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A Perspective on the Challenges with Multiculturalism



Overcoming Challenges

Words: 487 (2 pages)

“Multiculturalism presents many challenges” Discuss this viewpoint and include comments on the extent to which Batley has meet this ‘challenge Batley has meet the various challenges with multiculturalism. However not all the challenges have been overcome. One of the main challenges presented was the various different religions present in the area. The Bradford area has…

An Examination of the Article on Workplace Diversity




Words: 956 (4 pages)

The author agrees, that, discrimination leads to worplace conflict. It is absolutly necessary to understand that today more than ever cultural diversity is an important fact of life and business, due to the changing face of society, and therefore, the workplace. It is growing ever more essential for people to interact with others outside of…

The Difference between Cultures

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Identity

Words: 1353 (6 pages)

From the moment a baby takes their first breath, they immediately become a part of a group and a category in society. According to Essentials of Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach by James M. Henslin, a group is made up “of people who think of themselves as belonging together and who interact with one another” and…

Importance of Cultural Awareness

Cultural Diversity

Self Awareness

Words: 480 (2 pages)

The pharmacist serves a wide variety of roles in a community. Just like a Mother has the central position in the family, she is a doctor, a teacher, a nurse, a maid, a cook, a referee, a provider, a defender a true superwoman. I see a pharmacist in that same central position in healthcare. They…

Diversity Awareness and Self Reflection

Cultural Diversity

Self Reflection

Words: 1657 (7 pages)

On February 29, 2020, I went to a convention held by a gathering of Muslims. The occasion was known as Family and Friends Day and if you had any questions in regards to becoming a Muslim. They offered games, brochures that tells all about a Muslim, and snacks. The motive of this convention was to…

Cultural diversity Essay (694 words)

Cultural Diversity

Words: 694 (3 pages)

Many people are affected by cultural differences, but if one tries to break the barriers, the attempt is usually received with open arms and graciously. I remember when preparing for my trip to Germany friends asked why I chose Germany. I responded with “why not?” Then I was confronted with reasoning like “look what happened…

Multicultural Essay (588 words)


Words: 588 (3 pages)

I must admit that before I began taking this class I took for granted how much racism still exists in this country. I have started to put more thought in to the way the world really is, the topics discussed in class have started to catch my interest. When I first started reading the Tatum…

The Olympic Games: A Social Science Perspective


Words: 439 (2 pages)

The goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practised without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit which requires mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play. Multiculturalism is a policy based on rights and responsibilities, which has been endorsed by…

Explain why cultural diversity is important in a c Essay

Cultural Diversity

Words: 705 (3 pages)

ollege education. I come from a small town. Hannibal, MO, the boyhood home of MarkTwain, is described its claim to fame as a sleepy town drowsing. Most surely hehas never been more accurate, for this small enchanted river town has neverawakened total equality. It is a town full of ignorance, where nobody has ever thought…

Cultural Diversity in Corporate America Essay

Cultural Diversity

Words: 715 (3 pages)

The expanding conflict over cultural diversity in corporate America may present as many opportunities and problems as affirmative action. Today, cultural diversity is an important fact of life and business due to the changing face of society and, therefore, the workplace. It is growing ever more essential for people to interact with others outside of…

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Multicultural Matrix in the United States

Multicultural Issues: Racial Quotas

Leadership Theory in the United States and Korea

Effective Leadership in a Multicultural & Multigenerational Workplace

Culture, Communication and Intercultural Relationships

Understanding Differences in Perception for Multicultural Cooperation

The Role of Multiculturalism in the Development of the Country

The Role of Immigration in Australia: Positive and Negative

The Practice of Wearing the Veil and Cultural Imperialism

The Perception of Multiculturalism and Its Negative Connotations

The Nature of Intercultural Relationships in the US

The Cultural Differentiation Between Native Americans and Euro-Americans

Socialization and Cultural Background of People

Pluralism, Assimilation, and Diversity in America

Organizational Culture, Its Missions and Objectives

Multiculturalism Policies Importance in Modern World

Multiculturalism Issues: Literature Review and Methodology

Multiculturalism Issues in Australia

Multiculturalism Issue in the USA

Multiculturalism in the International Community

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What are problems faced by multiculturalism?
Top 5 Challenges and Solutions for Managing Multicultural and Multilingual Teams
  • 1. Language Barrier The way we speak, and the words we use, are tools we use to convey our feelings, hopes, and dreams. ...
  • 2. Cultural differences ...
  • 3. Technical Challenges ...
  • 4. The decision-making process ...
  • 5. Styles of communication: Aggression and tone ...
  • 6. Challenge of motivating a culturally diverse team ...
What are the disadvantages of multiculturalism?
Disadvantages of Multiculturalism
  • Disappearance of culture: When multiple cultures live together the chances of adapting other convenient cultures highly...
  • Increase of hatred: When two controversial cultures exist in the same area the chances of abuse, threats and violence is...
  • Host society is affected: The culture of the host society is considerably diluted by...
What is multiculturalism and should we embrace it?
Let us be what is so innate to human nature, let us embrace multiculturalism . Multiculturalism is not a rejection of your own culture; but rather it allows you to learn more about your own culture as you also learn about and build respect for the cultures of others.
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