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A Personal Narrative About Being an Active Participant in Education

Class Reflection



Words: 1435 (6 pages)

“Education is the passport to a successful future, a path which contains plentiful hardships and challenges” (Malcolm X 1). Practicing and working enthusiastically are important to succeeding, one must use those skills to ensure a prosperous and plentiful future. There may be days when it is a challenge to even remember one element which was…

Reflecting on My Educational Psychology Course and its Practical Applications

Class Reflection



Words: 1447 (6 pages)

Throughout the semester, we covered many different topics. Although many were significant, Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, as well as the differences between his and Vygotsky’s views on Egocentric Speech, Autism spectrum disorders, metacognition, and self- regulated learning seemed to be some of the more major topics we covered during this semester. Piaget’s Theory of…

Why Honors English is Right for Me

Class Reflection



Words: 662 (3 pages)

Honors English, I believe, would be a better fit for me than regular English. I have always enjoyed writing and reading, so being in the Honors English class is something I’m highly interested in. I write quite often, and I’ve been writing a lot this summer because I’m working on my first novel. Additionally, I’m…

My Reflections on This Course Experience: The Ups and Downs


Class Reflection


Words: 813 (4 pages)

I must say this class has been one of the most challenging classes for me. Compared to the other courses I have had in the past, those were like a walk in the park compared to this course. However, a couple of personal issues and reasons this course was challenging is because I had three…

The Argument of the Rhetorical Question and Rhetoric Concept in General Sense



Rhetorical Question

Words: 3381 (14 pages)

Rhetoric itself is the art of argument and discourse. People can disagree with each other, especially deeply held beliefs. Rhetoric turns this disagreement into a debate. The rhetorician uses his text to persuade his audience. Aristotle discussed logical argument at length; maxims, topics and strategies, enthymemes (a logical argument with a part of the argument…

A Personal Recount of the Academic Evaluation and the Future Goals for the Career


Future goals



Words: 447 (2 pages)

Viewing the AE (Academic Evaluation) helped me to see how much I have improved compared to past semesters and helped me start to plan for future classes. The AE was also extremely helpful to me because the evaluation made me reflect on past mistakes, so I can remember to not repeat these mistakes. Completing the…

My Views on the American School System as an Expert Teacher





Words: 276 (2 pages)

As a veteran of the American school system, I consider myself to be an expert on teachers. Many teachers are unique and different in their own way but when it comes down to these three things they are all the same: discipline, grading system, and attendance. No matter how young or old they are all…

Social and Ethical Expert Systems Essential





Words: 734 (3 pages)

An Expert system is a software that can solve a narrowly defined set of problems using information and reasoning techniques normally associated With a human expert. Expert systems have the ability to perform at or near the level of a human expert in a particular field of study, hence the name ‘Expert Systems’ The government…

An Essay on the Reasons Why I Want to Transfer to a Different University





Words: 913 (4 pages)

One of the reasons as to why I want to transfer from my current University is to upgrade my academics. I would wish to transfer to a higher-level University to get more quality education. I am not experiencing much challenge in my current University. I am always on the top of my class and consequently…

An Annotated Bibliography on the Affective Factors of Language Learning at College





Words: 543 (3 pages)

Russell Berman is a professor at Stanford University who composed an article for CNN arguing why students in college should take a foreign language, His perspective is that learning a foreign language in college will be advantageous when looking for a job, advance English vocabulary skills, and gives proficiency in specific areas according to specific…

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