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Singapore Casino Essay (1229 words)


Words: 1229 (5 pages)

CasinosCasinos have become a form of entertainment for millions of Americans. In fact, Las Vegas, considered to be the home of casino gambling, is third only to Disneyworld and New York for tourism with 260 million visitors yearly. While it is true that casinos generate billions of dollars in revenues hardly any of that makes…

Dbs Bank: Gaining the Hearts and Pockets of Singaporeans Essay



Words: 957 (4 pages)

DB’S had acquired six financial institutions around the region. Incidentally, this was also the time When the bank has seen a change in leadership three times in a span of only three Singapore is known throughout the world as an economic powerhouse despite its small size. Likewise, its banking sector is known to be robust,…

Censorship Of The Arts In Singapore Essay



Words: 867 (4 pages)

The commonly accepted definition of censorship- that certain texts, images, or films should be banned. The Longmans English Dictionary defines censorship as to examine books, films, letters etc, to remove anything that is considered offensive, morally harmful, or politically dangerous. Narrowing down the definition to cover The Arts scene in Singapore, the question beckons should…

Literature study on Singapore Essay



Words: 1872 (8 pages)

Since the founding of Singapore, many works, articles and books have been published, providing a variety of information into the history of Singapore. When reviewing whether the three sources of articles chosen are useful to the research of Singapore history, some parameters and definitions should be set. The term “scholar” in my definition, will refer…

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Does Singapore have a 'Singaporeans First policy'?
Firstly, without the Singaporeans First policy , Singaporeans will be severely disadvantaged globally and in their own home country. Almost every other country in the world have a “locals first” policy and set a quota on the number of foreigners i.e. USA; Hong Kong; Switzerland; China; UK and India.
Is Singapore different than Malaysia?
The difference between Malaysia and Singapore is very evident in terms of its GDP, health of its people, consumption of electricity and other factors. Overall, Singapore is more progressive than Malaysia . Singapore consumes more fuel than Malaysia.
Is Singapore safe for Americans?
Is Singapore safe for Americans?
  • The safest place in Asia. Singapore is one of the safest places to visit even if you are a girl travelling alone. ...
  • No guns. ...
  • Pickpockets. ...
  • Natural Disasters. ...
  • Scammers. ...
  • Alone travelling women. ...
  • Transportation is safe. ...
  • Theft Risks Are Quite Low. ...
  • Are there any terrorism risks. ...
  • Conclusion. ...
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