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The Jungle Analysis Essay (293 words)

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Words: 293 (2 pages)

The Jungle is written about a man, a woman, and family movin to Chicago from Lithuania, dicovering it is difficult to survive, let alone get a job. The first major theme of the jungle “socialism as a remedy for the evils of capitalism. ” Every event is chosen to show the failures of capitalism. As…

The Dark Side of the Meat Packing Industry


Words: 994 (4 pages)

The family knows all the dirty secrets of the meat-packing industry. The mostspoiled of meats becomes sausage. All manner of dishonesty exists in the sellingdiseased, rotten, and adulterated meat to American households. The workingmembers of the family fall into a silent stupor due to the grinding poverty andmisery of their lives. Ona and Jurgis grow…

The jungle Persuasive Essay (579 words)


Persuasive Essay

The Jungle

Words: 579 (3 pages)

Book report: The Jungle by: Upton SinclaireWe can only know things with an experience for them by some means or other. We all know what we do, and we do not know what will happen. Our educated guesses failing at times and being glorified for justification’s sake later. The family in Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle…

Socialism In The Jungle Essay (700 words)



Words: 700 (3 pages)

The Rudkus family arrived from Lithuania to find Chicago as a city in which justice and honor, women’s bodies and men’s souls, were for sale in the marketplace, and human beings writhed and fought and fell upon each other like wolves in the pit, in which lusts were raging fires, and men were fuel, and…

The Jungle Essay Summary (1475 words)



Words: 1573 (7 pages)

Word Count: 1546. This book was a fact. Upton Sinclair visited Chicago in November 1904 to do research for the book. Sinclair lived in a neighborhood called Packingtown for seven weeks. While in Packingtown, Sinclair interviewed workers, lawyers, doctors, saloonkeepers, and social workers. The book deals with the greed and ruthless competition that turned America…

The Jungle 2 Essay (452 words)


The Jungle

Words: 452 (2 pages)

Sinclair’s book ,The Jungle probably had to do the most with the fact that he himself was a Socialist. He was brought up in Baltimore, and his family was considerately poor. His father was not very successful at his job and for this reason it seems good to believe he became a Socialist because in…

The Jungle (1334 words) Essay


The Jungle

Words: 1313 (6 pages)

The JungleThe book I read was The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. This story is both fact, and fiction. The true part about it is the meat packing part. The fiction part, I don’t know, I don’t know if Jurgis was real or not. The story opens with the feast at Jurgis and Ona’s wedding in…

The Jungle (1390 words) Essay


The Jungle

Words: 1373 (6 pages)

The JungleThe JungleBy Upton SinclairThe Jungle portrays the lower ranks of the industrial world as the scene of a naked struggle for survival. Where workers not only are forced to compete with each other but, if they falter, are hard pressed to keep starvation from their door and a roof over their heads. With unions…

The Jungle (784 words) Essay


The Jungle

Words: 781 (4 pages)

The JungleThe Jungle is one of the most famous American novels ever written. Most people associate The Jungle with the federal legislation it provoked. Americans were horrified to learn about the terrible sanitation under which their meat products were packed. They were even more horrified to learn that the labels listing the ingredients in tinned…


Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama, Thriller

release date

October 20, 2017 (USA)


Content rating R
Directed by Greg McLean
Music by Johnny Klimek
Produced by Todd Fellman, Mike Gabrawy, Gary Hamilton, Dana Lustig
Production company Babber Films, Cutting Edge Group, Screen Australia, Screen Queensland
Written by Yossi Ghinsberg, Justin Monjo

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