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Juan Ponce de León: Navigating the Enigma of Exploration



Words: 747 (3 pages)

Introduction In annals of history, certain individuals appear as research titans, their implementations, that plot on a map course that would redefine the limits of human knowledge forever. Among them Juan Souteneur of stands of innovators of de of León, 16-й- century researcher of the Spanish language, whose wonderful exploits continue to cast aside long…

The Discovery Of The Electron Essay


Words: 473 (2 pages)

The Discovery Of The ElectronThe electron was discovered in 1895 by J. J. Thomson in the form ofcathode rays, and was the first elementary particle to be identified. Theelectron is the lightest known particle which possesses an electric charge. Itsrest mass is Me <approximately equal> 9. 1 x 10 -28 g, about 1/1836 of the…

Seldom has a single discovery in chemistry had su Essay


Words: 1782 (8 pages)

“ch a impact on the thinking of so many fields of human endeavor. Seldom has a single discovery generated such wide public interest. “From Taylor, 1987The radiocarbon dating process was developed by physicist Willard F. Libby (please see photo) in 1948 with the help of two scientists, Dr. E. C. Anderson and Dr. James R….

Jane Eyre?s Self-Discovery Essay



Words: 619 (3 pages)

The novel Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte consists of continuous journey through Jane’s life towards her final happiness and freedom. Jane’s physical journeys contribute significantly to plot development and to the idea that the novel is a journey through Jane’s life. Each journey causes her to experience new emotions and an eventual change of some…

Moment of Discovery Essay (830 words)


Words: 830 (4 pages)

The high-pitched sound of a horn beeping in the driveway caught my attention. I looked up and sprinted to the window. Peering through the window, I heard Michaela’s mother shout from downstairs, “Jeana! Your mother’s here!  Quickly, I gathered my scattered belongings, shoved them into my bag, said my goodbyes, and slammed the door…

Short Story – Discovery Essay (589 words)


Short Story

Words: 589 (3 pages)

It was a hot, dry day in the middle of a desert town in Iraq and Steve and his squad was on patrol through the town of Al Miqdadiyah, with his best mate Doug at his side he lead the patrol through the middle of town. “Hey did you hear that the enemy are making…

Discovery Of The Lascaux Cave Painting Essay



Visual Arts

Words: 2992 (12 pages)

It is difficult to understand how the early people could paint on the cave ceiling, and the significance of the cave picture. The outgrowth of the cave picture has existed from the Old Stone Age until the early century A. D. ; moreover, there are 1000s of caves found by archeologists in different topographic points…

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How does discovery work in a civil case?
Discovery is the pre-trial phase in a lawsuit in which each party investigates the facts of a case, through the rules of civil procedure, by obtaining evidence from the opposing party and others by means of discovery devices including requests for answers to interrogatories, requests for production of documents and things, requests for admissions, and depositions.
What is a “discovery”?
What is the verb for discovery?
  • To find or learn something for the first time.
  • (transitive, obsolete) To remove the cover from; to uncover (a head, building etc.).
  • (transitive, now rare) To expose, uncover.
  • (transitive, chess) To create by moving a piece out of another piece's line of attack.
  • (transitive, archaic) To reveal (information); to divulge, make known.
What to do if there is no response to a discovery?
The status of the pleadings (demurrer, amended complaint) usually has no bearing on the right and obligations of discovery. If the defendant is not responding to discovery (and has not provided any responses or objections whatsoever), you need to file a motion to compel responses . This is not automatic.
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