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    Expressive Arts Activity Essay (618 words)

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    Modality: Art- comic strip/drawing/collage The Fit: Discover the client’s sense feeling based on a special event in their life. This activity can be implemented with a broad range of clients. Every client’s comic/drawing will be unique and the outcome is situational. The client has the potential to show the counselor several indicators while explaining the comic/ drawing. Some of the indicators include the following: abuse, neglect, want/need for attention, and power.

    Population: Children/adolescents-group/individual This expressive arts activity can be applied to a child Who is experiencing emotional, behavioral, and academic difficulties. Materials: Large piece of plain paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils, construction paper, glue Instructions: 1. The counselor will provide the client with a large piece of plain paper and art supplies of their choice (crayons, markers, colored pencils, construction paper). 2, The counselor will ask the client to imagine a special event in their life that made them either happy or sad. . The counselor will then ask the client how they felt during their special moment. 4. The counselor will tell the client to choose the color of construction paper according to how they were feeling during their “special moment. For example: The mock client talks about hove he was excited to open presents. He chose the color yellow. He made himself yellow because yellow means excited to him, At the end of the story he made himself black because he said that the color black means that he was mad because his siblings had left him out.

    S, The client will then create,’drama the “special moment” on the large sheet of vitae paper using their construction paper and other art materials. The client can make a comic strip, timeline of events, etc. 6. Once the client completes their expressive arts project, the counselor Will administer questions. A. Describe your picture. How did you pick your special moment? B. When you look back on your special moment does it make you happy or sad? C. Why does it make you feel this way? D.

    What are some words you would use to describe the way you feel when you talk about your special moment timeline? E. Who is friendly with whom in the picture? Who is not friendly in the picture? F. Who is accepted? G. Who has the power? *Depending on the special moment timeline, questions will vary with the client. Mock client scenario: The client is a six-year-old male who has an older sibling that is twelve and a younger sibling that is two. The client’s special moment inline shoves him and his family on Christmas morning. The boy begins his story by walking down the stairs to open up his gifts.

    As his comic continues he has positioned himself away from his siblings as he is opening up his gifts, While the counselor asks him questions about his timeline he proceeds to say that he always feels left out, and that his mom and dad show more love to his siblings. At the end of his timeline he draws his two siblings going outside to play with the toys that they got for Christmas, and he asks the question, M/ho will play with me and my new toys? ” Goals of Deadlier Theory: I. Relationships 2. Assessment . Understanding and insight 4. Reorientation and reeducation Phases of Deadlier play therapy: 1.

    Relationship development 2. Exploration of lifestyle 3. Goals of behavior 4. Faulty thinking 5. Maladaptive behaviors 6. Facilitation Birth Order: Idler’s S psychological positions: 1. Oldest child- prefers to be first, receives more attention, spoiled 2. Second of only two- behaves as if in a race, usually opposite to first child 3. Middle- feels left out, surrounded by competitors. 4. Youngest- baby, a lot of ground to cover in order to catch up 5.

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