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    Diversity Awareness and Self Reflection

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    On February 29, 2020, I went to a convention held by a gathering of Muslims. The occasion was known as Family and Friends Day and if you had any questions in regards to becoming a Muslim. They offered games, brochures that tells all about a Muslim, and snacks. The motive of this convention was to get familiar with the confidence of Islam. There are so many people that thinks Muslims are bad people. It was additionally a chance to partnership and bring a superior attention to my very own social capability that I may have or may have not understood.

    By going to Family and Friends I have an altogether extraordinary standpoint with regards to the decent variety of the individuals who are Muslim and practice the confidence of Islam. My observation when I saw Muslim has changed. In my more youthful years, in the wake of review the assault of 9-1-1, I quickly became alarmed whenever I saw a Muslim. I would think about whether the person was sent to America to design another assault. As I’ve gotten more established and I’ve observed relatives convert towards the Islamic belief, my perspective watched steady ask and restricted nourishment alternatives, for example, no pork. Notwithstanding, in the wake of going to this occasion, I’ve understood that despite the fact that there is a distinction to the extent assorted variety, there are customs and there are some similarities as well between the two. For instance, I was Muslims are committed through Salat, to perform petitions multiple times every day. This training occurs by putting down a petition mat or tangle, stooping down on your knees, setting your hands over your head, coming palm down, putting your head down. Every petition is related in Arabic language while one’s development is planned to offer respect to Allah (their God) and declare the commitment of having a reasonable psyche and soul. This is called Rak’a and can be rehashed up to four times each day, contingent upon the time span inside the day.

    As a Believer in Christ I pray three times a day or more. It depends if I am fasting. If I am fasting, I will pray at 4am, 8am, 12pm, and 6pm. Now if I am heavy burden and someone needs lifting or on their sick bed, I am constantly praying for that person. I was so impressed to see and know the importance of why their way of life supplicates five times each day. I never comprehended in the event that it was obligatory or was it by decision. I’ve discovered that it’s a custom inside the religion.

    I have learned in this course the various types of Sexism. In numerous societies there are instances of sexual orientation generalizations and expected sex behaviors. These desires are stilled in us and it impacts how we behave. For instance, ladies who are rehearsing the confidence of Islam have a standard of how she should dress. I’ve picked up information that ladies are not required to wear a Burqa. A Burqa is an external article of clothing worn to cover their external body while out openly. Muslim ladies are required to dress with humility and to wear their hijab on their head. A hijab like a cloak and is to be seen before any man a lady intends to wed. During explicit fasting the hijab is to be worn within the sight of any man whether it is one’s dad, sibling, granddad, uncle.

    During this course we have considered and acquired information about various types of Classism. Classism is characterized as, ‘Partiality against or for individuals having a place with a specific social class.’ (Adams 2018) Many occasions Muslims does not have granted indistinguishable open doors from different Americas and are frequently prejudged dependent on their decision of strict confidence. If I can remember correct that when an America resident is being investigated, they are told by the adjudicator that the person will be decided by their very own gathering peers. Muslims don’t have that equivalent choice. I can’t review the last time I’ve saw a gathering of twelve rehearsing Muslims being called for jury obligation. Actually, a large portion of them are foreigners and are not residents of the United States are as yet considered as nobodies and terrorist to the greater part of nation.

    During this course we contemplated and got information about Sexual Orientation. There are numerous of statements made about how certain people will carry on and look dependent on their character, and our media has taken care of into these convictions by creating content that can be named belittling and reductive. Possibly less in the United States, however I’ve picked up information that in certain pieces of the world, where Islam is practice an individual can be banished from their family and even killed for deciding to have an alternate sexual direction other that what is being guided to them. In this way, for instance, being Gay or Bisexual or in any event, scrutinizing your sexual direction generally speaking period is reason for banish.

    As a Social Worker, our objective ought to consistently be to stay proficient number one and two to learn and acquire as much information with regards to assorted variety and differing society, customs, people, and so forth as we can ingest. By and by, that can be seen as coming out of one’s crate or safe place and being available to the chance of something new and extraordinary. Looking passed individual inclination and impacts whether it’s established on learned practices or educated to us and trying to be social mindful. Commitment with various people and societies doesn’t really mean you’re upbraiding who you are as an individual. It basically implies you’re being available to learning an alternate organization of how different process or approach their day by day life. Which is the thing that this general experience has instructed me. I accept that as a Social Worker, in my training I am currently progressively open to aiding and in any event, being around the individuals who are Muslims. Which implies I have a superior possibility at understanding what their identity is and a superior position at helping them with assets and objectives of progress.

    As a Social Worker, one tested related with talking about and considering decent variety is combination across multicultural people that can be troublesome despite preference or adverse social generalizations. Tragically, the individuals who practice Islam confronted negative social generalizations brutally. As per (Mogahed 2016), ‘A few people need to boycott Muslims and close down Mosques. They talk about my town like we’re a tumor in the assemblage of America and the main inquiry is are we threatening or amiable.’ A whole gathering of people have been accused for an assault on a country dependent on the choice of one terrible seed. Presently a populace of individuals should reliably watch all that the individual may do to not show up as a psychological oppressor dependent on another person’s perspective.

    As a Social Worker, one tested related with talking about and considering assorted variety is contrasts in the comprehension and appreciation of expert manners. A couple of months back, an associate wore her hijab to work. She was approached to telecommute for the afternoon, since her appearance didn’t seem proficient. This kind of obstructions can cause segregation in the work environment just as my partner accepting that by detailing the issue to Human Resource their voice is less inclined to be heard on account of the distinctions in culture.

    One system to tending to the difficulties as notice already as Social Workers could be learning and picking up Culture Awareness and Competence. Social understanding and information can attract a higher caliber of social point of view which can drive innovativeness and advancement. Just as having a various ability of Social Workers permits Social Work generally speaking to have the option to offer an increasingly versatile scope of administrations for a more extensive crowd.

    One positive emotion that surfaced during the past ten weeks of this course has been the help that I have received from my professor. I can truly say my professor did not give up on me. I had a lot going on the semester. I had family members and close friends to the family to pass away due to COVID-19. My son getting ready for college, and his father has not been supportive. I thank God that my professor didn’t pressure me with meeting deadlines. I can truly say that I have nothing negative to say in regards to this past 10 weeks of this class. I have really learned and met new people in this class. I must say this class was amazing.

    Although I don’t have a negative feeling, I will express that the single direction to address negative feelings is to proceed with one’s improvement of Cultural Awareness is practice acceptable habits. One approach to rehearse great habits can be appeared as tuning in and watching people from various social and making endeavors to associating the way of life hole with great relational abilities or practices.

    There are numerous approaches to take advance to Human Rights, Social, Economic, and Environmental Justices. In light of what I’ve realized in this course I am will to proceed with my scholarly investigations to expand my insight. I additionally plan to go to various trainings offered through my manager in wording to culture mindfulness and ability. I additionally plan to take a shot at turning out to be increasingly mindful by working out my own convictions, qualities, and individual predispositions. Proceeding with my own exploration by making myself progressively accessible to the individuals who are of an alternate social foundation this can be finished through movement to different countries and not generalizing in light of the fact that everybody is extraordinary in their own particular manner regardless of what rehearses, convictions, customs, and culture the individual in question rehearses.

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    Diversity Awareness and Self Reflection. (2021, Aug 23). Retrieved from

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