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Los angeles-city of quartz Essay

Los Angeles

Words: 1889 (8 pages)

Class war and repression are said to have driven the Los Angeles Socialists into the desert. (Pg. 9) Why would anyone want to live in the desert? The once militarized desert, created a place for people to have homes. With the population growing in such large numbers and the land growing scarce they had to…

Los Angeles Politics Essay (415 words)

Los Angeles


Words: 415 (2 pages)

The site for new Belmont still hasn’t been found. The School district has beenfumbling with two proposed alternatives by interim superintendent Ruben Cortinesand CEO Howard Miller respectively suggest using high-rise office suites andopen 4 new schools quickly. These alternatives have been met with mixed emotionfrom both sides of the battle. Those for the Belmont project…

Air Pollution in the Los Angeles Basin Sample Essay

Air Pollution

Los Angeles


Words: 3204 (13 pages)

Budget Travel Magazine late conducted a study to place the top 10 most popular travel finishs in the universe. Amongst metropoliss including Paris. Rome. and Tokyo stands Los Angeles at figure six. Surprising? To locals possibly. but a bulk of the universe views Los Angeles as a glamourous metropolis ; place to Hollywood. famous persons….

The People of Los Angeles Essay

Los Angeles

Words: 1035 (5 pages)

On Thursday, December 4, 2014, I visited Westfield Century City in order to find out how LA’s citizens feel about living in one of the most well known cities in the world. Westfield Century City is a shopping center and marketplace located in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. These days this mall is filled…

Name of painting: Large interior, Los Angeles Name of painter Essay

Los Angeles


Visual Arts

Words: 751 (4 pages)

It stood out with its bright colors and vivid play of light. It’s light played with the objects on the canvas and even though there were no people or animals on the painting it felt full of elite. This painting portrays an apartment in Los Angles. It has a lot of furniture of different geometric…

A fire in a crowded theatre: Anna Deavere Smith relives the Los Angeles riots. Essay

Los Angeles


Words: 2480 (10 pages)

Interviewing Anna Deavere Smith is intimidating. The 42-year-old African-American playwright and actor faces a journalist’s taperecorder armed with a casual confidence learned from conducting literally hundreds of interviews. No doubt she’s heard and asked every conceivable question. Aristocratic in posture, a relatively tall 5’9″, with a Medusa head of curls, Smith also has the grace…


Area code(s) 213/323, 310/424, 747/818
Country United States
County Los Angeles
Elevation 305 ft (93 m)
Incorporated April 4, 1850
Region Southern California
State California

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