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    Andy Warhol – a keystone in the contemporary art world Essay

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    As a great influence on the pointiest century pop art movement, Andy Warhol, painter, filmmaker, and rainmaker, rose to become a keystone in the contemporary art world. After taking cues from society in the mid-twentieth century, Warhol did what many artists strives to do but failed. Whorl’s imagination would begin to construct ideas that were unheard of but innovative at the same time. By altering American values, Warhol had the chance to emphasize how easily the media and pop culture influence people. Warhol was mesmerism’s by Hollywood, fashion, and style.

    He transferred this interest to his artwork. He believed art could be fashion, decoration, and politics. He borrowed images from popular culture for his artwork. Through his obsession with money, tame, commercialism, and mass culture, he challenged fight art”, which blurred the distinction between art and popular culture. All of these attributes, especially popular culture, are what truly ignited Whorl’s successful career, When envisioning in your mind what pop art is, there is no artist that could provide a more logical example of this other than Andy Warhol.

    Seen as the founder of the pop art movement, Warhol brought forward society’s obsession with mass culture and allowed it to become the object of art itself. The pop art movement began in the late Sac’s and early ass’s. It was the usage of many techniques such as repetition and color placement that differentiated this so called pop art from any other era. Warhol brought to the world of pop art his views on materialism, politics, economics, and the media. Whorl’s initial entrance into pop art was in the earliness’s With his “Campbell Soup Cans” and “Green Coca-Cola Bottles” paintings.

    Both of these artworks were basic and displayed a repetitive pattern Of soup cans and soda bottles. They were deemed ordinary and lackluster. UT Andy was quick to point out to his fans and critics to not look any deeper than the surface of his art and life. Andy Warhol always produced works that challenged the popular belief of what art should be. His works were often the cause of debate and influenced public opinion like no other cultural figure in North America. Through his series with common images, celebrities, and death, Warhol teaches us that surface images have a lot to say about pop culture.

    He was able to encompass all of this in two of his artworks. In his series titled “Shot Marilynn”. Warhol had painted five colored pictures of Marilyn Monroe, After completion, they were put in a stack and a bullet was fired through their threads. Although this gunshot was not an idea to Whorl’s, it can he analyzed to show the demise fame and beauty in Hollywood, “Eight Elvis” was a pop art painting by Andy Warhol that featured musician Elvis Presley eight times over a canvas.

    By having Elvis displayed repetitively, it shows how much of an influence Elvis was on the world. It also shows how much society wanted from Elvis. One can see why looking at the surface of his works often meant seeing and understanding so much more about the society in Which eve live. Warhol was also able to strip an item Of its meaning by taking a specific image out of its context. Removing its meaning also removed the connotations among the images and allowed the audience to re-think its symbolism. Whorl’s artworks were structural and had certain qualities to them.

    He was able to turn traditional advertising techniques into fine arc Andy Warhol was what the art world needed: making art that is changing the context of something, which caused the audience to feel no compassion and a sense of emptiness. This change of context is displayed in Andy Whorl’s “Brills” ice. Whorl’s “Brills” work represents a stack of shipping cartons of bars of Brills soap, With this, Warhol was able to capture the essence of how powerful advertising is through the simple use of packaging. These boxes are said to represent society and how demanding people are.

    Whorl’s work was very post- modernistic with his extensive use to American Pop culture symbols. Warhol focuses our attention on the significance of these objects as representatives of the unwelcoming commercialism consumer society in which we lived in. Andy Whorl’s deep obsession with HowlВ»voodoo icons, such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Elvis Presley, was apparent in much of his artwork throughout his career. This fixation mirrored society’s obsession with superficiality of Holly. voodoo, indicating that the era of the sass was relatively devoid of intellectual and spiritual values.

    This was an era that was infatuated with stardom and looked upon celebrities as role models. One of the Hollywood superstars that Warhol was most fascinated with was Marilyn Monroe. Not only was she constantly the center of the media’s attention, but her striking beauty served as a perfect subject for many Of Whorl’s paintings. After her tragic death in 1962, Marilyn came one of the principal focuses of Whorl’s art. He began producing works that showed Marilyn repeatedly in symmetrical rows. Some examples Of these works are “Marilyn Diptych,” “Nine Multistoried Marilynn,” and ‘Warily”.

    Whorl’s artworks expressed his love for American popular culture and his love for all things commercial. Warhol exposed the public to imagery from their daily experience and forced them to become desensitizing to these images. Pop art was an art form in which it appealed to the masses therefore it took forms that were assessable to all such as advertising which was seen in his “Brills” art. Ark. Warhol took this approach to his art making using techniques that he had learnt as an advertiser and applied them to his art, or lack to art, as some critics of the day calling it “non-ear.

    It is rare for an artist to become a celebrity, hut Andy Warhol experienced much more than his Fifteen minutes to tame and became an icon of his generation. By the time of his death in 1987, he was seen as one of the most important artists of this century. Warhol was involved in many artistic fields that included painting, filming, and photography, He was a major contributor o the pop art movement, a period when mainstream objects such as comic strips, advertisements, and celebrity photos, were incorporated into many works.

    Whorl’s “Campbell Soup” series and later his “Celebrity’ series, which featured Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, are some of the most well known works of pop art that are still used in print and advertising today. By Whorl’s death, he had set, and then stretched the boundaries of pop art and his depictions of everything from “Campbell Soup Cans” to the faces of celebrities provide revealing commentary on contemporary American society.

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