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The unemployment problem in Hong Kong Essay

Hong Kong


Words: 665 (3 pages)

IntroductionThe unemployment rate became a hot topic in the past few months when it rose to 3. 5 per cent, a recent high for almost 10 years. The jobless rate was higher than the 3. 2 per cent unemployment rate recorded in the May to July period. The underemployment rate in the June to August…

Shanghai And Hong Kong’s Contributions To China’s Essay

Hong Kong

Words: 1041 (5 pages)

Economic ModernizationTimothy ScottECON. 400Professor RobertsMidterm EssayShanghai and Hong Kong’s Contributions to China’s Economic ModernizationSome people predict Shanghai will replace Hong Kong in the future. Others argue that Hong Kong will remain as China’s gateway to the rest of the world. For the past few months, I studied intensively about China and Hong Kong’s history, culture,…

The Hong Kong Chinese Community Essay


Hong Kong

Words: 657 (3 pages)

The Hong Kong Chinese CommunityThe Hong Kong Chinese community is an affluent, educated, and swellingpopulation in the Greater Toronto Area. The enigma is why they have only mademarginal inroads into the political arena. Olivia Chow, a Metro councilor representing the Downtown ward says “thiscommunity has potential to be very powerful. . . it’s nowhere near…

Hong Kong Sample Essay (868 words)

Hong Kong

Words: 868 (4 pages)

Hong Kong is universe widely known for being the world’s fiscal hub and for being the world’s richest metropolis ; most people don’t know that before being a fiscal metropolis. it had a rich history behind it. It went through one of the greatest. harshest wars in history. the Second World War. There are many…

Materialism In Hong Kong Essay (816 words)

Hong Kong

Words: 816 (4 pages)

Is the Materialism serious in Hong Kong? Do people in Hong Kong dream of wealth and bodily comfort rather than spiritual and intellect things? Absolutely. Living in a thriving, busy and booming city which dreams for wealth and treat the luxuries as a sign of success through the effect of media and the attitude of…

Phonological Variation of Hong Kong English Essay

Hong Kong

Words: 524 (3 pages)

    Variation 4: No distinction between long vowels and short vowels According to Tony(World Englishes, 2000: 338),researchers Bolton and Kwok (1990) have identified that HKE has a simpler vowel system than RP by subjective hearing and that some of the vowel contrasts in the British RP are neutralized. In other words, RP has a…

The Importance of Language Arts and Adolescent Literature in Language Learning

Hong Kong

Words: 751 (4 pages)

The values of language arts and adolescent literature have been recognized in language learning as they allow learners to participate in content-rich activities and provide students with authentic purposes. The Curriculum Development Council and Education Department in Hong Kong also highly recommended the use of various kinds of adolescent literature and language arts activities in…

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Administrative centre Tamar
British possession 26 January 1841
Convention of Peking 24 October 1860
Handover to China 1 July 1997
Imperial Japanese occupation 25 December 1941 to 30 August 1945
New Territories lease 9 June 1898
Sovereign state China
Treaty of Nanking 29 August 1842

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