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    My Reflections on This Course Experience: The Ups and Downs

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    I must say this class has been one of the most challenging classes for me. Compared to the other courses I have had in the past, those were like a walk in the park compared to this course. However, a couple of personal issues and reasons this course was challenging is because I had three other courses simultaneously, with most of the materials due on the same day or close to the same day. I had four classes in the summer, but these three were different because they all were writing intensive.

    One of the classes I took during the same time as this course was Dramaturgy. Also, I ran into a lot of family issues during the most challenging moments in my classes. I found out my granny was going through chemotherapy, and things were not looking too good for her, and just a week later, I found out my uncle had kidney disease and had been in and out of the hospital. The worst part is that both individuals are very close to me, especially my granny. It was challenging, and there were moments when I wanted to throw in the towel and call it a quits, not only in the course but for school as a whole. I felt discouraged and beaten down, like I couldn’t take another blow.

    Moving from my personal challenges that made this course difficult to my struggles with the course materials. Things were very overwhelming to me. Even though the materials were broken down well and sample guides helped. Sometimes I hit a bump in the road. One of the most challenging assignments was budgeting.

    Though I do budget, I never had done so on such a large scale and tried to figure out numbers and repeatedly did calculations to figure out where I went wrong or what needed more editing and thought. Another challenge was the final project presentation. Not so much as putting the materials together but more of the speaking part, and this was the first class I had to present to in this form. The other thing that I realized with this class was that it was way more time-consuming than my previous courses. This course challenged me to think more outside the box.

    Now everything wasn’t all bad. I enjoyed the course after a few weeks. I utilized the material I had learned from the required book and used the helpful videos and documents from the study materials each week. The weekly video was also helpful. I enjoyed the book review and gained more knowledge from that book than I thought, and a lot of the materials in the book review replicate our theatre management book.

    I love to read because the more I read, the more knowledge I gain and the more that can help me in the future. Another exciting thing was seeing my progress which I could see reflected in my grades and from the feedback you gave. After I finished the presentation this week, I took a look at all the work I accomplished in the course and how much I have learned in this course compared to most.

    Now that I have completed this course, I believe my newfound knowledge will open up possibilities of working in a theatre, maybe directing or producing. I feel it has opened a window for me to teach this information to other theatre dreamers. I can honestly say I am leaving this course with materials I believe I will be pulling back out someday.

    A few days, ago my Vice President and Provost at the university I work for; has considered having a few small courses about theatre as we try to bring theatre back to the university as a major. Still, right now, we just have it as a minor and concentration. She has considered me to teach a class next fall after revealing that I hope to be graduating with my master’s next May. So, I can see myself using the materials I have learned to help pull me to my future goals of teaching and acting.

    I have always been a firm believer in my faith and walk with God. I have already been turned from some positions because I refuse to do certain things. I do not wish to do anything that goes against my morals and values. I know that is easier said than done, for temptation lurks the street of this world. I know that God will lead and guide me in the direction he wants me to go. If rejected, that just wasn’t meant for me and was someone else blessing if accepted; God had created that to happen long before it even crossed my mind. He just ordered my steps. In the end, no matter what, God has a plan and purpose in my life to help serve others using theatre.

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