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    Karate vs Taekwondo: Similarities and Differences Essay

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    Martial Arts Differences: Karate versus Teakwood Ever since the times of the Japanese and the Koreans, Karate and Teakwood were used forms tot self-defense. Still, the two martial arts, serve its purpose, but presently have additional purposes which are for physical fitness and spiritual and mental focus. Although the two might appear very similar, they are strikingly different. Unfortunately, many people don’t know this and can’t differentiate the two. , for one, became interested in differentiating the two to know which arterial art will be suitable for me; because am planning to learn one of the two in the near future. After some research, have found that both Karate and Teakwood are great martial arts, but they are different in origin, moves, and purpose. Karate and Teakwood are often mistaken to have the same origin or their origins are Often mixed up. Karate was developed in the Rusk Islands, but the island of Okinawa is considered to be its birthplace (Critter 101 , 2009).

    Thus, Critter 101 stated that its various styles were all rooted from the Okinawa style systems. Meanwhile, Teakwood started in Korea and was enhanced when the country was occupied by the Japanese. It just became systematic martial art after the Second World War (Teakwood-information. Org, 2009). Another difference of Karate and Teakwood are its moves, On one hand, Karate is comprised of punches, strikes, blocks, and kicks to make the entire human body a weapon.

    These techniques are combined with evasive footwork maneuvers and joint locks to create a hand-to-hand or hand-to-weapon combat method of basic self-defense, In addition to that, training and understanding he basic moves can deliver one of the most devastating strikes to any attacker rendering them incapacitated (Nichols, 2009). On the other hand, a lot of the Teakwood moves are about striking people using the legs and most of the moves involved spin around kicks, flying kicks, open handed strikes, system of blocks and punches.

    Aside from that, Tea Swoon Do believes that the leg is the most important weapon that a martial artist has and since it is the longest it has more chances of hitting the target compared to the arms (Sitting, 2008). Lastly, the two martial arts both are for self-defense, but they certainly differ in Other purposes. The Other purpose Of Karate is to make the body like iron or as hard as a rock and the hands and feet used like points of arrows. This is because it the only weapon used in a right that should be reasonable. Karate fighters’ aren’t allowed to get into fights without any reason (Toots, 1908).

    Meanwhile, the other purpose of Teakwood is perceived as a way of life. This is because it involves discipline, technique and mental training, resulting in a strong sense of inference, spirit and character (Mamas Health. Com). Overall, I prefer to take Teakwood, although there is the reality that both do many Of the same forms as the Other _ In addition to that, they both require athleticism, stamina, and discipline. The differentiation is that the higher kicks in Teakwood are not suitable for all people (Wiseacres). Even though Teakwood might sound more difficult, my preference for it won’t change, because I like to be challenged.

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