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    To what extent do you agree? Essay

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    Thus before one begins to progress in natural sciences by forming a coherent understanding of the world, one must explore one’s own emotions.

    There is no absolute truth in the interpretation of art; it offers the freedom of meaning due to its dependence of emotions thus despite new technology, the progress of art cannot be judged in a definite manner because it varies from one person to another. Modern society has gravitated to simplicity as a new outlook on art and a novel method in expressing emotions. However progress is defined by individual opinion and it is subjective as to which dimension of art articulates expression better than others.

    The traditional form of paintings such done by Pedro Campos was emotionally and visually gave more of an impression to me as opposed to art pieces made from technology generated geometric shapes arranged together. Yet contrariwise, I could find Sean Augustine’s In Vanity light and reflective sculptures using unexplored territorial art medium installation extremely compelling than acrylic paintings experimenting on color contrast on geometric shapes.

    Therefore modernism does not necessarily equate to progression because people have their own definition of progress in art, each moving at its own momentum. However, creating art forms to explain human emotions uses the inventions of natural sciences to project artistic ideas into concrete representations yet encourage in depth artistic thinking. The influence of new technology aid in today’s fast paced lifestyle. People have implanted the definition of art to be aesthetically beautiful and transparent in its meaning; if the message is not clearly articulated, it wouldn’t be considered art.

    Society has aimed to create inventions that add convenience into human lifestyle thus the birth of technology equates to progression. As a consequence, thinking becomes too much of a hassle, limiting effort; if substance in art is not an immediate given, it is nonsense. In other words, our lethargy encourages us to dismiss the subtlety of art’s purpose. Carlos Cruz-Diez’s Chromosaturations exhibits 22 cubicles of different light and color, ultimately providing a “phenomenal” color stimulus to the retina.

    Though the colors were visually appealing, I decided it was just a scientific presentation of light’s characteristics; however despite its seemingly simplistic exterior, it was orchestrated to show how minor cues can influence the birth of monumental ideas, emotions, and thoughts. This significant conveyance could’ve only be interpreted if effort was taken. The veiled relevance in art is progress to bring people’s mind out of our idle stupor.

    Art’s progression is defined by one’s individual definition of its ability to elicit emotion in a way that encourages the necessary effort thereby a thought provoking way, to understand its emotional relevance. Natural sciences’ doctrine of reason and the arts’ emotional essence creates a distinct line in progression, where one is concerned with an objective and logical betterment to the understanding of the physical world while the other aims to expand approaches and dispose of simplicity in captivating complex individual human emotions and exhibiting it to fellow humans who impose subjective meanings and effectiveness of the artwork.

    It is mutual, however, that they both drive to progressing in the understanding of knowledge that benefits human society.

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