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The Core Values of Utopian Socialism in Utopia by Thomas More




Words: 1127 (5 pages)

Utopian socialism is the belief that social ownership of something that is useful to a group of people can be achieved by voluntary and peaceful surrender of the rights of the ownership of the resource by the groups owning them (Taylor, 1982). The name Utopia was used by Thomas More to describe a society where…

François Mitterrand`s Anti-Americanism




Words: 1661 (7 pages)

A month after the inauguration of François Mitterrand in 1981, Reagan sends his vice president,George Bush, on a fact-finding mission to Paris. The same morning, the Presidential Palace of the Elysée announces that there will be four communist ministers in the newly formed socialist government. How will the number two from the White House, who…

: Christopher Columbus claims Cuba for Spain on hi Essay

Christopher Columbus


Words: 308 (2 pages)

s first voyage in 1492. The Spanish are ousted by the US in the war of 1898. The island is theneffectively annexed by the US. American business interests flourish but thedomestic political process is seriously compromised by US interference. 1933 sees the entry of Fulgencio Batista y Zaldvar onto the politicalscene when the then army…

National Socialism Essay (695 words)


Words: 695 (3 pages)

The rise of National Socialism in post-WWI Germany is an understandable reaction to the problems of the Versailles Peace Treaty, considering the German attitudes and beliefs at the time. These attitudes and beliefs were the result of generations of Prussian militarism, extreme racist nationalism, and, most importantly, the failure of the Treaty of Versailles signed…

The Jungle Argumentative Essay (472 words)


Words: 472 (2 pages)

The Jungle took place 100 years ago. We have come a long way, and a change would not be easy. I believe controled capitalism would be the best way to aid the most people. Programs like welfare, medicare and medicade would, be set up (although, not the way they are today). Jurgis and his family…

Ku Klux Klan/Nazis Essay (695 words)


Words: 695 (3 pages)

Ku Klux KlanA secret terrorist organization that originated in the southern states during the period of Reconstruction following the American Civil War and was reactivated in the 20th century. The Ku Klux Klan believed in the innate inferiorityof black so therefore mistrusted adn resented the rise of former slaves to a status of civil equality…

A Democratic Society Essay (706 words)


Words: 706 (3 pages)

Throughout time the debate upon which is the best system of governmenthas been an ongoing debate. Somewhere between the realms of democracy,socialism, fascism, communism, and monarchism lies the answer to the perfectsystem. Traditionally speaking, North America has always tried to remaindemocratic in ruling. The democratic system, unlike it’s alternatives,encourages equality and liberty among the people…

Hitler yourth Essay (687 words)


Words: 687 (3 pages)

The Hitler Youth movement was an essential element of Hitlers plan, which grew and fell with the Third Reich. Although in the early 1930s the movement had great purpose, to bring Hitler to power, esprit de corps declined with the boredom of drill regimented activities and increased military focus. However, the coming of war and…

A socialist society run by the people


Words: 626 (3 pages)

If I had the chance to run my own society, I would run it under socialism. Socialism is a powerful but still controlling system. My society will not be a utopia simply created in peoples mind. It will be a product of economic and social development. Socialism is more of a people government rather than…

Socialism In The Jungle Essay (700 words)



Words: 700 (3 pages)

The Rudkus family arrived from Lithuania to find Chicago as a city in which justice and honor, women’s bodies and men’s souls, were for sale in the marketplace, and human beings writhed and fought and fell upon each other like wolves in the pit, in which lusts were raging fires, and men were fuel, and…

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