-a-b. This has been a common form for both ballads and hymns for quite some time. A concerto is a musical piece n which one solo instrument (such as a piano or violin) is accompanied by an orchestra.

    Typically a concerto is structured into three different parts or movements. A sonata is a musical composition for a solo instrument (often piano or other keyboard instrument). In some cases, a composition may be called a sonata if it was designated as such by the composer rather than having the piece meet other criteria for a sonata. Symphony is a musical piece that has been scored for a full orchestra; it is often an extended composition. Many symphonies have four parts or movements, with the first movement in sonata form.

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