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Harlem Renaissance flashcard

Largest concentration of African Americans in the world per capita. NYC. North of 96th st. in Manhattan. Highly urban and only three square miles
rebirth, rediscovery. an exodus of sorts from South to more racially tolerant urban areas in the North
What divided African Americans within Harlem?

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It turened into the ____ vs. the _____
low life and social elite
How can music help bring people together?
Giving people something in common to connect over
What instrument helped to bridge the gap in Harlem?
What two things were important in this art form (Harlem Stride)
innovation and liveliness
Harlem stride appeared towards the end of
Harlem stride featured
a lot of improvisation
What was Harlem Stride later called and why did it change
Stride Piano; changed because it spread out of Harlem
Name two popular dances
Fox trot, the shimmy, the black bottom, the varsity
James P Johnson lived between
Who wrote the charleston
James P. Johnson
How did James P. Jonhson’s wife find him in the streets of Harlem when he engaged in Piano Battles?
By walking through the streets listening for Pianos
Willie “the Lion” Smith lived from
How did Willie Smith get his nickname?
He spent a month on the front lines during world war I and received it for his bravery
what was Willie Smith’s nick name
The Lion
when did Thomas “Fats” waller live
What is a rent party?
a party where tenants would have a musician to play and pass the hat around to raise money to pay the rent
How much did it cost to get into a rent party?
25 cents
what is a piano roll
its for a player piano, is a roll that has a song on it that the player piano will play, was paper that had holes in it
Describe how a piano roll works
it has holes in it that coordinate with the rods that played the correct notes to a song.
Why might people be interested in having these
B/c they didn’t have to pay for a musician to come and play and people who owned them didn’t have to know how to play a piano
Art Tatum lived
What is different about Art Tatum
blind iin one eye and only partial sight in the other
some formal training, but was mostly self taught
took and early interest in the music of Fats Waller
What did Art Tatum’s teacher try to get him to play?
Classical music
What did Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton write?
The Black Bottom Stomp
How was Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton’s Black Bottom Stomp different from most songs during this era
It focused on other instruments not just the piano
Jelly Roll was a
Pianist and a band leader
several melodies at the same time
Jelly Roll brought together several African American Musical elements including
blue notes, jazz harmonies, loser beat that helped move this style (stomp) bowards “Dixieland”
Louis Armstrong played
trumpet/ cornet
Louis Armstrong was known for
his playing and scat singing
The Apollo theater is a symbol of the
African American way of life
Whhy was it an important place for many Harlem Renaissance performers?
Venue for their talents, a place that would let them play there, gave them their start
The Apollo theater is the most ______ ______ of the Harlem Renaissance.
Physical legacy
Name two people who got their stat at the Apollo Theater
Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan
What invention made the Apollo Theater fall into a decline in the late 1960’s?
In the Cotton Club African American performers played to
Mixed audiences
The Cotton Club attracted two types of people
Harlem residents
white New Yorkers
Write four things you feel are important from the video clip of the Cotton Club
was racist
Portrayed blacks as salvages
rued survace to performers
started by Jack Johnson (a heavy weight boxer)
was in the middle of Harlem
was sold to a murderer whos plans where to sell his beer
largest most estravagant club in Harlem History
Why did so many African Americans migrate to norther cities in the early 20th century?
they wanted to take advantage of factory jobs
what did African Americans create due to the racist social attitudes
black metropolises
where was the starting point for the modern black artistic movement?
what became a priority for African AMerican after World War I?
Legal protection
what was the conviction all of the African American groups sharred
the idea of a “New Negro”
What idea did Langston Hughes endorse in his essay, “The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain”?
that the arts could have a positive role to play in the betterment of the black community
What four points do critics and historians debate over in regards to the Harlem Renaissance?
-That the Harlem Renaissance ran its course by the mid 1930s
-The Great Depression ate away at much of the philantropy and other support that allowed black artists to experiment with their craft
-that the movement continued in other cities like Chicago
– Am emphases on a celebration of black cultures neglects the difficulties of living conditions during the Great Depression
What is the general agreement pertaining to the Harlem Renaissance
it was critical to the understanding of the 20th century American art and culture

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Harlem Renaissance flashcard
Largest concentration of African Americans in the world per capita. NYC. North of 96th st. in Manhattan. Highly urban and only three square miles Harlem rebirth, rediscovery. an exodus of sorts from South
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Harlem Renaissance flashcard
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