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art #9

Who drew Banana Flower?
Georgia O’Keeffe
arte 9
In Käthe Kollwitz’s Self-Portrait, Drawing, the artist has revealed the expressive capabilities of what medium?

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Café Concert is a work by what artist?
Georges Seurat.
According to Sayre, Jean Dubuffet’s Corps de Dame can be read as?
an attack on academic figure drawing
Which of these best describes the Australian Mimis and kangaroo rock art?
they are layered images, done many years apart, with the kangaroos on the top layer executed in the X-ray style.
Whitfield Lovell’s Whispers from the Walls is an example of ?
installation art.
What is the narrative related by Marjane Satrapi in the graphic novel Persepolis?
it is the author’s story of growing up in Iran and the difficulties she faced as Western and Eastern cultures collided
Where did Marjane Satrapi draw the title of her graphic novel Persepolis?
from the ceremonial capital of ancient Persia under Cyrus and Darius
Leonardo da Vinci made a drawing, Madonna and Child with St. Anne and Infant St. John the Baptist, for a fresco of the same title. This type of drawing is called?
a cartoon
By the end of the 15th century, artists and collectors such as Vasari had come to recognize that drawings could?
embody the artist’s creative genius
Dry drawing media consists of coloring agents, which are mixed with what to hold them together?
A popular drawing medium during the Renaissance consisted of a stylus of gold, silver, or other metal that was dragged across a prepared ground of lead white, bone, and water. This process was called?
The artist who felt that a cut line made with scissors could acquire more feeling than a pencil or charcoal was?
Henri Matisse
When ink is diluted with water and applied in broad flat areas, the result is called a?
Which of the following is a form of soft carbon discovered in England in 1564?
The longest continuously practiced (from 40,000 years ago to present) artistic tradition in the world comes from?
Australian Aborigines
When did artists in the Western world first have ready access to paper?
in Italy in the early Renaissance
. The word paper is derived from ?
Egyptian papyrus
What was early paper in the West made of?
cloth rags
What is the chief advantage of oilstick over pastels?
more gestural freedom
Which of these statements about drawing is not true?
It is now, and always has been, exclusively, a means of pure representation

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art #9
Who drew Banana Flower? Georgia O'Keeffe arte 9 jh
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art #9
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