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My Personal Experience of Stepping out of the Comfort Zone




Words: 886 (4 pages)

The skies were as clear as day, not a cloud in sight. Although the calmness of the atmosphere should seem to ease my state of mind, my fear of heights overpowered any positive thoughts about the flight. I made my way to my seat and nervously fastened my seatbelt. I concurred that it was near…

The Formation of the Sun and Planets


Words: 290 (2 pages)

The universe contains huge clouds made up of very large amounts of dustandgas. About 6,000,000,000 (billion) years ago, one of these clouds began tocondense. Gravitation–the pull that all objects in the universe have forone another–pulled the gas and dust particles together. As the dust cloudcondensed, it began to spin. It spun faster and faster and…

Head in the Clouds Essay



Words: 1161 (5 pages)

Human interaction is so crucial to our happiness. In our country abounding with humans, if we could just pause to reflect and be grateful for the people that cross our path, who exchange pleasantries and bless you, for no rhyme or reason but simply out of force of habit. This Monday morning, after a weekend…

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining Essay


Words: 813 (4 pages)

My mind was all muddled up and everything went topsy-turvy inside it. Yet, I remained still and silent. No one would ever imagine how I was feeling. There wasn”t the cool atmosphere around me, nor the usual tranquility outside. My heart was pounding fast. I could hear the voice of my doctor saying that I…

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