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Techno Schmechno: a postmodern approach to electro Essay


Words: 3484 (14 pages)

nicaIn searching for a properly post-modern style of music, it may be better to look at the electronic music scene, which began with house music in the early to middle 80s, rather than at hip-hop. It is true that the hip-hop artist generally disappears into the narrative of the music to the extent that many…

Postmodernism Essay Example (1196 words)


Words: 1196 (5 pages)

In recent years, multiculturalism, tolerance and political correctness have been integrated into how American society thinks. America seems to be trying to learn more about the ingredients of her melting pot. These efforts can be best understood by examining post-modernism. Post-modernism is especially important to breaking down stereotypes such as those that exist surrounding the…

Appropriation And Important Postmodern Strategy Art Essay


Words: 2473 (10 pages)

Important displacements in ocular schemes in the humanistic disciplines mark the historic cross-over from the Modern to the postmodern paradigm. While this holds every bit true in music and literature, it is the development of such schemes in the ocular humanistic disciplines that this essay concentrates on. While such limit can non be pinned down…

The Idea Of Originality In Postmodernism Art Essay



Words: 2527 (11 pages)

A figure of postmodern theoreticians and creative persons have questioned whether there is such thing as originality in art. Discuss this issue with mention to illustrations of the work of one or more recent creative persons who have questioned the impression of originality in their work. Postmodernism rejects the modern thought of originality as the…

Modernism vs Postmodernism Essay


Words: 2145 (9 pages)

This question highlights one of the themes central to the account of modem art offered in this course: the tension between the theoretical perspectives of, on the one hand, Modernist criticism and, on the other, an approach focused on the relationship of the art of any given period to its social, political and historical context….

The terms postmodern and hypermodern Essay


Words: 649 (3 pages)

He brings these ideas together by saying, ‘Moins le futur est prévisible, plus il faut être mobile, flexible, réactif, prêt à changer en permanence’15.” One way of understanding this notion of hypermodernity is by referring to other commentators, most notably the Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, who talks about the contemporary existence of society as being…

What is ‘postmodernism’ Essay (1169 words)


Words: 1169 (5 pages)

Not only present is the, albeit rather simplistic, thick description method, but thanks to postmodernism, there has been a noted rise in playful techniques, and autobiographical writing. Such diversity has ‘become endorsed through the postmodernist notion of the unknowability of the past’22, forcing reliance upon heavy use of metaphor, especially in the evolving field of…

The term Postmodernism Essay Paper


Words: 1053 (5 pages)

  Modernism sought the sacrifice of beauty for the pursuit of functionality, but under postmodernism, there is an understanding that aesthetics and functionality can coexist. IKEA furniture for example minimalist space saving functionality merged with aesthetics. Finally, another significant feature of postmodernism is the celebration of difference rather than good or bad. This concept rejects…

Fredric Jameson – Postmodernism Essay


Words: 231 (1 page)

It gives examples of different artists like; Andy Warhol, John Cage, Phil Glass and Terry Tillie who started off in an expressionist format than went off to add some “punk and new wave rock into the rapidly evolving French nouveau roman fashions. ” (Frederic Jameson Postmodernism or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism, l) With…

What Is Postmodernism Essay (370 words)


Words: 370 (2 pages)

First of all, it is important to be aware of the differences between postmodernism and modernism. While modernism always tries to find a new way to express something, postmodernism has no such concern. Modernism itself is representational, normative, original and Universalism. It has a linear progress. Postmodernism has no concern about being original. Moreover postmodernism…

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Postmodern worldviews
  • Knowledge. In their quest for truth, postmodernists emphasize multiple modes of knowledge, including qualitative and interpretive science methods, as well as morality, imagination, and art and literature.
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