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Analysis of Alexies “Superman and Me” and La Guinns “The One Who Walks Away From Omelas”



Superman and Me

Words: 1265 (6 pages)

The benefit of narratives is gaining perspectives from a good short story. Some writers use narrative to tell the audience a story or reflect on past events. It can be motivational, educational, or solely for entertainment. In writing a good narratives, the fundamental purpose is to captivate the audience and keep them engaged as the…

An Analysis of the Pacing of The Hunger Games, a Novel by Suzanne Collins and a Movie


Hunger Games


Words: 1313 (6 pages)

I had Suzanne Collins’ novel fresh in my mind when I put The Hunger Games into the player. I could remember the key phrases and actions that signified the end of the first two acts in the novel as well as several more events that happened within each of the sections. I had watched the…

Standard Writing Requirements Stifle Students’ Potential

Class Reflection



Words: 1623 (7 pages)

Prior to this past year, my writing process has been very simple. I would just write without doing anything special; there was little to no editing process, and there was definitely no revision process. By taking this class (English 1010), I became more aware of my writing process, and the necessity of having one. In…

A Personal Narrative of My First Time at a OK Go Concert




Words: 532 (3 pages)

I went to see an OK Go concert with my friend at terminal 5. We went early to line up to get a close spot near the front of the stage. We were ushered up to the rooftop to wait and had the option to buy some alcohol if we wanted to. Everybody waited and…

A Narrative on Why I Took a Class on English Language




Words: 709 (3 pages)

“English”. Why take a class on a language I’m fluent in? At least, that’s the attitude I had in the first few years of my introduction to real full fledged writing. I began to write papers and long winded things of that nature near seventh or eighth grade, and to be quite honest the standards…

A Narrative of My Idea of Starting the I Run 4 Evan Movement


Health Care


Words: 733 (3 pages)

My intellectual values can be defined by a simple four-letter phase, “I Run 4 Evan”. Everybody who has talked to me for at least five minutes knows about my dedication and love of running. However, what most people don’t know are the events that led up to me getting started in the IRun4 movement, and…

The Narrative and Political Theory on the Idea of Child Soldiers




Words: 2445 (10 pages)

It might not cross one’s mind that child soldiers are capable of integrating into the child- unfriendly zone that is warfare. Media reports of the use of child soldiers have provoked a new international moral panic, drawing the attention of the United Nations among other multinational political bodies (Honwana 2005: 31; Rosen 2007: 296). But…

Theme & Narrative-Red Riding Hood Sample Essay


Words: 497 (2 pages)

The narrative is really an antediluvian fable told in the unwritten tradition ( fundamentally Gallic common people traditional knowledge ) that was written about 315 old ages ago by a author named Charles Perrault in Paris. The individuality of the original writer is unknown. although it has been re-written and re-interpreted many. many times by…

Narrative of Quinceanera Essay (889 words)


Words: 889 (4 pages)

From a Little Girl to A Young Woman Linda Rosario English 1A Professor Abra Mcdowell July 14, 2010 From a Little Girl to a Young Woman . The day of my Quinceanera started early. I had just turned 15 and it was the birthday I had always dreamed of. I was always a dama in…

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