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History of the Middle East (1142 words)

Middle East

Words: 1142 (5 pages)

The Middle East, as we all know, is a land filled with tremendous amounts of natural resources and riches such as oil. In most recent times, it is mostly well-known and prominent for the wars that it has encountered and the ridiculously lavish lifestyles of the royal families. The Middle East is centered mostly on…

Henn An Ancient Art That Comes From The Middle East Essay


Middle East

Words: 1641 (7 pages)

Henna is an ancient art that comes from the Middle East. Over the centuries it has been used as hair dye and temporary tattoos for a variety of events. When I was younger my friend Stacy introduced me to this medium. At first I was worried about what people would think of me for having…

The Middle East: A History of Conflict

Middle East

Words: 1391 (6 pages)

The Middle East has always been in conflict, from biblical times, to the crusades, and on through modern times. Since around 1900, the conflict has primarily been between two groups, Jews and Arabs. During this time, the British occupied the land and under their control the conflict remained minimal. But within months of their departure,…

Middle East And Canada Essay (676 words)

Middle East

Words: 676 (3 pages)

Introduction In December 1985, the Canadian press reported the death by suicide of hundreds of field mice in the Middle East. In an apparently instinctive reaction to a problemof over-population, the mice wilfully plunged to their doom off the cliffs of the Golan Heights. This bizarre story was the subject not only of straight news…

Middle East Water Shortage Essay

Middle East

Words: 1084 (5 pages)

Middle East Water ShortageDue to geography and population growth, the Middle East nations are faced with a growing demand for a shrinking water supply. Throughout most of the Middle East region rainfall is irregular and the rainy season is very short. The World Bank reports that this area (including North Africa) has 5% of the…

Middle East foreign policies Essay

Middle East

Words: 562 (3 pages)

Disaster! Fear! Terrorism! What seemed to be a scene from Die Hard is what struck home in America on Sept. 11. The attacks on the World Trade Center leads back to many problems with our foreign relations. Our foreign relations policies have been recently getting a lot of countries angry and frustrated, the major problem…

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Statistic Development and Profit in Mena Region

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Environmental Change Impact on Drought and Water Crisis in Iran

Egyptian Civilization: Pyramids, Religion and Culture

Egypt, Mexico, and United States: Understanding Cultural Similarities and Differences


Area 7,207,575 km² (2,782,860 sq mi)
Population 371 million (2010)

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