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    My Personal Experience of Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

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    The skies were as clear as day, not a cloud in sight. Although the calmness of the atmosphere should seem to ease my state of mind, my fear of heights overpowered any positive thoughts about the flight. I made my way to my seat and nervously fastened my seatbelt. I concurred that it was near time to take flight because the flight attendant was going over the safety requirements. The plane became airborne within minutes. Although I was terrified, I grew the courage to take a glance outside of my window. I was astounded by the breathtaking view that my eyes laid upon. The tops of the cloud gave forth a gold lining around them. As I continued to stare in awe into the midst of the clouds, the clouds began to separate. A beautiful, vibrant color began to appear among the fog of the clouds. “Oh how beautiful!” I said to myself.

    Finally, the plane landed onto, what seemed to be a dessert. “I thought I was going to a tropical island?” I asked my mother. Shaking off the eerie feeling from being so high up, I began to unboard the plane. Except this time, it was not like when I boarded it. A simple ladder was all there was to descend from the plane. As I looked around I could see the sea gulls flying, but I did not see a single palm tree in sight. The smell of salt was overwhelming, and the temperature was scorching. My family and I started to explore the towns, and I noticed that several of the buildings had an old and barren appearance to them. Surely no one can live in this, but to my astonishment, a man walked out of the front door. From what I could see, the island seemed to be very deep in poverty. Although dressed in rags and no shoes, all of the natives seemed to have a happy attitude about everything. I never once heard a native complain about the condition in which they were living in. Putting aside the differences, I took it upon myself to learn about their culture. It fascinated me learning the rights and wrongs of their country.

    It was now time to start preparing for the first dive. My father and I rode into town and

    purchased two oxygen tanks and a regulator. I took my scuba gear and began walking around the outside of the shop toward the trough of water. First, I submerged my vest and regulator into the water and checked for any air leaks. Second, I checked the air pressure in my tank to make sure that it is at the right amount. Everything seemed to be in good condition to dive with. All of my equipment was ready to see the waters.

    We then ventured across the island to the sight that we were to begin our dive. What I saw next sent a cold chill down my spine. Getting out of the car, I noticed that the air was quiet and misty. The wind was curiously strong and carried a cold chill with it.

    “This is where we will get in,” the instructor said.

    I was told that, in order to access the water, I was to jump. Now, this was not a simple

    “jump.” It was more of a death wish.

    “There is no way I am doing that,” I said to my mother.

    “Yes you can, just trust yourself.”

    “Do you even realize how high up we are!?”

    “Just think of it as your chance to feel like you are flying.”

    My mother just could not seem to fathom how fearful I was. It seemed as if it was a simple “leap” to her. My heart was beating profusely; I was almost certain that the fish could even hear my heartbeat. I, terrified and shaking uncontrollably, could not make myself jump. The roar of the surf made me cringe. The waves were rhythmically pounding into the side of the cliff, so violently that the water reached the same height that I stood. The mist from the water made my surrounding scarcely visible. Although I was terrified, I wanted to be able to say that I did it. I neared toward the edge nervously; praying I would be okay. My legs felt like jelly, and I could

    not see a single thing. All I knew was that I was too fall. I then swallowed my fear, held my breath, and took a step into the unknown. I could feel my breath leave my body as I fell toward the rough sea. I hit the water with such impact that it made me dizzy. Once submerged I opened my eyes to a whole new world; a world full of vibrant colors that only God could create. The coral seemed as if it were glowing, and the sea plants seemed to be in a state of peace. A wave of calmness and serenity fell over me.

    It was at this particular moment that made me think. I took a leap of faith, and it changed my perspective of the world around me. In order to see or experience amazing opportunities, it

    may require some faith. I was so great-full that I swallowed my fear and stepped out of my comfort zone.

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